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El Guapo from Latino Review****, is forced into answering the question that everyone who hasn't seen The Dark Knight wants to know the answer to. Is it the best comic book film ever made? Interview by TalkingHeadTV**** Distributed by TubeMogul**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Jul 2008
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Our folks love comic books. Today’s kids are hungry for video games but our folks at the publishing unit of the West Coast used to eat up DC Comics and Marvels plus a bunch of European comics you don’t really care about, like TinTin for instance. So before you chose your comics books convention this summer or better yet a Star Trek con, check out this news documentary cum entertainment flick and before you can pick up a chick like Scully while waiting in line, For Whom the Belles Toll could be the perfect ice breaker for your romantic flirtations. I am sure they cannot all be Jessica Alba but are you Brad Pitt or, by George, George Clooney's younger look-alike?
8 Jul 2009
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Humourous interview with comic Illustrator Geoff Banyard of Fetish Man. His surreal humour mixed with alternative culture makes a great 5 minutes of viewing and his straighforward approach to discussions about the new laws in Britain banning some but not all explains the bizarre choice the Government makes when discerning maturity between aspect of society and another.
9 Jul 2009
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Top 5 Comic Book Movies
21 Feb 2009
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Wizard World Chicago 2008 Comic Character Battle
17 Jul 2008
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Buster Keaton is the touchstone silent film comic. Innovative, imaginative, and prolific, Keaton always delivered throughout a long career in Hollywood that spanned the silent era and early talkies. Here in Neighbors, Keaton plays a modern day Romeo whose Juliet lives next door. The parents don’t approve and begin to feud; but this is all just a pretext for a showcase of hilarious pranks, stunts, and sight gags. Not utilizing Keaton’s usual gadgetry, Neighbors is more of a physical stunt free-for-all that will leave any viewer gasping for air between belly laughs. One of Keaton’s best.
27 May 2009
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At Comic Con, the diet coke mentos guys are gonna do something really cool.
29 Sep 2008
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check out what's happening at comic con!
22 Jul 2008
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That’s right, we’ll be at Comic Con 2008! Make sure to tune in to Mahalo Daily’s YouTube channel throughout the next few days as we hit up the top panels, events, and interviews at the world’s biggest Comic Book Convention. Make sure to check out Mahalo’s page on the ‘con, and leave us a comment below if you’d like us to cover anything in particular. See you in San Diego! *******www.mahalo****/Comic-Con_2008
23 Jul 2008
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If you can't make it to San Diego, Zadi shows us web alternatives to Comic-Con, and she does it with style, dammit! We have a heads-up on the Watchmen movie, portraits of costumed fans, and New Orleans sticker cars (wtf?). Plus, our Artist of the Week gives away his comics online for free! For all the show links and everything EPIC FU, go to *******epicfu****!
26 Jul 2008
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Lightsaber Comic-Con 2008
1 Aug 2008
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The highlights of the Comic Convention in San Diego. Friday July 25th, 2008. Beautiful women and geek stuff. What a day! Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Jul 2008
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Grace under pressure, Eddie performs at the 1998 Comic Relief benefit. Just a short bit from the "highlights" version of the show.
16 Nov 2010
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Chris and Kelly podcast straight outta San Diego this week while at the jam-packed Comic-Con 2008. For full episodes and more, visit www.hackcollege****.
29 Jul 2008
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What the heck is Comic-Con? Gnooze heads to San Diego for this special edition! Marta Costello hosts the gnooze (the g is silent)- usually today's top stories in about 3 minutes. Bloopers, t shirts and more at *******gnooze**** ! Music by Pistol Youth: *******www.facebook****/profile.php?id=19522968720 and Special Thanks to Lettuce for the t-shirt/logo design - *******www.lettuceoffice**** Featuring "I Wanna Know" by Synthetic Sinergy!
22 Dec 2008
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Sarah Austin *******pop17**** visits Comic-Con 2008 *******www****ic-con**** in San Diego, CA. Interviews with JJ Kirby *******www.jollyboysessions****/ and Michael Lopez *******www****icbookdb****/ of Wildstorm Comics *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Wildstorm Cosplayers *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Cosplay Shonen Jump *******www.shonenjump****/ Bill Plympton *******www.plymptoons****/ Ghostbusters Rocketboy
29 Jul 2008
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