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President Donald Trump on Friday denied using certain “language” as fury spread over his comments about immigration during a private meeting with lawmakers. But neither he nor the White House denied the most controversial of his comments: using the word “shithole” to describe countries in Africa and saying he would prefer immigrants from countries like Norway instead.
13 Jan 2018
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Cleanersmall product range consists, of Mops, for Dry, Wet and Dust moping, made out in various specifications using international quality raw materials. Floor, Glass Wiper and Squeeze, Floor, Road Brush and Brooms, Window wash Applicator, Trolley Squeeze Mop Buckets, wooden Broom Sticks, Extension Polls, moth-repellent Air-Freshener and an horde of other versatile quality tools and systems. Our products are made adhering to strict quality standards confirming to international technology and specifications, and are widely used for cleaning and upkeep of all types of establishments, especially Hotels & Restaurants, Hospitals, Airport, Railway Stations, Banking Sector, Home, Roads and Patios. Miraclean also has tie-ups with International manufacturers of exclusive Tools and machineries in various countries, to provide their products in the domestic market.
19 Dec 2017
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Well, you surely don't see this scene everyday that's confirmed. Couple of MacDonald employees are mocking KFC in front of a KFC center.
19 Dec 2017
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From: Daiva Balcikonyte To: bex dawkins; Stacey Etwareea Sent: 31 August 2017 07:39 Subject: Dear Bex and Stacey Dear Bex and Stacey, I would like to be compensated for the following matters that had happened yesterday, 30 August 2017: 1. For Leanda Augustin suspending me for no proper reason at all 2. For her making the need for me to go to poo so distressed and offended as if I went to the loo to waste the time on purpose and if went to do something grossly criminal 3. For her writing additional illegal deductions from my wages on the rota 4. For her stating twice the amount of time I was in the bathroom, on the rota 5. For her divesting my legal right to a a copy of the rota 6. For her assaulting me by grabbing the rota from my hands by force 7. For her accusing me and criminating me that I assaulted her 8. For her not apologising that she assaulted me 9. For her divesting my legal right to a written notice of suspending me, so I could leave the building during my shift 10. For her threatening me with security police in order to escort me from the building 11. For her making me feel like a criminal to be thrown out of the building 12. For her ignoring me when I spoke and explained reasons why I need those documents before I leave the building 13. For her ignoring me to such an extent that I had to repeat my requests to her a dozen times jet she kept ignoring me 14. For her shouting at me and causing me a headache and for raising my voice so she could hear me explaining to her 15. For her not stating any legal reasons why I was told to leave the building while my shift has not ended 16. For her ignoring the security’s confirmation that I am right 17. For her making such drastic decisions without making a meeting about it, without consulting any other manager about it
20 Dec 2017
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01 The Centre of Thoth Atlantean presents the film "Svetotron. Way to Immortality". 02 PART 1 SIMULATION THEORY 03 Why was the movie "Matrix-1" so popular? 04 The success for simple fudge was too big... 05 Therefore this is not quite figment. And people feel it. 06 In recent years, quantum physics has witnessed a "revolution". 07 In quantum mechanics, the results obtained should not be! 08 The photon, electron and other particles behave strangely in experiments with delayed choice. 09 The particles know that they will observe a drastic change of their properties. The FUTURE AFFECTS the PAST. The fundamental principle of our World the PRINCIPLE of CAUSALITY is violated. 10 The quantum entanglement Experiments have shown, that entangled particles can “communicate” INSTANTLY in ANY DISTANCE... 11 The Scientists were in shock: supernatural and unbelievable. They were convinced, INSTANTANEOUS COMMUNICATION is IMPOSSIBLE in the Universe. 12 The MATRIX? Yes, we live in the MATRIX! Our World is a SIMULATION! 13 Theory Simulation gaining more and more evidence in recent years... But we must know that our World is it's not an evil matrix, like the film, but the Divine Matrix. 14 It is BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, FASCINATING, EXCITING Surrounding World. 15 The representatives of the higher civilizations confirmed - the Physical Universe, with its attributes – time and space - is a SIMULATION. 16 It was created artificially and only for human learning. It is for the universal man, not only for the earth... It will disappear as useless when the training is completed. 17 Who created it? It was created by God, the Creator, the Аbsolute or the Central Spiritual Sun. 18 He scattered His Sparks in the Universe, so that each gained experience and returned to Him with this "Gift". 19 All the Saints say about our divine origin, for example, Jesus Christ: "I said you are Gods". 20 That is all of us: every person, every Soul is a Divine Spark. It is wrong to say that man ha
1 Jan 2018
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Our App ​ Bsociable is a 100% FREE and secure mobile platform the enables you to confirm the availability of your family/friends and groups without sharing any calendar or sending a single message, and create events. We can’t put a value for a get-together with loved ones. The Bsociable mobile app is available for use worldwide and it is suitable for anyone who struggles with coordinating a time to meet with family and friends due to lack of visibility on their availability. ​ ​ Our Mission ​ At Bsociable, we believe that coordinating an event should not be difficult or time consuming. Our mission is to connect people within communities in a simple and an effortless way. Through our values and the technology, we aim to bring people together for a healthy work and life balance. ​ ​ Our History Bsociable was founded by Randeep Wasal in March 2017 and based in Sydney, NSW. It was made into an app much later but the inspiration sparked when his wife Renu hand-balled the coordination of a family dinner in early 2016. A lot of messages, phone calls, group chats and emails later, he had a date and time when everyone was available, suitable venue to get around easily, a count on the number of guests, and an app.
4 Jan 2018
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CH Consultants Group LLC - (718) 878-7406 Brooklyn, NY, 11213 (718) 878-7406 Call (718) 878-7406 today to get the most comprehensive home inspection in the New York Area. CH Consultants Group LLC has been perfecting the art of home inspection since decades. The industry has continued to evolve with new standards and more advanced technology to confirm the condition of the home. But one thing has remained consistent: our dedication to providing the best home inspection solutions. Termite Inspections, Architectural Services, Mold Testing, Construction Services, Construction Inspections Home Inspector, Local Home Inspector, Local Building Inspector, Professional Property Inspector, Structural Design Services Crown Heights NY;Brownsville NY
5 Jan 2018
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The world and its galaxy has many mysteries that will probably remain mysteries for many years to come. With a several unknowns out there, people have taken the liberty to attribute phenomenons to things that are unknown, one of them being UFOs and aliens. Science is getting closer and closer each day to proving that there may in fact be intelligent life out there beyond our planet, but for now it is not confirmed. Here we have apparent footage featuring a low-flying unidentified object speeding over the Adriatic Sea. The sight was captured during a boat trip from the Island of Pag to mainland Croatia. For all you outer space lovers out there, this video will definitely get you going! With tons of these kinds of videos being busted for editing, there are still a bunch out there that haven't.
7 Jan 2018
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Riotous means it has some product administration related issues that influence it to perform inadequately. Then again, a non-utilitarian programming program implies that there is equipment related issues. By and large, your QuickBooks-run gadgets can run out whenever because of various equipment issues. QuickBooks Support Phone Number is the speediest and most straightforward approach to connect with QuickBooks client administration to get Intuit-confirmed technical support administrators or gifts when the budgetary administration programming program is turbulent and non-utilitarian.
13 Jan 2018
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Prison Break Season 4 Confirmation Llorando Prison Break end of season 3 Prison Break Season 3 Episode 13 Prison Break S04E01 Trailer ©FOX 2008 prison break s03 e12 e13 s04 michael scofield Llorando Prison Break Michael Sarah season 13 S03 E13 prison break prisonbreak scofield mcgrady escape sophia lj gretchen company
23 Jun 2008
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NASA's Phoenix Mars Landers confirms there is water on Mars. James Valles reports for AmericasReport****
1 Aug 2008
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me playing along with the recording of confirmation....srry for the echo
10 Sep 2008
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This Video Will Show You How To Create Confirmation Page
24 Sep 2008
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This Video Will Show You How To Personalize The Confirmation Message
24 Sep 2008
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*******www.MCHGlobalSecrets****/youtube.php Mike Hobbs one of the top internet marketers is now giving away his secrets on how to confirm your email address... Enjoy... Mike & Christy Hobbs *******www.MCHGlobalSecrets****/youtube.php Google our names [ Mike & Christy Hobbs ]
28 Mar 2009
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