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ProVDN is an affordable, easy to use, rapid video publishing and delivery platform
6 Jan 2010
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Wo ist denn schon wieder der Wartungs-Vertrag und wo ist Frau Häberle, die weiß, wo der Vertrag ist? Ein lustiges vorher-nachher-Video über den Geschäftsführer Herr Lang der fiktiven Firma infratopia, der händeringend nach einem Wartungsvertrag sucht. Dabei erlebt den Wandel, wie angenehm das Leben mit dem Open Source Dokumentenmanagement agorum core ist und kann jetzt endlich auch früher Feierabend machen. Open Source DMS / ECM: agorum core. Weitere Informationen unter *******www.agorum****
5 Feb 2010
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IBM WebSphere Portal allows Austin Energy, a full-service municipal utility for Austin, Texas, to connect and collaborate with the Austin community through customer-facing portals. WebSphere Portal provides apartment managers 24x7 access to the utility service information for each of their units. Austin Energy uses WebSphere Portal to automate serveral business processes, provide quick customer service and provide transparency to the organization by acting as the energy management dashboard for the citizens of Austin. KERRICA LAAKE: My name is Kerrica Laake. I manage the Web and Portal Services group for Austin Energy in Austin, Texas. Austin Energy is a municipal utility for Austin, Texas. We are a full-service electric utility. We both generate and distribute power. We serve approximately 380,000 customers in the Austin, Texas area, and we're known for our renewable and green power programs. At Austin Energy, we have a customer-facing Portal for our Multi-Family Partnership Program. We also are working on implementing an employee Portal, moving our current HTML-based website into the Portal environment. The Multi-Family Partnership Program is a collaborative effort between Austin Energy and the apartment community. The application that supports the Multi-Family Partnership Program allows the owners and managers of apartment communities to have a brief look into the utility services of each unit within their complex. For apartment managers, the Portal is important because it provides 24/7 access to that key information. Prior to having the Portal, those managers would have to wait for reports to be e-mailed or faxed to them. Now the information is there when they need it to be there. For Austin Energy, the Portal is important because we were able to automate several business processes that had been tedious and time consuming in the past. It provides customer service without actually having to have a physical person create, batch, and send reports to the apartment community. Austin Energy plans to use our Portal environment not only just to support or Multi-Family Partnership Program, but it's just the first of many Portals we plan to deploy for our customers. It's really going to become the energy management dashboard for the citizens of Austin. I think that the use of the Portal allows transparency into our organization, and I also believe that many of the manual business processes that took up time and paper have been reduced by the use of the Portal environment. At Austin Energy, Lotus knows how to bring together customer information and the end-user experience.
9 May 2010
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Video introduces the source management center, where you can edit content parameters of current sources as well as add new sources, and mass import source profiles from other BlogSense installs. For more information please see: *******www.blogsense-wp****
25 Mar 2010
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This video demonstrates how to source content from Yahoo Answer's foregin based webservices using BlogSense. For more information see *******www.blogsense-wp****
25 Mar 2010
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This is my CMS AktifBoxCms . Feel Free To Check It Out On *******aktifbox****/ or ***********/p/aktifboxcms Thanks...
8 Apr 2010
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Stratix Systems is a client-focus, technology firm specializing in document and informaiton management solutions. Document management is a serious business. Stratix Systems is a serious player. And no one knows document management like Stratix Systems.
29 May 2010
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Our Commitment We strive to exceed your expectations, so we are never too busy to return a call or e-mail. That means you will always know the status of your project. Our experience in dealing with various business industries coupled with our love of creative design help us deliver truly outstanding results fro our clients on time and on budget. Our Values We are honest with our clients, our employees, our stakeholders, and with the people we interact with. This is our most cherished value that we take seriously. The mission of Verz Design is provide clients with great designs as well as recommend advertising channels that are able to bring more leads and sales to their businesses. *******www.verzdesign**** *******www.sip-grant**** *******www.verzconsulting****
19 Aug 2010
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*******www.jdgiron****/ is a New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NYC) based company which offers web design & development, internet marketing and software development to small and medium sized businesses in entire united states and other countries.
29 Sep 2010
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Hacker group Gnosis allegedly breached Gawker Media, one of the largest Web publishers, and published information from its 1.3 million users.
15 Dec 2010
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TOYOTA SHOULD GIVE REPUTATION ACCELERATOR AN AWARD!! There is no other or better company for online reputation acceleration for a Toyota dealership than Reputation Accelerator!!! Toyota's Online Reputation Management initiative is huge and no company meets our needs like Reputation Accelerator. That's our reference and review of their services and enough said. We recommend them to every dealership in the county that we talk to!! Toyota is has heavy duty standard when it comes to online reputation and we needed a company that could get to the source. NOTICE: This review of the Reputation Accelerator online reputation managment service is real. This positive testimonial review of Reputation Accelerator may be modified to qualify as unique content within the review space provided herein. Call Reputation Accelerator at 877-773-3785 for more FIVE STAR***** Reviews and Ratings.
23 Feb 2011
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The first in our range of tutorials about the dashboard. This dashboard is from our document management system. The tutorial shows you how to use the dashboard and its widgets to navigate the system.
1 Apr 2011
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DailyDigital - the professional, Free way to organize and monetize your content online. If you own or produce video, audio, images, documents, apps, or any digital content, DailyDigital allows you to quickly produce an online store to sell and deliver content to anyone, anywhere, on your terms. Pre-register for beta at www.dailydigital****
23 Jun 2011
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Best Brand Control -- Has online brand management been more difficult since you opened new branches? WebTreePro can help you stay globally recognizable and locally relevant through franchise websites! Call 866.426.0799 today!
19 Jul 2011
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Best Brand Control – Has online brand management been more difficult since you opened new branches? WebTreePro can help you stay globally recognizable and locally relevant through franchise websites! Call 866.426.0799 today! For more information visit: *******www.webtreepro****/
16 Aug 2011
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Divine Elemente (*******www.divine-project****) is a plugin for photoshop, that creates a ""non-existent bridge"" between Adobe Photoshop and WordPress (PSD to WordPress) This short 5-minute video covers the essential information about Divine Elemente and its work, including installation, new PSD template creation, theme publishing, etc. Anyone getting acquainted with Elemente should watch this video first.
3 Nov 2011
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