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"What is 'Place?" "What is 'Down'?" "What is 'Heal' vs 'Walk'?" etc. Here is an explanation of the basic commands we teach, how they may be different from the norm and why.
3 Jul 2017
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Are you expecting and concerned about how your dog wlll be with your new addition to the family? This is our Miniature Schnauzer, Pit Bull and Neapolitan Mastiff with a Cane Corso puppy that was staying with us for a board and train program. They are holding a "place" command. This means they can do whatever they want as long as they stay on their dog bed.
14 Jul 2017
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This Rottweiler puppy Priscilla holds a "place" command while we prep for dinner, eat dinner and clean up after dinner with our toddlers and infant yelling screaming dropping food etc etc. Ya know, typical dinner time for a young family of five. :)
21 Jul 2017
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Commander SafeGuard 11 -kids entertainment
21 Jul 2017
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26 Jun 2017
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15 Jul 2017
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During a board and train program with at the Dog Psychology and Training Center Bentley, standard poodle, does an off leash recall(the "come" command) outside by the pond.
16 Jul 2017
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Strengthening some commands on the Liberty Bridge Downtown Greenville SC Falls Park. This video was taken during a board and train program with the Dog Psychology and Training Center.
17 Jul 2017
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Jackson and Knoxville Brother Giant Schnauzers holding a sit command while a truck drives by only a few feet away. This is at our follow up lesson after completing a board and train training program with the Dog Psychology and Training Center.
18 Jul 2017
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Amazing trailer for "Command Comquer" the cool video game.
3 Sep 2006
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Ufo - Fly by Of Apollo Command Module Lunar Orbit
30 Jan 2007
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A little trailer for Supreme commander;)
12 Feb 2007
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This is a virtually unblockable way of getting to the command prompt in windows..
19 Feb 2007
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this tutorial waz made by me and there is more to come ......this will show you how to open the command prompt in places that its disabled by the administrator like school ...........but dont get caught usin the prompt ......ok good luck .....hackerz unite to stop bad things from happenin to pcz........
23 Feb 2007
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This is one of the biggest and richest bases ever made in Command and Conquer Generals. The Money exceeds trillions of game dollars.
18 Mar 2007
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In this video I will show you how to use some simple "net user" commands just only using Windows Command. This video with commands show you how to create accounts, delete or change passwords. Enjoy! :D
22 Mar 2007
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