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There are several programs that let you copy media from your iPod or iPhone...but DeTune is by far the most stable and easiest to use that we've encountered. Just connect your device and you'll be able to drag your media off to whatever folder you choose.
17 Nov 2012
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This video tells you two ways of copying music from your iPod to your Mac. One way allows you to copy all of the music, and one way allows you to copy selected songs.
12 Feb 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - The lead attorney for Sony BMG announced publically that copying music you legally purchased for your own use is illegal. The round table had a field day with this one.
11 Nov 2007
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- create/delete playlist - copy music to/from iPod Touch/iPhone/PC - copy movies from PC to iPhone - Photos, download/Upload pics to/from PC and iPhone Camera Roll - Calendar - Contacts, works, but there are language translating issues - Safari, bookmark management - Finder (Connect to your iPod Touch without ssh or even wifi) - Backup/Restore Want a free 8gb iphone, 16gb and 32gb ipod touch,8gb ipod nano, 160gb ipod classic,20inch cinema, 40gb Apple tv, $350 gift card and $350 cash! *******ipodtouched****/?p=70
17 Jan 2009
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Everything you need for a full Walkman® experience: included in the phone box you'll find software for copying music from CD to phone, a 128MB memory card and a stereo handsfree.Write emails, browse the Web - and do it to the sound of your music. Just keep your Walkman® player or FM Radio tuned in and turned on.Snap pictures with the VGA camera. Enjoy them on the ultra-bright colour screen - or share them with friends via MMS or email.
1 Jul 2008
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Complete Walkman® kit has Everything you need for a full Walkman® experience: software for copying music from CD to phone, a 128MB memory card and a stereo handsfree.Write emails, browse the Web - and do it to the sound of your music. Just keep your Walkman® player or FM Radio tuned in and turned on.Take pictures - and use them Snap pictures with the VGA camera. Enjoy them on the ultra-bright color screen - or share them with friends via MMS or email.
8 Aug 2008
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Here's a little slide show I put together along with a copy of the track which I ripped off one of her sites a while ago. I don't usually copy music but in this case I had to cause there was no other way that I could buy it! Hopefully later sometime! Anyway, yes this girl can rock out. And I'm definitly looking forward to what she has to offer now that she's backed by Capitol Records. Go Katy Go! www.myspace****/katyperry
28 Oct 2008
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Direct download link: ******* Browse and download other software for free here: *******freefulldownloadfiles.blogspot**** "The new Ashampoo Burning Studio will keep all the advantages of its predecessor and adds multi-disc file backup, an integrated audio CD ripper and further improved support for the exciting new Blu-Ray format with capacities of up to 25 gigabytes per layer. Ashampoo Burning Studio is the all-round tool for all CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc burning tasks. The main focus of this faster, more powerful premium version is even better authoring capabilities for building video and audio discs using the latest formats. HD and Full HD video are now fully supported for Blu-ray discs, and all the encoding is handled by Ashampoo Burning Studio. The new integrated editor creates DVD and Blu-ray video discs with automatically generated or self designed menus. Each menu page can use a different theme and background music. The new Autoplay Editor enables the user to build data discs with interactive, multi-page menus that start automatically. The menus for example include links to files or web pages. It is also possible to create auto-starting discs without menus. Audio files and audio CDs are played directly from within Ashampoo Burning Studio. This is very useful when building audio discs, in order to check tracks quickly without switching programs. The audio player has a graphical display with all the standard player controls Here are some key features of "Ashampoo Burning Studio [20% DISCOUNT]": · Burn files and folders to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray and add files and folders to existing discs · Multi-disc file backup and restore on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray with compression and password protection · Create VideoCDs and Super VideoCDs · Rip music from audio CDs to MP3, WMA and WAV files · Create audio CDs from WAV, MP3, FLAC, WMA and Ogg Vorbis files · Create MP3 or WMA CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs or just copy music to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray · Copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs · Create and burn disc images for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray · Quickly erase any rewritable media · Store disc images larger than 2GB on FAT32 file systems · Interactive troubleshooting assistant for solving hardware and media problems · Save project files so that you can burn the same discs again later " Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 10.0.4 free full download with crack
25 Aug 2010
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*******everyonecanmanage****/go/soundtaxi-professional Easily convert any music files to MP3, AAC (M4A), WMA or WAV formats. High speed. SoundTaxi is very easy to install and has a simple user interface. With just a few mouse clicks you can enjoy all your music on iPod, any other MP3 player, CD player, mobile phone or PC – without any restrictions. Benefits It realy works well. It has a nice interface and works fast too! The support from the vendor is excellent. This is a tool that you can use on a daily basis especially if you have a lot of music. Almost all mobile devices and MP3-player formats and consoles are supported. Disadvantages There are two disadvantages I could find. The first one is the lack of importing the iTunes library. This should be integrated. Also you can copy music to your iPhone or iPod, but you can’t view music on it or import it. You can check out the vendors site for a free trial here! *******everyonecanmanage****/go/soundtaxi-professional
11 Sep 2010
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Run an MP 3 player on your PC to copy music files from your computer to your MP 3 player or vise versa. In order to do this, you need to install the compatible software for the specific MP 3 player that you want to connect to your system. Call iYogi on 1-877-524-9644 and learn how to do so. iYogi warrants that the content in this video is provided on an "as is" basis with no express or implied warranties whatsoever. Any reference of any third party logos, brand names, trademarks, services marks, trade names, trade dress and copyrights shall not imply any affiliation to such third parties, unless expressly specified.
19 Mar 2011
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*******www.touchcopy****/ Transfer Music and Playlists from your iPod or iPhone to iTunes with ease.
4 Aug 2011
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For Windows 7 and Vista go to ***********/watch?v=yc-B2kxX3aU To see all of the steps for this tutorial typed out, go to *******jdonofrio92.hubpages****/_jdonofrio92/hub/IpodmusictocomputerXP This shows how to take music off your Ipod without downloading any extra software. Note: When you copy the music folders from your Ipod, to your computer, some of the folders that are created may be empty, depending on the amount of music you have. Does not work for Ipod Touch or Iphone ***STEP 8 CORRECTION*** In step 8, it says to copy the "music" folder. Do not do this, instead open up the folder where you will see files named f00, f01, f02 etc. copy these subfolders, not the music folder. I hav been finding that people who copy the music folder, instead of the subfolders, have been experiencing problems. Please copy the subfolders inside of the "music" folder. Thank you to all who helped me discover this, and no i do not know why this is the case. **STEP 8 CORRECTION VERSION 2** Also, this has been suggested by someone, and it may do the trick if the first correction doesn't. "all you have to do is look at the folder while under "my computer". right click on the folder titled "music", then click properties. Uncheck "Read only" and "hidden". now go to Itunes and add the folder to the library " If you do this, then follow step 8 as normal, copying the "music" folder. *If Ipod does not show up in Windows Explorer* -this may help ***********/kb/TS1369 -restart your computer -press the menu and center button to reset Ipod -make sure *view hidden files and folders* is checked! if your having problems getting music from computer to Itunes. -open up each subfolder, select all of music inside and trying manually dragging over into Itunes library
13 Sep 2011
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good song :) a lot of Vietnamese singers copy music from other countries:(
4 Nov 2008
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*******www.elizadoolittle**** Eliza's debut album 'Eliza Doolittle' is out now. Visit *******links.emi****/elizaLP to get your copy Music video by Eliza Doolittle performing Mr Medicine. (P) 2011 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd
6 Aug 2011
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A tribute to Decimal Brothers. The best youtubers ever:) *******youtube****/decimalbrothers Please stop telling me that it's terrible and all that. I don't really care. We made it when we were bored. We made this after watching The Last Popsicle by Decimal Brothers. We made it different though I think because we didn't want to seem like we were copying. Music from *******incompetech**** Thanks so Much to Decimal Brothers for Favoriting This :D
1 Nov 2011
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Nô Lệ Tình Yêu - Hồ Việt Trung No Le Tinh Yeu - Ho viet Trung Cuộc sống giống như một bài nhạc , có nốt trầm , nốt bổng ... một bài nhạc không như ta mong muốn thì hãy cảm nhận và đối diện với nó .!!! Chúc các bạn nghe nhac vui vẻ :)) No Le Tinh Yeu - Ho Viet Trung *******www.o.facebook****/VietMusicCollection ********twitter****/NhacVietNam Copy : Music Video [Nô Lệ Tình Yêu] Composer-Singer ::: Hồ Việt Trung Guest Starring ::: FC Hứa Minh Đạt Actress ::: Ribi Sachi Actor ::: Nguyên Đạt D.O.P ::: MR.TÔ Designer-Support ::: Phương Kế - Rô Kế Equipment-Editor ::: A Tô Film Group Video by A TÔ FILM GROUP Có lẽ ông trời cho mình quen biết nhau Có lẽ ông trời muốn ta phải yêu mến nhau Nếu muốn mai này em được hạnh phúc ấm êm Chỉ còn một cách em phải bằng lòng yêu anh. Cả trái đất này không ai hiểu em bằng anh Cả thế giới này không ai yêu em bằng anh Hãy cho cơ hội để anh được chăm sóc em Được ôm lấy em từng đêm. [ĐK:] Nguyện làm nô lệ cho em nguyện yêu em suốt cuộc đời Ân cần chăm sóc cho em từng giấc ngủ Ngày nào em cũng được vui ngày nào em cũng mỉm cười Vì bên em luôn có anh kề bên. Đừng nhìn xung quanh của em đừng nhìn bất cứ anh nào Xin hãy chú ý một mình anh thôi Vì người yêu em là anh một người chỉ biết chung tình Người có thể hy sinh tất cả vì em. NÔ LỆ TÌNH YÊU - HỒ VIỆT TRUNG NO LE TINH YEU - HO VIET TRUNG
12 Jun 2013
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