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Prime Minister Theresa May in Cash Collection Scandal. Poor T May is in such a pickle due to her party going down the crapper, that she resorted to "Puttin' on the Red Light" so to speak, to try and raise much needed funds for her stricken Conservative party. But unfortunately Punters weren't impressed with her attemps at pimpin' out her goodies! In this extraodinary video, one man screams and reverses his car so fast that he gives himself "Dick whiplash"!!
17 Jul 2017
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SIKE instrument main products: electromagnetic flow meter, turbine flow meter, metal tube float flow meter, vortex flow meter and all kinds of throttling device. Level are: magnetic float level meter, glass tube liquid level meter, glass level gauge, radar level meter, ultrasonic level meter, level alarm switch and instrumentation products. Companies with high quality services widely in such as metallurgy, petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection, water conservancy, etc.
5 Jul 2017
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A Miami root canal or endodontic therapy, is a procedure available to conserve a tooth that is infected and would otherwise require extraction. There are many reasons that teeth can become infected, including: cavities, previous large fillings, crowns, cracks, trauma and extreme wear. Call Florida Dental Care of Miller today to schedule your Miami endodontic consultation! Address 10250 SW 56th St, Miami, FL 33165 Phone 305-596-0104
7 Jul 2017
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Karen Martinez DMD - Zen Smiles Miami is a dental practice devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that will result in beautiful, long lasting smiles! Our cosmetic dentist in Coral Gables understand that giving patients a comfortable experience in the dental chair will keep them coming back. Address 401 Coral Way #410, Coral Gables, FL 33134 Phone 305-446-5676
25 Jul 2017
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Video Tour of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. See www.tanzaniaodyssey**** for more videos in Tanzania and Zanzibar.
25 Apr 2007
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Romney: Conservative Principles in Health Care
28 Jul 2007
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Gov. Romney: Conservative Principles in Healthcare
7 Aug 2007
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For more essentially reading, check out: *******www.politico****/playbook Social conservatives might back a third party if Giuliani is nominated, Hillary Clinton has a bad week, and for once, Wyoming actually matters. Please subscribe – new episodes every weekday.
1 Oct 2007
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Gov. Romney: Maintaining The Conservative Coalition
3 Nov 2007
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How to conserve a Deck of Cards
12 Jan 2008
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World Water Day Urges the International Community to Reuse and Recycle Millions of people around the world are living without access to clean drinking water. To draw attention to what some experts are calling one of the largest public issues of our time; World Water Day was established as an international day of observance and action. According to the UN, more than half of the world will be living with water shortages in the next 50 years. One solution to the growing problem is reclaiming and recycling water instead of disposing it into oceans and rivers. Using new technology, a growing number of communities in the U.S. are starting to reuse and recycle water. This new process takes water through three steps, first traveling through hollow fiber membranes that remove 99.99 percent of all bacteria, then through reverse osmosis and finally through advanced oxidation using ultraviolet light. The result is near-distilled quality water. The entire process consumes about 50% less energy than importing water from outside sources. While this new technology makes conservation easier than ever before, it's only one part of the bigger solution. Experts urge that all Americans participate in conservation with everyday activities that include taking shorter showers, checking faucets for leaks and watering lawns judiciously. For more tips be sure to visit Produced for Siemens
2 Mar 2010
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Thanks to Campaign North, three well-staffed Conservative Party Campaign Centres are now up and running in the North of England. Zahid Iqbal, our candidate for Bradford West, introduces this short film about the regional campaigning operation in Yorkshire & the Humber.
26 Mar 2008
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Social Action projects enable Conservatives to make a difference to local communities -- and at our conferences, they're a great way to give something back to our host city. At Spring Forum, Conservatives ran a Social Action project at Bill Quay Community Farm, where we helped to build a new shelter and an outdoor run for the rare breed Bagot goats. Over 40 volunteers turned out, including William Hague, Caroline Spelman and other hardy members of the Shadow Cabinet. Find out more at www***nservatives****
26 Mar 2008
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Is John McCain conservative enough for Hugo Chavez and Ann Coulter? Will Hugo Chavez respect George Bush "Clone" John McCain? Let's see, John McCain is for (last time I checked) waterboarding, gas tax holiday, permanent tax cuts for the rich (God Bless the Rich) and 100 years of war in Iraq. Oh, and for anything that he is Against he will change his mind if it will help him scare up a vote. That should get him good marks with Hugo Chavez and Ann Coulter...
11 May 2008
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The Hill's A.B. Stoddard answers questions and shares comments about the role of conservative voters and President Bush for Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) presidential campaign
25 Jun 2008
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Si on associe un pétard et une boite de conserve ça donne ça.une boite qui vole dans les airs
28 Jun 2009
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