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THE ART OF GETTING BY stars Freddie Highmore (Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as George, a lonely and fatalistic teen who's made it all the way to his senior year without ever having done a real day of work, who is befriended by Sally (Emma Roberts -- Scream 4), a beautiful and complicated girl who recognizes in him a kindred spirit.
15 Nov 2011
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A social network prodigy discovers what the world looks like without Facebook brought to you by Nice Piece Productions. *******www.nicepieceproductions**** Follow us on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/#!/pages/Nice-Piece-Productions/258888927494007 Check out our nice channel piece: ***********/user/nicepieceproductions Subscribe for more Nice Pieces: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=nicepieceproductions Follow us on Twitter: *******twitter****/#!/heynicepiece Copyright 2011 Nice Piece Productions The Social Network 2 WRITTEN BY: John Gasienica & Bennet Silverman DIRECTED BY: Bennet Siverman DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Tom Pena PRODUCED BY: Rob Watt, John Gasienica & Bennet Silverman EDITED BY: Bennet Silverman & Nick Graff VOICE OVER: Jim Holmes FEATURING (In Order of Appearance) John Gasienica (Jeremy Hewitt) Emily Smith (He's Amazing Girl) Tim McKernan (Mitch the Neighbor) Abby Pierce (Mitch's Wife) Chasen Banks (Party Invite/Dog Guy/Logout Guy) Jenna Willis (Jeremy's Girl / Poked Girl) msjennawillis Lauren Olsen (Decline Girl #1) Taylor Steinmenn (Decline Girl #2 / Like Girl) Jack Helfrich (Maybe Guy) Brian Barclay (Friend Request Creep) Sean Lake (Privacy Settings Guy) Megan Messmer (No Newsfeed Girl/Painting Girl) Jaime Shaps (Its Complicated Girl #1) Ashley d'Oliveira (Its Complicated Girl #2) Remington Maynard (Sooo Cute Girl) "Big" Rob Holeman (Big Birthday Guy) Bennet Silverman ("Interested In Men Jogger") Alex Sautter (Cake Girl) Lindsay Brown (Summer Album Girl) Marcus Kemp (Shirtless Profile Guy) Panda (Cute Little Dog) WALL WRITING GRAPHICS: Ian Blewitt ALSO FEATURING: Fr. William Fulco, Robbie Depaoli, Brian Chui, Hollis Rayford, WJ Maloney, Tom Pena, Charlie Schrier, Robbie Rhodes, John Wilkinson, Rob Watt, Stephanie Chapluk, Marlee Davis, Sam Hay, Remington Maynard, Todd Lane
4 Dec 2011
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As the loveable Tootsie Noodles escorts the loath-able Mega-Girl to the brig, emotions fly free and it's love in zero-g. Will this simple country-pumpkin from Farm-Planet be able to melt the steel heart of a ruthless, human-hating machine, or can that only be done by slowly lowering her into lava? It's a star-crossed romance amongst the stars as the adventure warps on! "Starship" DVD and Cast Album available now at www.teamstarkid**** "Starship" copyright 2011 StarKid Productions "The Way I Do" Lyrics (by Darren Criss): TOOTSIE: When they you say you can't love I think you've got it wrong And you say you can't feel With a heart made of steel But you can't say that steel ain't strong Well if that's who you are, Just a meaningless star in the sky Tell me what is the meaning Of what I am feeling if you are the reason why Now I may be dumb But where I come from Folks say they're fine when I know that they're blue No you don't know you the way I do MEGA-GIRL: Your kind is frail and weak And I want to destroy you all You're a sorry disgrace To the concept of race And to logical science & law But for some reason why When you look at me I don't wanna be Programmed this way Believe when I say you're the one anomaly You might not be smart But there is a part Of me that's starting to make a breakthrough No you don't know you the way I do TOOTSIE: I never expected to find something like you MEGA-GIRL: my wires are protected from abnormal things like you MEGA-GIRL: when you know everything it is suddenly strange when you don't have a clue TOOTSIE: I don't know anything but you're giving me a clue BOTH: I can see past the surface Finding the worth That is hiding beneath It's life, and purpose And all of sudden I feel like I've run into something that no one has seen FEB: And these are the airlock doors! Never hit this button, though, k? Cause we'll all be sucked out into space. BUG: Wow, this is all so great, February! I can't believe I'm on a real live working Starship! With humans and everything! All this time, I had no other choice but to imagine what all this was like. FEB: Yeah? Is it everything you imagined, Bug? BUG: (Looks at her) And more! I never imagined anyone like you, February. FEB: Hehehe. I know I seem like a pretty complicated girl. It's like, I'm a Starship Ranger, but I'm also really pretty and like sciencey stuff. But all that's just in your head, Bug. I'm really pretty simple. FEBRUARY: BUG: You're perfect and wonderful How I hoped you'd be February, I-- But it's really enough For you to be just a human being There's something I need to tell you And I know you'll agree That's all we need to make all of our dreams come true you're a dream come true If this life has an ending but I need to I'm glad that I'm spending this short little time with you say something to you BOTH: TOOTSIE & MEGA-GIRL: I'm so much more so much more than Than what you thought before what you thought you knew Now that we have gotten to... FEBRUARY: Get to know you TOOTSIE & MEGA-GIRL: You don't know you BUG: (to himself) But you don't know me ALL: ... The way I do.
7 Nov 2012
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For the ladies, the drama queens, the girls next door, the warriors, the crusaders, all the complicated girls. Because no girl is just one girl, and every moment is the chance to try something new. Herbal Essences is right there with you, with scents and styles for the endless adventure. Be Everyone You Are.
7 Nov 2014
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