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Graphic Design, Multi-Media, Web design/programming, Marketing, and Custom Comic Books. Our Team can do anything To see our portfolios: 24/7 Please give us a call at (757)232-5553 Telecommute ok email:[email protected] skype: ender0021 Get a free quote- Graphic Design is open ended and most jobs are priced from $200 to $1000 Multi-Media is limited to the Virginia area because it involves video production and Photography Price range: $5000 and up (the client would need to fly over) Web Design/Programming is a great field to advertise because all businesses need websites to market. Price range: $300 - $6000 Custom Comic Books is a high production job 1-200, pages price range $200 - $40,000 and up Marketing is open ended and is priced on how much each clients needs. Price range $100 - $100,000 and up. We also do storyboards, priced per panel and the price range is $300 and $5000
On the doorsteps of Comic-con comes our exclusive, behind-the-scenes video exploring how the game came together -- starring Chris Evans.
22 Jul 2011
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100 pic. Eva Mendes slide show and surprising music. It is my proffesional work.Plese leave a comments, i will read them all
30 Mar 2007
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This guy is nuts! He doesn't just juggle or throw stuff in the air - you've got to see this!
10 Jul 2006
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From Mark Wahlberg not turning him into the cops to his unfortunate estrogen scare in front of Will Farrell, one thing is for sure, Unfiltered has a lot to be grateful for this year. Contraband with Mark Wahlberg: www.metacafe****/w/7940553 The Campaign with Will Farrell & Zach Galifianakis: www.metacafe****/w/8888686 The Dictator with Ben Kingsley: www.metacafe****/w/8489452 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Tim Burton: www.metacafe****/w/8681696 Matt Damon Super Fan Returns at San Diego Comic-con: www.metacafe****/w/8804554
20 Nov 2012
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Stan Lee knows nothing about video games, but Matt Zaller is going to ask him anyway. It's San Diego Comic Con afterall. Host: Matt Zaller Producer: Lulu Richter Video Production: Rich Montalvo, Max Tapia
22 Jul 2011
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I animate.
More adventures from billionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) who leads a double life as an iron-plated crime fighter. Mickey Rourke will play Whiplash, a character that includes elements from that comic book villain and Crimson Dynamo, another Russian baddie. Sam Rockwell will play Justin Hammer, a multibillionaire businessman and a rival of industrialist Stark. In theaters May 7, 2010.
20 Dec 2009
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The Dark Knight Rises and Batman: Arkham City make us realize Bruce Wayne is the man to watch over the next year.
6 May 2011
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Comic door,very funny...
27 Feb 2009
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Funny Baby
24 May 2008
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Metacafe's Matt Zaller hits Kevin Bacon & Lucas Till with the serious questions at the X-Men: First Class red carpet premiere.
4 Jun 2011
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Matt Zaller hits the halls of New York Comic-Con and interviews Nick Kroll, Ron Livingston, Patrick Wilson, Zoey Deutch, and Thomas Mann. And we're using the word "interview" loosely here.
23 Oct 2012
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very funny animals videos!
10 Jun 2008
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