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Check out the cool new trailer for Cooking Mama 2! Even better than Cooking Mama, Cookign Mama 2 has more recipes and a multiplayer mode so you can even cook with your friends! It’ out on the 15th February on DS.
6 Nov 2008
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13 Feb 2008
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Every time I seem to join some new program or new event on "how to make MORE money online", I seem to forget one major component of joining these ventures...and that is I need to find time to study, watch, listen or read the material. By joining Frank Kern's Mass Control, I find myself trying to make the time to watch the videos and study the material. For most of us, we don't have 2 hours per day to sit around and watch training videos. Most of us work during the day and trying to watch and understand videos at 11pm at night is not very productive. So now, I hunt down brainless daily tasks that I can integrate into my education time. Managing multiple businesses and a family takes a lot of time, but not I have found the perfect time to study: While cooking dinner! Yes, it seems silly, but since the task is so brainless I might as well take advantage of the quiet time. I now get one hour worth of video per day and it does not effect my current time management whatsoever. Your task: To find "brainless" time and use it as an excuse to multi-task (and get even MORE stuff done!)
9 Feb 2009
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With Valentine’s Day on a weekday this year, why not ditch the expensive reservations and cook up some romance with your significant other in the comfort of your home.
14 Feb 2008
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Just a little joke of a cooking video.
14 Feb 2008
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Destination cooking is the newest trend for holidaying families. More of us than ever are opting for self catering, mobile home or camping holidays so that we can fully immerse ourselves and our families in the local culture is through its cuisine. To launch the new site, www.destination-cooking******, renowned French chef Christian Lohez has created a series of ‘cookcasts’ - recipes which immerse you and the family deep into the local culinary culture offering you the opportunity to find, catch, make, bake and cook like the locals from your own holiday home. www.destination-cooking****** has a culinary adventure for everyone!
7 May 2008
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A cooking broadcast staring Paco Sanchez.
15 Feb 2008
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Learn how to cook a stirfry with Mike in this exciting episode. A special dessert awaits! #53 - Most Discussed (Today) - Howto & Style - Canada #37 - Top Rated (Today) - Howto & Style - Canada
21 Feb 2008
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In this special episode, Mike cooks pickles. And beer! p.s I drank the beer like a b***h, but it was by 3rd take (I forgot to turn on the camera for the first 2) so give me a break.
21 Feb 2008
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Cook with us as we make Bok Choy Stir Fry. Yum!
17 Aug 2008
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JOIN: *******www.AWSurveys****/HomeMain.cfm?RefID=kristylee Kristy Lee Cook "Photos"
28 Feb 2008
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27 Feb 2008
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Stuart gives a review of Harold McGee's 2004 revised edition of On Food and Cooking. Visit WannabeTVchef**** for more podcasts, articles, recipes, and all things Stuart.
1 Mar 2008
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This sexy captin took us down to the Keys where we caught and cooked a giant lobster. In the video we show the whole process: locating, cleaning, and cooking the lobster right off the edge of a sailboat. Hope you enjoy!
26 Mar 2008
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This episodes kicks off with a birthday party for Jen in the "Cooking with Rockstars" limousine. After the candles are blown out, Matt and Kim share tales about eating pasta & bananas, rice & beans, and Twizzlers & milk.
5 Mar 2008
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Rob Nokes, Supervising Sound Editor for the TV series BONES and Sound Effects Recordist for major motion pictures, records the sounds of daily life in the Cook Islands. www.Sounddogs**** (c) Sounddogs****, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
20 Mar 2008
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