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KALE CONVEYOR LTD.CO., established in 1975, by passing the years transmission belt, tresher pulley belt, tire sheets with rubber based productions stages one by one, has been serving to you, our esteemed customers with nylon and polyester woven conveyor belt productions for 15 years.
29 Mar 2009
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Check out this Fanuc M-20ia R30iA on a custom built conveyor belt system made by RobotWorx! Find out more by check out *******www.robots****/specials.php?tag=102 or calling us at 740-383-8383.
16 Apr 2011
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To be correctly arranged, conveyor belts continually require to have their sides inside the thickness of the pulley face and throughout the limits of any other moving elements, like the returning rolls and the idlers. This should be examined although the belt is within a complete load condition.
15 Sep 2017
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the manufacturer of printing machine Luen Cheong Printing Equipment Group Limited Jin Xia Industrial District Chan an Town Dongguan City GuangDong Province China**** salescn-print**** infocn-print**** directorcn-print**** Function 1.Controlled by microprocessor,easy operation,running stably and accurately. 2.4-digit auto counter built-in. 3.Cast aluminum machine frame,low weight and high intensity,turnable machine head. 4.Separate adjustment of the pad up/down stroke speed. 5.Ink scraper is auto balance keeping in printing. 6.With the function of ink scraping nonstop without printing in order to prevent ink from drying. 7.Ink cup is turnable and adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction. 8.Super long slide stroke to print large size workpiece. 9.Speed of every single pneumatic organ is adjustable 1. Model NO:LC-SPM6-150/18T 2. printing Colors:6 3. Plate area:100*250mm 4. Sealed ink cup:¢90 mm 5. printing area:80*135 6. Conveying Stations jigs:18 7. Max printing speed:1500PCS/H 8. Power Supply:220V/ 50HZ 110V/60HZ 9. Air pressure:4-6pa 10. dimension:1300×1210×1420mm3 free fiting 1.6 pcs rubber pad 2.6 pcs assembly jigs 3.6 pcs steel pad plate
11 Aug 2010
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Jame and Adam test if an airplane can take off on a conveyor belt Part 1 of 2 Part two here
24 Feb 2008
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I saw this at Maker Faire 2008. John Park created a neat conveyor belt with an RFID reader under it. When you place one of the wooden tiles (with an RFID chip) stamped with the icon of a website or application on the moving belt, the reader sends the ID to a computer, which loads the corresponding website or application. John's how-to project will be in a future issue of MAKE magazine.
9 May 2008
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Knex Conveyor Belt
6 Oct 2008
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Automated Conveyor Belt/Bin Return: TSA Checkpoint Evolution
18 May 2009
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Printech Middle East is a complete solutions provider for the Printing and Packaging Industry in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region & India. Mosca strapping, Mosca strapping machines,Plate Mounting Machines, automatic stretch wrap machine, laser marking systems,conveyor belts,manufacturers,power transmission belts, shrink wrap film,automatic shrink wrap machine,Cryovac Shrink Films, VISION PACK shrink wrapping machines
18 Jun 2012
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Http://Www.Ssi-Schaefer.Com The new FT conveyor system by SSI Schaefer more than meets the requirements of the customer. Ergonomic lateral frames make working on the conveyor system easy on the operator. Inside there is enough space to accommodate several data lines, power cables and air supply. The rollers can be simply clipped on. This makes it easy to replace the rollers. The system is driven by belts that have proven there robustness in day to day operation in numerous industries and branches. New light sensors control the conveyor system. As they can be freely configured they can be used in a wide range of conveyor applications. Stopper elements are designed to stop immediate the conveyed item at any place along the line. Belt diverters move the conveyed items sideways. The modular design allows the individual support unit to be removed and reinstalled for maintenance and replaced it in a matter of minutes. The roller swift acts as a converter or distribution and merging unit within the conveyor. With a speed of up to 6000 totes per hour the system provides a maximum of efficiency.
6 May 2010
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www.asconveyors****** In-line inspection can be automated using conveyor mods. A light fixture is installed inside the conveyor and shines through a translucent belt. This provides contrast between product and conveyor belt for inspection vision systems.
27 Feb 2010
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*******www.rubber-steel-industrial-products****/catalog-online.htm - Industrial products catalog of conveyor belts,conveyor idlers,belt fastener,pulleys-vbelt-timing-conveyor,flat belt,couplings-spacer-tyre-gear-bush,flexible hoses,rubber sheeting,camlock,quick couplings,ball valves,needle valves
31 Jul 2010
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