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The current dogma is that anthropogenic Global Warming is a fact, I disagree. The crusade led by Gore and his cronies is all about furthering their own careers and political agendas. Whats to gain? Power, controlling your 'carbon footprint', means controlling you, absolutely. Their fundamental assumption is that Earth's climate was stable and was doing just fine before the Industrial Revolution started interfering with climate's 'natural' state. But it is plain to see that both warming and cooling occurred numerous times before the Industrial Revolution. Similarly, all the dire predictions of global-warming consequences - sea-level rise, for example - have happened in the past. In fact, the greatest warming period was when dinosaurs walked the land (70-130 million years ago). There was then five to 10 times as much CO2 in the atmosphere as there is today, and the average temperature was 4-11 degrees Celsius warmer. There has never been a stable climate system. For another, the level of CO2 in our atmosphere is near its historic low. There is absolutely no concrete evidence to support the claim that our efforts are having any effect whatsoever. Their claims tap neatly into our own arrogance and hubris as a race that we could make an impact. The point I tried to make with this video to do your own research, find your own conclusions and don't be afraid to be a 'heretic' against this new religion.
27 Dec 2007
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Last show of the year so I thought I'd go out with something special! A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a software package called Remote Buddy which allows you to use your Apple Remote to do all sorts of clever things with your Intel Mac. Included in the package is a very clever piece of software which is basically a fully featured Ajax web server that allows you full control over iTunes from a browser. Add in an Airport Express to allow you to transmit your music from your Mac to a remote set of powered speakers or a HiFi over Wifi and you have an incredible system for creating multi room audio throughout the house. But it gets even better when you add in an iPhone or iPod Touch which allows you to access the Remote Buddy Ajax Web server and control your audio system via WiFi. Not just control the playback, but control the volume, search your iTunes library, select your Airport Express and even view the album art of the currently selected track on your iPhone. This weeks show covers all these elements in 20 minute including: ◦ Installing and Configuring the Airport Express ◦ Configuring iTunes ◦ Installing and Configuring Remote Buddy ◦ Using the Remote Buddy Ajax Web Server ◦ Controlling iTunes via your iPhone/iPod Touch
28 Dec 2007
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This is an easy way to control your mac computer with an ipod touch or iphone here is the download for the iphone remote program if you need any help with anything just comment your questions.
31 Jan 2008
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Take one of thos giant remote controls and add additional emitter IR diodes and get one powerful remote that goes the distance. This is a comparison of a stock single emitter to a modified 4 emitter inside a flashlight reflector mounted where the old emitter diode used to be. More to follow, as I have completed one now with a series of emitters across the entire edge of the front of the remote, and biased them for stronger output, how about controlling your TV/VCR/etc from the length of a football field?
24 Feb 2008
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controll your PC like Tom Cruise does :)
6 Mar 2008
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Kite Control Portugal is your premium kitesurfing school in Portugal. We specialize in private kitesurfing lessons, group kitesurfing lessons, and tandem kiteboarding experience right here in Portugal! We teach kitesurfing at our epic local spot near 'Obidos', in a flat water lagoon home to consistent winds and butter flat water. This is kitesurfing heaven. Teaching on the latest Ozone kites to make your kitesurfing dreams become a reality as quickly as possible. Kitesurfing can be the sport, the hobby, and the lifestyle change you've been looking for. Join us in the water for an awesome experience and we guarantee you'll never look back. This secret spot is home to world-class kiteboarding conditions and is only a short drive from Lisbon, where, after your kitesurfing lesson you can enjoy the evenings and soak up some local culture. Follow us:, and or visit our website at
Join *******www.playarabbit**** new community Playa Rabbit is building a empire of a fanbase where you control your profile right from his website
10 Mar 2008
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How to protect the computer by doing port scanning for open ports, spyware, trojans, worm and keyloggers that can damage the pc by letting a person to take control the pc remotely and may use sensitive information againts you....Open ports are ports that can be used to control your pc remotely and used by keyloggers installed to mail to the person mail Use this techniques wisely,,, for further informatio post the question on comments and i reply you back n plz view my other videos on ma channel
12 Apr 2008
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Be My Friend - *******www.myspace****/psychtruth Part 3 of dealing with sugar addictions. How to Beat Sugar Addiction Tips, Nutrition by Natalie You can improve your health, reduce sugar cravings, have more energy, lose weight, control your appetite & hunger. Improve your diet and wellness. RELATED VIDEOS Part 1 - Sugar Addiction ***********/watch?v=m-I_uhnwRa0 Part 2 - Sugar Addiction ***********/watch?v=ftvySdSg458 Soft Drink Challenge ***********/watch?v=D6eydcC18GU Truth about Sugar Part 1 & 2 ***********/watch?v=vYzeCoH1Gjs ***********/watch?v=PBBhcLw5im0 lease visit Natalie's website at *******www.nutritionbynatalie**** This video was produced by psychetruth ***********/psychetruth *******www.myspace****/psychtruth PsycheTruth is empowered by TubeMogul *******www.tubemogul**** © Copyright 2008 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved. This video may be displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited
2 Apr 2008
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1. Using free weights instead of machine – you have to control your body 2. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, don’t lock knees 3. Hold dumbbells down at your side 4. Raise lower arms keeping upper arms at side 5. Use bicep muscle, not momentum – both arms same speed
13 Sep 2008
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VARIED PROPHET HADITHS - PART-1 : MERCY IN ISLAM: Mohamed ordered not to imprison animals without food till death and a woman would enter hell 4 doing that with a cat and a man would enter paradise 4 giving water 2 a thirsty dog , Muslims with high morals will be beside the prophet on judgment day as nothing s heavier in your scale than good morals, a Muslim with good morals reaches the degree of the fasting and night prayer. Allah willnot mercify those who don't mercify others, the prophet used2 shake hands with children while walking in streets, the prophet says also that mercy beautifies matters while cruelty worsens them. Keep away from polytheism and harming people. the bankrupt r those who come on judgment day with great accepted deeds but they call others bad names,hit others, robbed others, ill spoke about others so all those will take from his good deeds till he has zero good deeds deeds and be thrown in hell. those who help in killing( even with half word ki-instead of kill-) without right will be desperate of Allah mercy on judgment day . Some of PROPHET MOHAMMED TEACHINGS(HADITHS): Reasons that lead 2 paradise: if u lose your son and be patient ,then Allah will build u a palace in the heaven. if u lose your eyesight and be patient, if u have 3 or more daughters and bring them up well, they will be a screen 4 u against hell. if u control your anger, Allah will marry u the virgin u wish on judgment day, praying alfagr and alasr(first and third prayers) guarantees paradise, saying allah i ask u4paradise and protection from hell 7 times after fagr and maghrib(first and fourth prayers)guarantee paradise if u died in the time between these prayers, only the clean will enter paradise,fagr (morning)mosque prayers r in Allah harbor , an easygoing person will not enter hell . what hinders from paradise : parents abuse, wine addicting, not joining your relatives, arrogance, slandering, being on bad terms with those u know 4 more than 3 days and if this continue 4 more than year, it s as if u shed his blood, polytheism and hypocrisy s minor polytheism and the first people 2 start hell r martyr, generous and scholar as their good deeds were 2 get reputation(hypocrisy) not 2 satisfy Allah . women r men brothers and those who honor then r generous but those who insult them r mean .Best people r those who treat their wives well like the prophet and satisfy people needs . Allah people r Quran readers. prophet says that the least people in heaven will have 10 as much as the whole universe or 15 as much as what a king owns or will be seated and asked what he wants and he will be given what he wishes and as much as it, people in heaven don't urinate or spit or excrete and their sweat s like musk . virgins in heaven don't get old or die or leave u or give birth or excrete or urinate and they sing sweetly.Mosque prayers r Allah guests and he will honor them, they r also Allah neighbors. when u don't guide others , Allah will not respond to your supplication and u r deprived of the virgins that r made mainly 4 those who spread Islam facts like aynaa(with wide eyes). in the paradise s a virgin called loaba(toy in english)on her chest s written those who wanna virgin like me should satisfy my lord . if u know what s in the darkness and morning prayers(final and first prayers),u will go 2 pray them in the mosque even by crawling and they r the heaviest prayers on the hypocrite.Allah will harbor and respond 2 those who harbor and satisfy the needs of others. those who feed humans or animals will be in heaven. prophet says also that what overtakes your heels from your clothes s in hell and Allah will not look at u while praying if your do this.
5 Sep 2009
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Here is a little diddy I'd like to sing for you. Sit back, relax, take the hand of a loved one, and try to controll your excitement as I dazzel you ears.
14 Apr 2008
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The Horse Racing Challenge is the first fully remote control horse racing game that allows you to control your horse and rider as it tears around the track, this allows you to jockey for position at the starting line or push another horse out of the way. Before getting started you'll need to build the racing track complete with rails, flags and distance markers, then it's time to 'have a punt on that one' using the betting mat and loads of fake cash. *******crazyaboutgadgets****/product/?Palm-Z-Micro-Plane
4 May 2008
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