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A comic skit performed by Aeronautical college students of India depicting what the present world has become .
28 Aug 2010
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Very Comic Mentos Ad
22 Feb 2008
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Comic Relief: The Greatest… And The Latest DVD collection plays host to the best 20 years of Comic Relief and includes uncensored performances from COMIC RELIEF 2006, which helped raise funds for Hurricane Katrina victims and animal rescue operations. Featuring Appearances by Lewis Black, George Carlin, Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Howie Mandel, Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Bob Saget, Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman and Many More! For more on Shout! Factory, visit
11 Aug 2008
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28 Dec 2008
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9 Mar 2008
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20:23 - I have always loved comic strips. However, there's a problem. I cannot draw! Thankfully, I found BitStrip online. I can now easily create my own comics... for free! Bwana joined me on this video, and let me create "him" in cartoon form!
13 Mar 2008
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Students of the unusual comic book the artists talk about the story line and the local interest and fan support from Megacon 2008
14 Mar 2008
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my comic video. i seuggest you to watch that.
16 Mar 2008
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My comic video, i suggest you to watch
20 Mar 2008
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The silent film comic genius Buster Keaton is at it again in My Wife’s Relations, a riotous short comedy from the silent era. Keaton is one of the most influential comedic actors in history, pioneering slapstick and physical sight gags that had never before been imagined. Here Keaton stars as a man who accidentally marries a large and unkempt Polish woman who doesn’t speak any English! Keaton fears for his life, and upon returning to her family’s home he finds himself beset by his oversized wife and her four mammoth brothers. This splendid setup allows Keaton to go to work with his innovative jokes and pranks. My Wife’s Relations is another classic Keaton film that stands up so well to the test of time.
7 Dec 2009
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A variety of funny comics from the anime Naruto! Song 1- I Write Sins Not Tragedies by PANIC at the disco! Song 2- Rollover DJ by Jet Naruto: Pick Up Lines That Are Doomed To Fail... Neji- "You look familiar. Have I seen you before? Oh yeah I remember! You look like my next girlfriend!!!" Kankuro- "Hey, baby. I'm like a rubix cube. The more you play with me the harder I get." Shikamaru- "If I bit my lip would you kiss it better???" Shino- "Do you have a map? I got lost in your eyes..." Kiba- "If i said 'You have a nice body' Would you hold it against me?" Gaara- "You be the iceberg. I'll be the Titanic and I'll go down on you" Rock Lee- "BE MY GIRLFRIEND!!! I'll protect you till the day I die" Naruto- "If I tossed this 50c coin. What are the chances of me getting head?" Sasuke- "... (not doing this)" Naruto- "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! HAVE ME!!! DATTEBAYO!!!"
16 Jul 2009
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Dance and Turkish kid , comic and lovable , greatttt''
30 Mar 2008
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Dick Tracy, the yellow trench coat garbed detective born on comic strips, became an American pop culture icon. Here in Dick Tracy’s Dilemma, Tracy is expertly brought to the big screen with a strong performance from leading man Ralph Byrd and director John Rawlins. The mystery for Tracy to solve beings with a simple robbery that, once uncovered, leads to much more sinister plots. That’s where the film really picks up. Here are just a few of the classic Dick Tracy villains fantastically brought to life on screen: The Claw, Sightless, and Longshot Lillie. These trademark caricature villains contrast so well with Tracy’s stolid demeanor that it’s nonstop entertainment. Dick Tracy’s Dilemma has all the elements of mystery, humor, and action for a rousing good time.
25 Mar 2010
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2007 NYC ComicCon Comic Books
2 Apr 2008
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taiwan comic painted
2 Apr 2008
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Mud and Sand is the hilarious spoof of Blood and Sand, a romance revolving around a gallant bullfighter. But in Mud and Sand, the slightly less than gallant Stan Laurel (of Laurel and Hardy fame) is a daring bullfighter in the hot Spanish sun. This silent film overflows with Laurel’s comic genius for timing, gags, and some well devised puns. But along with the slapstick, there are some frantic moments involving bulls, including one scene where Laurel himself was nearly killed during filming! Mud and Sand is a quirky and silly short comedy that gives viewers a chance to see Stan Laurel before he teamed up with his overweight accomplice.
4 Aug 2008
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