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Corn Dogs sick urban ninja SKILLZ!
21 Feb 2008
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Food on sticks, giant hogs, butter statues, and more! It's the Iowa State Fair, gnooze-style! Marta Costello hosts the gnooze (the g is silent)- today's top stories in about 3 minutes. Bloopers, t shirts and more at *******gnooze**** ! Special Thanks to Lettuce for the t-shirt/logo design - *******www.lettuceoffice****
24 Aug 2008
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Hilah breaks out the FryDaddy Jr. and shows how to make homemade corndogs! For more recipes, check out *******hilahcooking****
23 Feb 2010
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On November 5th, 2010 The Frozen Food Master broadcasted live for 24 hours non-stop. Each hour a new co-host joined him and brought a frozen item to review. This video is from the second hour of the 24-Hour Freezerburns Movember-Thon and features Co-Host Wayne Sutton.Wayne brought frozen corn dogs from Foster Farms and we popped them in the microwave to see how they tasted.
22 May 2013
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Why are you still sitting on grocery store corn dogs? Watch this episode and maybe your life will be a little better. Order the cooking arsenal and follow along every week with new recipes: *******smart.epicmealtime**** Get the cookbook: *******shop.epicmealtime****
23 Jun 2013
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Why are you still sitting on grocery store corn dogs? Watch this episode and maybe your life will be a little better. Order the cooking arsenal and follow along every week with new recipes: *******smart.epicmealtime**** Get the cookbook: *******shop.epicmealtime****
16 Apr 2014
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Go to *******omaze****/epic for a chance to cook with Epic Meal Time and Arnold Schwarzenegger! Lemme Kno is going to teach you to make Bacon Corn Dog Cupcakes, a tasty treat for your Saturday afternoon. LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new recipes each week We slashed the price on the cooking arsenal! Click this link to order one: *******shop.epicmealtime**** And order the NEW COOKBOOK from any of these links: Amazon: ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/147674601X?tag=simonsayscom B&N: *******www.barnesandnoble****/w/epic-meal-time-harley-morenstein/1116055728?ean=9781476746012&itm=1&usri=9781476746012&cm_mmc=AFFILIATES-_-Linkshare-_-PwUJvmDcu1U-_-10:1&r=1,%201 BAM: *******www.booksamillion****/ncom/books?isbn=147674601X iBooks: ************/us/book/epic-meal-time/id673578486?mt=11 Make sure to watch Epic Gaming Time ***********/originalgamershow Bacon Corn Dog Cupcakes - Handle It
16 Apr 2014
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The Bakersfield Californian presents the third annual fair food eating contest. See who can scarf the most junk food at the fair.
21 Nov 2007
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TV commercial I directed for Wienerschnitzel.
7 Mar 2010
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Where you at Caesar, you salad eating fascist? We made a coliseum out of ribs, burgers, dogs and mac & cheese, and all you got was a bowl of vegetables named after you. Prepare for battle hater scum!
30 Sep 2012
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Everywhere you go millions of Americans greet each other with one of the most widely used phrases around - "What's Up Dog!" Randy Jackson on American Idol can be counted on to greet all the contestants with a "What's Up Dog!" Our vision became a reality when four long time friends, with a love for hot dogs, set out to open our very own gourmet grilled hot dog store in March of 2003 - and what better name to use than "What's Up Dog!" In our search to ensure that we offer only the best frankfurters and sausages, we visited hundreds of hot dog stores from LA to NYC. After many months of research and added pounds, we came up wtih a menu that includes our signature "What's Up Dog!" (NY style frankfurter), as well as ten gourment sausages from the finest sausage makers in the US. That's not all! We also wanted to bring back some old carnival favorites like the corn dog (made to order), chili/cheese nachos or fries, french fries, garlic fries (made from scratch with our very own recipe.) We pride ourselves on our fast and courteous service, so please join us at one of our SF locations and feel free to shout out "What's Up Dog!" as you drive or walk by one of our stores.
28 Apr 2009
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Vadim: I'm starving! What did you make me for dinner? Kai: Excuse me? Vadim: I hope you didn't forget that it's your turn to cook dinner. Kai: Oh yeah......well, I'll just whip something up real quick, then..... Vadim: Uggh. I hope you're not just going to fry some corn dogs again..... Kai: I like corn dogs. What's the problem? Vadim: The problem is that I always make decent, healthy foods when it's my turn to cook. When it's your turn to cook, you just slack off and make something plain and unhealthy. Kai: Oh, I didn't realize that you were training to become an Olympian. Vadim: Enough with the sarcasm! Just let me know when dinner is ready. (5 Minutes Later) Kai: Vadim! Supper is ready! Vadim: Already? Wow, that was fast! Umm.....what is that? Kai: Potatoes. Vadim: Where's the rest of the meal? Kai: Well, I wanted to make sure you had a healthy meal, so this is what you get. Vadim: Don't be a smart alec. Kai: Enjoy your meal! And don't forget to wash the dishes when you're done. Don't forget the cook doesn't clean!
2 Nov 2011
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Hilah gets pork-drunk from eating too many corn dogs and decides to experiment with the left over batter. The result: Hushpuppies! For more great recipes, check out *******hilahcooking****.
26 Feb 2010
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Australian independent filmmaker Rick Mereki traveled with two buddies for 44 days through 11 countries. In all, the gang logged 38,000 miles on 18 flights. In the video called "Move," actor Andrew Lees walks across the world through the magic of stop motion. I am obsessed with this video. The video "Eat" takes you around the world one bite at a time. It's like an international potluck where Lees eats everything from Spanish paella to American corn dogs. The last video, "Learn," might be the most heart-wrenching. Lees learns crafts, dances, martial arts, and cooking from Brazilian Capoera to Italian glass. The videos, which were commissioned by STA Travel Australia.
6 Aug 2011
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In this exclusive clip from the hockey comedy, Seann William Scott proves his mettle in between bites of a corn dog during a rowdy hockey game. Goon stars Seann William Scott as a discontent with his job as a bouncer at a local Beantown bar and a bit of an embarrassment to his accomplished family, Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) dreams of the kind of success enjoyed by minor league hockey goon Ross Rhea (Liev Schreiber). When a chance encounter with an on-ice thug leads to a bloody fist fight that Doug easily wins, the coach of the Halifax Highlanders sees potential in this mammoth sized man who is only hampered by his lack of any hockey playing ability and his brother’s old figure skates. Standing up to the taunts of the other players, Doug manages to join the team, and with the encouragement of his hockey obsessed best friend (Jay Baruchel) quickly becomes a rising star. Soon he’ll have the opportunity to face off against Ross "The Boss" Rhea and perhaps finally land a girlfriend. Now - all he needs is to learn how to skate. Goon is in theaters March 30th & on VOD from Magnet Releasing February 24th.
24 Feb 2012
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*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/xeneplex.html The specific diet treatment tips we found helpful were: * We kept a food diary to see which foods made him feel better or worse. Trigger foods seemed to be: o Hot dogs, bacon, lunch meat anything with nitrites. I also kept from giving him too many foods with naturally occurring nitrites, though based on his diet diary these didn't seem to be a problem. But I didn't want to take any chances. I always buy nitrite free meats at home, but initially I didn't think the limited exposure to nitrites my son got from school lunches and occasional restaurant meals would be significant. Was I ever wrong on that front. Cutting out the cafeteria lunches and nitrite cured food at restaurants made a significant improvement in my son's health. o Birthday cake - we think it was the dye in the frostings that made him sick. The preservatives and high levels of sugar probably didn't help either. o For some reason chocolate doughnuts really made him worse. * My son seemed to have the least problems with MCS when his pH was within a normal range. * I made most meals from scratch when possible. I bought a rotisserie to cook up organic meat ahead of time for him to take in his lunch to avoid the nitrites in processed lunch meat. I also bought a rice cooker to make up big batches of organic rice. * I started making my son's lunch each day, packing it with whole, preservative and dye free foods from home instead of letting him eat at school. It is ironic that school lunches often consists of high fat, high sugar, nutrient poor processed foods laden with preservatives, considering the number of links that have been established between poor diet and behavior problems at school. One of the frequent meals at my son's school is corn dogs, a food loaded with fat, salt and nitrites. *******www.balancedhealthtoday****/products.html
15 Nov 2012
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