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Once corn becomes crushed down into corn starch. It also becomes a safer fuel to breath fire with.
14 Dec 2010
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The Corning Cable Systems Industrial Environmental Distribution Center (EDC) is designed for storage and protection of fiber optic connections and splices in indoor and outdoor environments. Ideal for industrial, marine, security or traffic control applications, the EDC incorporates features that accommodate the changing requirements and growing needs of fiber optic networks.
1 Feb 2011
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Delicious, fresh and healthy palak corn soup from Alka's kitchen. For more details visit *******www.edewcate****/ChannelInner....
16 Feb 2011
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*******www.healingpowerhour**** Learn the truth about the harmful effects of high fructose corn syrup. See the list of foods that contain high fructose corn syrup and get the REAL FACTS! You can learn how to avoid high fructose corn syrup by going to our website. *******www.celestialhealing****/healthintro..htm
1 Mar 2011
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Corporate Social Responsibility News: Marriott Named Leading Sustainable Hotel Chain by Climate Counts; Dow Corning Silicone Tech Featured at Green Building Asia Conference. Watch this and other CSR Minute podcasts: *******3blmedia****/3bltv.
3 Mar 2011
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This video is basically about how most of what we eat and use is just a rearrangement of corn. Inspired... or uninspired, by Food, Inc.
15 Apr 2011
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******* Candy Corn Witch Halloween Costume
17 May 2011
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WIN a Riverford Cook Book by entering the competition here: *******www.riverford******/pages/cookbook/ Ingredients: ½ teaspoon cumin seeds 1 large onion 1 clove garlic 4 corn cobs 50ml olive oil 6 sprigs thyme 150ml dry white wine 250ml chicken stock Salt & pepper Heat the oil in a heavy bottom pan over a medium flame. Add the onions and cook until they begin to caramelize. Toss in your corn kernels, cumin, garlic and thyme. Keep over a moderate heat until the corn kernels begin to blacken and catch. Pour in the wine and stock and use them to scrape off any tasty black bits that have stuck to the pan. Turn the heat down to a gentle simmer and leave for 20-30 mins until the corn is soft and tender. Take the pan off the hob and leave to cool for a minute or so. Take the thyme sprigs and one tblspn of the corn. Blend the rest of the corn or force it through a sieve. Once smooth add the saved corn for texture, season to your taste and serve. Enjoy.
21 Jun 2011
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Corns Treatment - Podiatrist in Chandler, Sun Lakes and Phoenix, AZ Dr Alan Discont discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for corns. *******www.chandlerfootandanklecare**** Corns are calluses that form on the toes because the bones push up against the shoe and put pressure on the skin. The surface layer of the skin thickens and builds up, irritating the tissues underneath. Hard corns are usually located on the top of the toe or on the side of the small toe. Soft corns resemble open sores and develop between the toes as they rub against each other. Improperly fitting shoes area leading cause of corns. Toe deformities, such as hammertoe or claw toe, also can lead to corns. In a visit to our office, your corns can be shaved with a scalpel. Self care includes soaking your feet regularly and using a pumice stone or callus file to soften and reduce the size of the corn. Special over-the-counter non-medicated donut-shaped foam pads also can help relieve the pressure. Visit our website: *******www.chandlerfootandanklecare****
30 Aug 2011
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LAWTON Okla. (August 20 2011) -- Brandon Corn left little doubt about his first career American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) sprint car feature win by wiring the field in Saturday night's 25-lap American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region main event at Lawton Speedway. The Gause TX shoe gunned into the lead from the pole position and led all the way atop the high-banked ¼-mile red clay oval for his first taste of ASCS victory lane glory in front of Danny Wood Kevin Ramey Andy Shouse and Matt Covington.
30 Aug 2011
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BY KERRY LEARY ANCHOR ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO You’re watching multi source video news analysis from Newsy. We all enjoy fall activities- apple picking, carving pumpkins- and getting lost in the local corn maze. But for one family, the getting-lost part of the corn maze adventure left them in a panic on Monday. WHDH has more. “An afternoon of fun turns into a frantic call for help.” “I’m really scared, it’s really dark and we have a three-week old baby with us.” “Just relax.” “A young family- mazed and confused.” “This fall fun outing did turn into a nightmare for a mother and father in Danvers. They went to a local corn maze with their two children. They ended up calling for emergency help when they couldn’t find their way out.” The husband and wife stayed on the phone with the dispatcher until they were found in the corn maze- about 25 feet from the street. BostInnovation shares their opinion about the story. “The big question of the story, though – why would you go into a corn maze if you didn’t want to get lost? Where you there to simply to hang the corn stalks, scarecrow style?” So, what do you do when lost in a corn maze? WFXT offered a solution that doesn’t have to do with calling 9-1-1. “In a way I’m glad that they didn’t do this-but you have an ultimate out here. It’s corn, not concrete- you can sort of step through it and get out if you were really, really scared. It shocks me that this is what they did.” “Well maybe they were thinking of the Shining, and they just got a little panicked, you know.” K-9 police units located the distraught family a little under eight minutes after the call was made, and led them out safely. A Field And Stream blogger wonders if this doesn’t say something about the U.S. as a whole. “Who says the average American has lost that trail-blazing, pioneering spirit of rugged individualism and self-reliance that made this country great?” The owner of the seven-acre corn maze- complete with a design of a headless horseman- spoke with ABC. He said the farm staff stays at the maze nightly until all visitors have found their way out. “We designed the maze for people to get lost but it’s all about family fun and it’s unfortunate that the family got stuck. That’s not our goal. We want a positive experience for all.” After the family’s aMAZEing escape, the owner of the farm offered the family free tickets to the maze. Who knows- maybe they’ll be back again soon. Transcript by Newsy.
15 Oct 2011
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Corn can be cooked with or without its husk, but the silks should be removed. Cooking in the husks intensifies flavour. Suitable cooking methods include boiling, steaming, dry heat, and microwaving.Visit for more hints and tips on www.kitchngirl****
30 Nov 2011
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