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Disclaimer: This is a comparison of two ancient documents. The issue here is not whether the stories in either book or text is true or believable, but whether or not the book of Genesis was actually written from memory by Hebrew scribes who had been exposed to these Sumerian texts. Some believe the stories in the Sumerian texts to be pure "science fiction". If the translations of these ancient texts are accurate, then portions of Genesis 1 & 2 are based on those writings. That in itself is an awesome eye-opening discovery that sheds light on the origin of these biblical texts. Logic dictates that if the Sumerian texts are pure fiction and Genesis 1 is based on those texts, then portions of the biblical ‘Genesis Week' are also fictitious. The Sumerian texts read that some 445,000 years ago, astronauts from another planet came to Earth from the 12th planet in our solar system, called Nibiru. Splashing down in one of Earth's seas near the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, they waded ashore and established Eridu, meaning "Home in the Faraway." Prior to the beginning of this story, the former king of Nibiru (Alalu) had made the long journey to Earth alone and discovered precious gold in Earth’s waters that could offer salvation to the inhabitants of Nibiru who were suffering from the depletion of their atmosphere and needed gold to somehow seed the planet’s atmosphere and stabilize it. Lord Ea (or Enki), the son of the current king of Nibiru (Anu) and son-in-law to Alalu was sent to Earth with an astronaut mining crew by his father the king to find Alalu and return gold from Earth to Nibiru. As this story begins, Ea at long last finds Alalu and greets him at his marshland Earth encampment upriver from the sea. This is the account of how Eridu on Earth was established, how the count of seven days was begun. For the complete text go to: www.scribd****/doc/248787/Zecharia-Sitchin-The-Lost-Book-of-Enki (Then navigate to pages 54 - 58) For a full view of this side-by-side comparison, go to: *******www.myspace****/KerryBarger and see 'Kerry's Latest Blog Entry'.
4 Apr 2008
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China wholesale and retail Mobile cell phones at- www.yokami**** This is a video comparison of the Apple iPhone and the Cect HiPhone. This is the closest clone to the iPhone you can get!
29 Jun 2008
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http:www.mygifttoyou247gmail**** The Simplicity of Cash Gifting. A comparison of daily life vs the simplicity of Cash Gifting. Is your life taxing your resources? Increase your revenue while working from home. You can receive cash daily and achieve financial success with our all... Cash gifting, cash gifting, cash gifting, cash gifting, cash gifting, cash gifting, cash gifting employment finding emplyment monster**** careerbuilder**** fire your boss hate boss manager CEO pyramid internet making millionaire money online riches secret simple making money online making money online free online money making idea online money making opportunity making money online business opportunity making easy money online money making program online making money online survey start making money online online money making business online money making scams internet making money online report truth wealth job making money online secret of making money online all4homebusiness**** auction making money online all4homebusiness making extra money online **** idea making money online legitimate online money making make making money money online online all4homebusiness**** making money online survey all4homebusiness**** business making money online all4homebusiness**** casino making money online all4homebusiness**** job making money online all4homebusiness**** making money online opportunity fast make making money money online free online money making opportunity making money with online auction from home making money online start all4homebusiness**** business making money online opportunity all4homebusiness**** making money online teen all4homebusiness**** making money online secret fast making money online making money online system top all4homebusiness**** making money online all4homebusiness**** free making money online all4homebusiness**** legitimate making money online all4homebusiness**** easy making money online making money online from home guide making money online online home money making earn making money online teen making money online affiliate making money online making money online truth making money online game internet making money online reporting truth wealth money making online forum making making money money online online online money making system making money with online marketing making money playing poker online business home making money online making money quick online get making money online started
2 Apr 2008
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Comparison of invisibleSHIELD protective screen with competing products. To see more: www.gadgetdefense****
4 Apr 2008
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Fun comparison of the Democratic presidential campaigns to Star Wars
3 May 2008
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Be My Friend *******www.myspace****/psychtruth Comparison of International Food Guide Pictorial Representations ******* US Food Pyramid vs. International Food Guide Lines Nutrition by Natalie All countries have different opinions of how much of each food category you should eat. Find out what governments recommend you eat in Great Britain, China, Korea, Sweden, Canada, Mexico & Korea. Who is right? Please visit Natalie's website at *******www.nutritionbynatalie**** This video was produced by psychetruth ***********/psychetruth *******www.myspace****/psychtruth *******psychetruth.blogspot**** Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul *******www.tubemogul**** © Copyright 2008 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved.
16 May 2008
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Global Resorts Sales Center team leader Dean Marino provides a humorous comparison of GRN with the budget motel chain. The respected travel expert has logged over one million miles with U S Air, is an Alaska Airlines MVP, a Hilton Diamond VIP elite member, an Avis elite first member, and an independent travel agent who has owned a very lucrative and profitable home based travel business for years. Marino has coordinated member training for sales center members since 2005. He was assisted by Jeff Mills, Andrew Porto, Matt Willis, Hoyt Farmer, Greg Stillman, Todd Falcone, Danni Johnson, Ellie Drake, Stephanie Johnson, Scot Chitron, Doug Firebaugh, Gary Coxe, Pat Mesiti, Michael Oliver, Al Romine and others. While some tried other wealth building systems and returned, Marino has been a team leader with the sales center continuously since early 2005. He has served as conference call and business presentation host and helped introduce the Webex webinar presentation system to benefit team members. With his leadership the Coastal Sales Center became the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in that program. Recognized as an expert in the home based travel business community, Marino feels the GRN membership product is superior to those offered by Platinum One Destinations P1D, YTB, Club Intrawest, world international vacation club, shell vacation club, perennial vacation club, Marriott Vacation Club International, Disney Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Players Vacation Club, Fiesta Americana Vacation Club, Interval International, Resort Condominiums International RCI, Carnival Vacation Club, Hyatt Vacation Club, Allegro Vacation Club, Raintree Vacation Club, Royal Aloha Vacation Club Hawaii, Indian Palms Vacation Club, and timeshare ownership. An automated system, professional staff members in Tempe Arizona and team leader Dean Marino close sales for you. Collect $1000 checks over and over with perpetual leverage. Focused on Branding & Integrity. FREE Training. Don't Join Global Until You Watch Videos & Report Telling top leader secrets. Video documentary reveals reviews of success strategies and tells you if Global Resorts is legit or if you are the next victim of hype! Ty Coughlin's Reverse Funnel System Luxury Wealth System & the Luxury Wealth Group Reverse Funnel System Mark Hoverson Summit conference exclusive training private training sales center training scam scam buster personal branding internet marketing Al Morales Alfonso Morales Charles Tomlin Chuck Tomlin Jamison Herdrich Johnnie Bolton Ryan Dunn grn scam global hotel network global resort network global resort networks global resorts network global resorts network california global resorts network arizona global resorts network forum global resorts network llc
28 Aug 2008
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20 Jun 2008
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Norman Freeman's ViralInviter Web 2.0 Tell A Friend Script! - Jun 24 We implemented Viral Inviter the very next day (4/3/08, after the JV promos had been sent!), and jumped to 750. Within the first week, we had over 1000 ... - Cheap Domain Name Registration and Transfers ... - Jun 15 Domain parking page provided for viralinviter**** along with low cost Domain Name Registration and Transfers, SSL certificates, Viral Inviter - 4 visits - Jun 23 1. Viral Inviter is just like the biggest social networking sites, ANY website owner can now have his/her visitors invite all their webmail-contacts with 2 ... Viral Inviter vs TrafficXplode 2.0 Review If you have been around in the internet marketing world long enough you probably have heard of Mike Filsaime's Viral Friends Generator. Viral Inviter - ViralInviter Incomplete? 13 Jun 2008 ... So After using the Viral Inviter Script for the first time I thought to myself – heck it's pretty great but there's just something missing. ... *******viralinviter****/blog/ Viral Inviter Review Review of Norman Freeman's ViralInviter. Tell a friend scripts are dead. ViralInviter is the future of the tell a friend. Supercharge your traffic, signups, ... viral inviter Andy Beard - Niche Marketing 23 Jun 2008 ... The Irresponsible Viral Tell-A-Friend Trio ... Generator which may well have been a private label or resale rights product; Viral Inviter is ... 22 Jun 2008 ... Podcast Alley is the best site to find all your Podcasts, podcast feeds, podcast definitions, podcast software and Viral Inviter Scam » Propeller Careers & Jobs – Is Viral Inviter a Scam? Or is it the real deal? Find out here?! Tags: viral marketing, viral inviter, viral inviter review, viral inviter ... Viral Inviter VS TrafficXplode 2.0 Comparison of functionalities of 2 leading tell-a-friend system, Viral Inviter and TrafficXplode 2.0, these tools are designed to drive more free traffic to ...
25 Jun 2008
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A brief review and comparison of the Big Ticket To Wealth business opportunity
27 Jun 2008
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A short comparison of the misinformation spread by the tabloid hacks and the truth as stated by reputable experts. Who do you believe?
28 Jun 2008
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A brief review and comparison of the Liberty League International business opportunity
29 Jun 2008
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