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Famous phone prankster Roy Mercer does it again and pranks a southern police chief at the request of his brother on a radio show. Great phone prank!
24 Apr 2010
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2010 Marching Towards The End.... The Struggle Carries On... Lyrics and Music by Meredith Rollo (c)2009 Civilian Death Machine / CDM_Music/MJRollo SOCAN/ASCAP All Rights Reserved. Performed by Civilian Death Machine Written and Recorded December 26th, 2009 at 358_MobileStudios_YVR in Vancouver, BC Canada Support Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Pilots for 9/11 Truth Families for 9/11 Truth Firefighters for 9/11 Truth Support Real Peace Initiatives in the Middle East and Central Asia. Stop the Illegal Blockade of Gaza in Palestine by Israel. Apathy & Ignorance on Political Issues is Undermining Your Personal Freedoms & Liberties, here at well as people's liberties in foreign lands. Support Peace. Not Ignorance or Intolerance. Tell Your Congressman/woman, Senator, Member of Parliament to stop Blindly Supporting Israel's Apartheid State. Palestinians are Semites. Don't be fooled by Zionists who say only Jews are Semites. Palestinians are comprised of Arab Muslims, Christians and Jews, alike. The War on Terrorism was created by The United States Government. In the late 1970's, the US funded the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. Communism was initially funded by the United States back in the early 20th Century. (Belgium Relief Act) Don't be Fooled. The US Federal Reserve Bank is a Private Bank.....and not a Government Bank. It is owned by the Rothschilds and their American Counterpart, Rockefeller. War is BIG BUSINESS. The US bankrolled the Russian Revolution And Adolf Hitler's Democrats. Never Forget USS Liberty. Israel attacked a US Warship and killed 34 of its Sailors' in 1967....but never received any formal and substantial investigation. The New World Order has been with Us for nearly 100 years....since the US Federal Reserve was brought back under control, by the Queen's Banker, Rothschild and his Central Bank of London. Rachel Corrie.... You Are Gone, But You Will Never Be Forgotten for Your Humanitarian Work in GAZA. God Bless You. and to all the Workers and Activists, in Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa....Thank You. Even if the Government is Playing Games, your work is Appreciated! and to all the Soldiers', who want to come home....because they have seen for themselves what's really going on......***rporate pigs at the trough...... You Will Be Welcomed Back with Honour! and to those Soldiers' who have engaged in Conduct Unbecoming of a Soldier....You Are A Disgrace to Your Country, Your Flag and the People who pay your salary. We owe you nothing...except a place behind bars....a military prison. Protecting Democracy Begins at Home. Not Abroad.
14 Jun 2010
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The clip Backstabber from Starsky & Hutch (2004) with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson I've really had it with that Doby. I mean, it's enough already, you know? "Cavorting with nefarious characters. Conduct unbecoming of an officer." Look, I wrote that thing two weeks ago, OK? Things are really cool with us now. Did you go through my locker? No. You went through my locker. I looked inside when it was open... If you got a problem with someone, you tell it to their face. You come to them as a man. Don't go behind their back, write a thesis and try to get a transfer to another precinct. Backstabber. Yeah, don't anybody work with David Starsky. He'll stab you in the back. You've got to let this go, OK?
30 Nov 2011
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