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Yo ladies! What do you think of the DOA girls? Real women comment on the status of the gaming industry in regards to it's portrayal of women. Developers take note: there is no Jell-O in female anatomy.
13 Sep 2009
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16 Jul 2008
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1:14 is the Number One source of Bollywood video content online. It's your one-stop source for celebrity gossip, breaking entertainment news and more.
14 Sep 2008
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*******www.mrpaparazzi**** It has just been announced that Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have both been suspended by the BBC over their recent prank phone calls to Andrew Sachs. We'll bring you more on this ridiculous story as it develops.... The BBC have just released the following statement: “I would like to add my own personal and unreserved apology to Andrew Sachs, his family and to licence fee payers for the completely unacceptable broadcast on BBC Radio 2. BBC audiences accept that, in comedy performers attempt to push the line of taste. However, this is not a marginal case. It is clear from the views expressed by the public that this broadcast has caused severe offence and I share that view. Since Sunday, I have been in regular contact with the senior executives I tasked with handling this issue. The investigation that I instructed Tim Davie (director of BBC audio and music) to conduct is nearing completion, and I am returning to London to review the findings and, in the coming days, announce what action we will take. In the meantime, I have decided that it is not appropriate for either Russell Brand or Jonathan Ross to continue broadcasting on the BBC until I have seen the full report of the actions of all concerned. This gross lapse of taste by the performers and the production team has angered licence payers. I am determined that we satisfy them that any lessons will be learnt and appropriate action taken. I have been asked to report to the Trust's Editorial Standards Committee before the end of this week and will discuss with the Trust the findings of the report and the actions I propose.” Geeze Louise it looks like this ridiculous story is just going to keep snowballing!!
4 Nov 2009
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5 Dec 2008
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CBN News interviews Rick Tyler, of Renewing American Leadership, concerning America's faith heritage and the new Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C.
4 Dec 2008
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Amitabh Bachchan has sidelined a lot of costars in the past. He has been accused to have chopped of their roles. The list includes Shatrughan Sinha and Vinod Khanna.
8 Dec 2008
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We give you a sneak peek of the ugly argument between Sajid Khan and Ashutosh Gowarikar at the Star Screen Awards 2009.
21 Jan 2009
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Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty will be locking horns in the IPL with their teams.
27 Feb 2009
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The Body Like Carrie Prejean!!! *This video is owned by NBC!!!!! No coppyright intended!!!*
25 Apr 2009
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Katrina Kaif has cleared all the rumors regarding her breakup with Salman Khan saying that the rumors are baseless. This seems to have satisfied not only the media but also her over possessive boyfriend-Salman Khan. But this is not the way it ends in Sallu’s land. Yes, whoever takes ‘panga’ with him is shown his place and punished gravely! Sallu has decided that he will not rest until he finds that culprit behind these malicious rumors of Katrina having an affair with John Abraham! However, he will have to admit that it’s going to be a very difficult task since he isn’t left with a lot of friends in the industry. Anybody from his list from his enemies could be behind these rumors. Anyway, he won’t rest until he hunts the culprit down and makes him pay for his mistake.
8 Jun 2009
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The Church of Scientology is banned from posting on Wikipedia. It was taken to court for breaking Wikipedia's neutrality policy. Contributors found adherents of The Church removing or adding information to promote itself.
14 Jun 2009
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Imran Khan unveiled the new Hi Blitz magazine featuring him on the cover page. The 26-year-old teen heartthrob set hearts aflutter in distressed jeans, black Tee with ‘The City Is Mine’ emblazoned on it, and blue sports shoes. The magazine-cover shows him looking dapper formally dressed in grey suit, dress shirt and stylish glasses under the cover story "Imran Khan the Next Big Man." Surprisingly Imran Khan readily clarified some of the buzz surrounding him like Karan Johar has not yet approached him with a film featuring him Ranbir Kapoor. The two of them had earlier rejected similar offers because they were not good enough; trimming of Katrina Kaif's role short in Sanjay Gadhavi's ‘Seven Days in Paris’ has been blown out of proportion since Katrina has not yet been finalized for the film…take a look!
18 Jun 2009
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Remember the tamasha that Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan created at Katrina Kaif’s birthday last July in a Bandra restaurant? How could anybody forget the incident that threatened to split Bollywood down the middle with that other Khan, Aamir, doing his best and failing to patch up the prickly differences that cropped up and still exist between Sallu and SRK! Well, it’s birthday time again, and this year, the sensitive Katrina, who is under a lot of pressure already within and outside Bollywood, seems determined to make her party a happy, safe and stress-free occasion. The actress is taking off for a rare, full-family reunion in London this July to coincide with her birthday on the 19th. Katrina, while not admitting that the idea is to keep out Salman, has confirmed that she is planning a family holiday in July.
7 Aug 2009
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I am sad to hear about the news of megan wants a millionaire. My sympathy goes out to the family of jasmine fiore and herself
6 Sep 2009
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We get you an inside view of Ameesha Patel in a candid chat with Omar Qureshi.
16 Nov 2009
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