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This is a 5Gram batch of a blue smoke composition that I mixed up. It consists of 1.6Grams Potassium Chlorate, 1.6Grams Lactose, and 1.6Grams of blue smoke mix from Keystone. It wasn't what I was hoping for but I know I need to tweak the formula a bit and I will get another test up in the near future.
22 May 2008
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*******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/ (ENG) Blender: Composition 3D - Office. Office composition, some of the objects previously created. It don't have textures yet, only the solid form. This composition was made only in the second day of learning how to work with Blender. (PT) Blender: Composição 3D - Escritório. Cena do Escritório, alguns dos objectos anteriormente criados. Ainda não têm texturas, apenas a forma sólida. Esta composição foi feita apenas no segundo dia a aprender a trabalhar com o Blender. *******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/
16 Jun 2009
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*******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/ Blender: Composition 3D - Bed Room, Bed Room scene with the all the objectos it should have, created by my. It don't have textures yet, only the solid form. This composition was made only in the second day of learning how to work with Blender. *******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/
5 Nov 2008
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*******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/ Blender: Composition 3D - Bed Room with textures. Bed Room scene with the all the objectos it should have, created by me. With textures, I took photos of the real objects and aply the texture to the object. Some textures are not good, thats because this was my first text doing textures in 3D objects. *******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/
8 Oct 2008
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*******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/ Blender: Composition 3D - Chess Table. I started to learn about molding surfaces, I made all the pieces of a chess game and the table. I made an animation of a checkmate play. *******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/
13 Mar 2009
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this song is original composition of arnil honculada to airene sabandal! sana malaman nya kung gano ko sya kamahal!
15 Sep 2008
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Son et Lumiere performance produced by AntiVJ and Crea Composite Performed on the 4th of October 08 at Mont des Arts in Brussels, Belgium during "Nuit Blanche". Visuals production: Yannick Jacquet (Lego_man) Jérémie Peeters (Shirü) Joanie Lemercier (crustea) Sound Design: Thomas Vaquié Commissioned by PixlMusic. In collaboration with Chocolat Noisette *******www.antivj****
27 Oct 2010
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Extreme photo retouching and image compositing examples by Paul Austin of
20 Nov 2008
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Well this is my third composition and my entry for Guitar Idol 2009. I really wanted to make another original because my other compositions were really not that good. Please Vote Here: In High Quality track has a lot of influence from the amazing guitarist Mr.Dave Weiner. Video is a little bit out of sync but NOT FAKE! Everything you hear was arranged by me. Gear Used: Devlin DVE-300 Tascam US-144 Interface Mixcraft 4.2 Endorsers: Download in mp3 Please Subscribe if you like this video! Please Visit:
7 Jan 2009
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Flowers at his feet - Sanskrit Compositions - Tallapaka Annamacharya (1408 - 1503) was the first composer who divided his compositions into Pallavi and Charanams. He was one of the most profilic composers, Carnatic music has ever known with 32,000 sankeertanams to his credit of which only 14200 are available today. He was a pioneer in various types of compositions and therefore rightly entitled 'Padakavita Pitamaha'. His compositions have been classified into Spiritual and Sringara Sankeertanams. These compositions cover almost every aspect of the Tirumala temple and the surrounding area. The hallmark of this product is a detailed synopsis of the lyrical beauty and essence of each composition by the eminent scholar and musicologist Dr.Pappu Venugopala Rao. Annamacharya has composed most of his compositions in Telugu. He has also composed many compositions in Sanskrit. Some of the very popular and choicest of them are featured in this product. visit us at : *******www.kalakendra****/shopping/flowers-feet-sanskrit-compositions-p-848.html
30 Jan 2009
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Swathi Tirunal Compositions - This product features one of the greatest veterans of Carnatic music, Smt.Parassala Ponnammal hailing from Trivandrum. She is probably one of the few octogenarian performing musicians in the field of Carnatic music. She had the rare privilege to learn music directly under doyens like Sri Muthayya Bhagavathar and Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer. Her music is steeped in tradition and simplicity. An A top grade artist of AIR, she retired as the Principal of R.L.V.College of music and Fine arts, Tripunithura. She was also a Professor in the Swathi Tirunal Music Academy, Trivandrum. She had the honor of being the first lady artist who performed at the Navarathri Music festival at the Navarathri Mandapam organized by the Royal family of Travancore. She is the recipient of many coveted awards and titles, Gayaka Ratnam, Sangeetha Ratnakaram, Isai Mani Makutam, Raga Sahithya Bhava Gayika to name a few. This product showcases beautiful rare gems of one of the greatest composers of South Indian music, Maharaja Swathi Tirunal. Smt. Ponnamal reveals her mastery and expertise over rakthi ragas like Yadukula Kamboji and Nattaikurunji which are the highlights of this thematic presentation. The most striking feature of this product is the exquisite choice of kritis and the authentic patantharas which is an invaluable treasure for upcoming musicians and students. Smt.Ponnammal is accompanied on the violin by Smt.Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi, the daughter of the legendary violinist Sri Lalgudi G. Jayaraman and on the mridangam by Sri N.Arul, a staff artist of AIR Trivandrum. visit us at : *******www.kalakendra****/shopping/swathi-tirunal-parassala-ponnammal-p-884.html
30 Jan 2009
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This is one of my compositions. I absolutly adore movie soundtracks and so I decided to attempt writing one. I was very much inspired after watching Anne of Green gables on film. The background music is absolutly beautiful.I was also inspired by Yiruma. One of the most amazing korean composers I've ever heard. His music is Phenominal. In any case I hope you enjoy this.
6 Feb 2009
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WPC(Wood-Plastic-Composition) Production Line We are main manufacturer about WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composition Production Line). The WPC (wood plastic compounding) product introduction: the wooden basic raw materials have been 2 periods, the first period’s is wooden, and the second period’s is veneer, fiberboard, flake board, wood pulp artificial board. Nowadays the WPC will be the third period’s popular materials cause of the behavior of both plastic and wood. So it has absolute superiority in floor materials. Now the WPC market potential is very large, although the output of WPC is only several million tons, the figure of increasing speed improves 65% every year, so it’s a opportunity to occupy the market ,and bout any superheated investment ,you must consider it carefully. Generally, PVC + wood product is used in indoors (for example: decorating), and PP/PE + wood product is used in outdoors (for example: garden floor) cause of it is hardener.
3 Mar 2009
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ATTILIANO BOD COMPOSED (C) A NEW HUNGARIAN LOVE SONG WITH TEXT -TITEL:"LOVE AND SZERELEM" New music composition from ATTILIANO BOD -the original hungarian song :"LOVE AND SZERELEM" hi sings in the new album no 3 / 2009 in 7 languages: besame mucho-spanish;love story-english; Les Feuilles Mortes-french;non sole-italian; love and szerelem-hungarian;schwarze augen-german,oci cionije-russian songs.hi is a songd writer and singer.
21 Mar 2009
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This Is How They Build 'Em We've had a ball showing you various aspects of how and why the Cirrus Aircraft SR20s and SR22s became some of the most popular aircraft in recent GA history. But the build process is nearly as fascinating as the airplanes themselves... especially in light of the changes the G3 version of the SR series has undergone in the last two years. Not only did they redesign the airplane to be better in the air, but to be assembled in a more economical and sturdier fashion. The G3 update was extensive... The Cirrus team went through the bird from stem to stern in this upgrade, with some big changes proving to be more than skin-deep. An aggressive update of the primary wing structure resulted in a stronger and stiffer wing that allowed CD to carve well over 50 pounds out of that assembly -- and then they used that leeway to increase the bird's effective range. The gear was heavily modified to be a somewhat narrower and taller construct and added some prop clearance, to boot. The gear used to be nearly 11 feet wide... and has been narrowed to just over 8.5 feet. They did this with the same gear legs they've used in the past, but mounted in a significantly more acute angle. This change allowed the interior of the wing to be adapted to a number of other modifications, most notably a larger TKS deicing fluid tank, and produced a more efficient internal structure. Internal fuel tankage jumped from 81 gallons to 92 gallons, as well. A number of aerodynamic refinements have been incorporated... quite a number, in fact, and many of them quite subtle. Several fairings have been redesigned to offer less drag and improve other aerodynamic efficiencies. A new wing root fairing, for instance, has minimized spurious flow separation at the trailing edge of the wing and enhanced both cruise and climb abilities. Gear fairings have received exceptional attention to drag reduction and simplification. The result is a far tighter and cleaner installation that reduces the part count and slicks things up a bit. The wing's dihedral was hiked a full degree, thus creating greater ground clearance, better yaw/roll harmonies and eliminating the need for the rudder/aileron control interconnect that has been a part of the Cirrus line since its inception. The enhanced dihedral has definitely produced a more perceptible dihedral effect without adversely affecting any aspect of the aircraft's already laudable stability profile. One of the other most noticeable changes was seen along the lengthy expanse of the wing's leading edge. The whole leading edge, tip to root, is now fully encased in a TKS metallic anti-icing fluid diffusion system that produces icing protection across a much wider span (nearly four feet more) than the wings of old. It was a massive series of changes... and the people who build them are justifiably proud of the birds that resulted. Come along and see what we mean as we watch Cirrus build the current generation of GA composite airplanes. ANN E-I-C Note: We've been able to present a fair amount of Cirrus material via Aero-TV this year for a few simple reasons... Cirrus is getting a handle on NewMedia and understands how important it is, they welcomed us with open arms and made our job so very much easier than it might have been, they are absolutely delightful to deal with, and they have always believed that the best way to sell airplanes is to tell all...
15 May 2009
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Did you know know diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow? Diamond color changes due to the chemical composition when the diamond is formed (or after, in the case of green diamonds). These colored diamonds are known as Fancy diamonds and since they are so unique, are judged on their own scale from Faint color to Fancy and Fancy Vivid. Sometimes there are a mixture of colors in a diamond that will increase or decrease the value, depending on the combination. The more intense and pure the color, the more rare and valuable the diamond. This video demonstrates some of the fancy colors of diamonds and their composition - from the well known clear diamonds to the yellow diamonds that are quickly growing in popularity. A colored diamond is more unique with an an allure a clear diamond cannot match! Learn more about diamonds at *******www.diamondsearrings****
24 Jun 2009
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