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The latest commercial from Vehix**** that's now airing - featuring WheelsTV Video Test Drives on Comcast On Demand.
21 Dec 2007
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0:56 Or call us +1 513-293-8841 - Only Believe Productions is a Christ Center Production Company. From product shots to commercials to filming your event we are sensitive to the needs of the Christian Community. We have produced work for major ministries, and international businesses. We work with ministries of any size. Let us help you on your Christian, Non-Profit or Business Video project.
21 Aug 2008
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*******shepherdsloft**** Shepherds Loft produces video commercials for broadcast and online marketing.
30 Jan 2010
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This is the opening piece in the album, Olympic Dreams, now available on iTunes. Fanfare Londonesque is perfect for that opening promo for Olympic broadcast coverage. The high-energy intro cascades into a softer section, reminding us that while celebrated en masses, much of the games is about individual performance. The music is set to a high-tech light show generated in After Effects with the London cityscape as the backdrop.
22 Apr 2012
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From www.GefenProductions**** :: Award-winning video production, mobile video, and film crews serving Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina. Whether you need a commercial, broadcast, training videos, product demos, video for the web.
22 Oct 2007
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There’s only one. Infinity Sound Systems. Jeep Cherokee car commercial broadcasted on Dutch TV in 2000.
8 Nov 2010
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Mutiny Pictures is the leading Video Production and Internet Advertising Company. FREE CONSULT. We provide cost-effective, HD content that is ROI focused. Produce Internet Commercials, Broadcast Commercials or Infomercials and use Video to Dominate Search Engine results, including Google Page 1.
27 Oct 2009
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Today the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) (www.tvb****), the not-for-profit trade association of America’s commercial broadcast television industry, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Ad Council kicked off the tenth year of their nationwide public service advertising (PSA) initiative, “Project Roadblock: Local TV Puts the Brakes on Drunk Driving.” Local broadcasters support the Project Roadblock initiative to combat drunk driving by donating on-air, online and mobile advertising assets to the PSA campaign, which will take place between December 26th and December 31st, 2013, the holiday period identified by the NHTSA as having one of the highest incidences of drunk driving fatalities. To commemorate Project Roadblock’s 10th Anniversary, broadcasters will add an advertising roadblock to this year’s campaign by running a “Buzzed Driving” PSA at 10pm on New Year’s Eve on every participating station across the country. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.multivu****/mnr/64381-ad-council-tvb-project-roadblock-local-tv-puts-the-brakes-on-drunk-driving
12 Nov 2013
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16 Dec 2013
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Madonna:Blonde Ambition "The Madonna/Pepsi Controversy" It is January of 1989, and the highly popular Madonna has recorded a new album that is a mixture of personalized ballads and celebratory dance tunes. So where's the controversy? She wrote a song about her divorce, the death of her mom, and the fact that she still doesn't see eye-to-eye with her dad. Big deal. Where's the scandal? Here's where the plot begins to thicken. In the past five years the two top soda pop manufacturers, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, had learned that an effective way to reach the youth of America and the rest of the world was to sign sizzling hot recording stars to do television commercials publicizing the cola of their choice. It had worked brilliantly with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston -- why shouldn't it work with Madonna? Madonn'a hit songs and videos had been about love, devotion, and searching for the latest party. She ought to make an excellent spokesperson to reach teenage consumers. So ran the thoughts of executives at Pepsi-Cola when they began pursuing Madonna for their 1989 celebrity commercials. In December 1988, Coca-Cola announced that it had signed George Michael to sell its pop to the public, and the gears started to turn. On January 25, 1989, following eight months of negotiations, Pepsi announced that they had signed Madonna to a year-long endorsement contract, for which they would pay Her Virginness $5 million. In return, Madonna would appear in a series of television commercials and Pepsi would sponsor the singer's next concert tour, tentatively slated for later that year. Pepsi was undaunted by Madonna's image in the tabloids. "Her appeal is in her music and her acting. That's where people's interests are," announced Pepsi spokesman Tod MacKenzie. The truly unique aspect of Pepsi's deal with Madonna was its sheer marketing brilliance. The plan was clever, tasteful, and right on target, to begin with. When controversy emerged it only placed a huge magnifying glass over the whole campaign. The by-product was a hundred times more publicity than they could have ever hoped for. As originally outlined, Pepsi's projected plan went something like this: 1. January 25, Madonna signs her contract, and the next morning the deal become front page news in USA Today. 2. February 22, Pepsi unveils a commercial on the Grammy Awards telecast announcing the forthcoming March 2 debut of Madonna's Pepsi commercial. The upcoming event is heralded as the satellite premiere of the song "Lika A Prayer." 3. A 30-second version of the commercial will air through the summer. 4. March 3, MTV debuts Madonna's own music video version of "Like A Prayer," getting a month-long exclusive on the clip. 5. March 21, the "Like A Prayer" video and singles hit the stores -- and both become instant hits. 6. Madonna tapes a second commercial for Pepsi, which announces her upcoming tour. 7. Madonna goes on tour, which features Pepsi logos on everything. 8. Everyone makes a fortune. What happened in reality is even crazier yet. Madonna had already met with Pepsi representatives to come up with the concept for the commercial. As planned, Pepsi paid her over $5 million for use of the song in the commercial, and production began immediately. The director that Pepsi hired to execute the tightly scheduled video/commercial presentation was Joe Phytka, who had masterminded the landmark Michael Jackson ads for the company. According to Pytka, when he first drove to Madonna's Hollywood Hills house to discuss the commercial, she had no idea that she was expected to perform in it. "Michael Jackson had always used a special sound system for his singing, so I asked Madonna where hers was. She said, 'What singing?'" Joe claims that she was also startled when he asked her to dance in the ad. But he felt that dancing was important for the ad because it's one of the main things that the public associates with Madonna. When Joe hired an outside choreographer, and Madonna saw the steps he was teaching the other dancers, she immediately insisted on doing her own dance. Unlike Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, Madonna refused to insert the word Pepsi in her song for the commercial. "I wouldn't put Pepsi in any of my songs -- Pepsi is Pepsi and I'm me," she explained. "I do consider it a challenge to make a commercial that has some sort of artistic value." When the Grammy Awards telecast rolled around, the planned "teaser" ad ran. In the ad, an Australian Aborigine is seen trekking for miles across the outback to get to a television in time to see the world debut of the forthcoming Madonna Pepsi commercial.
25 Dec 2010
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You gotta commend them... they do try hard to warn people against AIDS! Extra large sizes must be available in Africa only.
20 May 2009
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IPL Season 2 commercial by MAX the official Broadcaster of IPL
15 Oct 2009
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Some clips that didn't make it trough as an actual commercial. Subscribe for todays humour!
29 Nov 2011
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Больничный юмор. ...Во время входа родных больного в палату, доктор произносит фразу: "Это убило его"... Все в ахуе...
7 Jan 2012
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Advertising Agency: GREY WORLDWIDE Düsseldorf, GERMANY Andreas Henke/Sacha Reeb - Chief Creative Officer Moritz Grub/Regner Lotz - Creative Director Janus Hansen - Copywriter Alphons Conzen/Frederico Gasparian/Reto Oetterli - Art Director Dennis Eichner - Producer Marco Koeditz - Account Manager Production Company: PARASOL ISLAND Düsseldorf, GERMANY Meike Mueller/Sara Dadras/Jack Gregory-Donald - Producer Charles Bals - Director Jonathan Wulfes - Sound Design/Arrangement Dino Figuera/Hiroaki Ando - Animation Brief Explanation: By showing absurd situations ending in intercourse this serie of print ads for MTV prove that sex is indeed never an accident and that there is no excuse for not using a condom. * EUROBEST FESTIVAL 2011: BRONZE * © GREY Worldwide GmbH 2011
15 Jan 2012
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Doritos Super Bowl XLVI Commercial, Taunting
8 Feb 2012
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