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Percurso em Stand Up Paddle na Costa Nova, Aveiro
31 Aug 2017
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Le 13 janvier 2012, sous le commandement de Francesco Schettino et à proximité de l’île du Giglio en Italie, le paquebot de croisière Costa Concordia fait naufrage. Ce dernier, qui faisait opérer au bateau une « révérence », s’approche trop près des côtes : une manœuvre qui consiste à raser les côtes pour saluer les habitants. Le bâtiment naval se couche sur le flanc ; l’accident fait 32 morts…
9 Sep 2017
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Business name: Punta Gabriela   Business address: Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica Business phone: 954-931-0940 Business e-mail: jmaurer (at) rselighting. com Business owner: Jesse Maurer www. puntagabriela. com/ Description: Punta Gabriela is for the affluent vacationer who enjoys the better things in life. No other resort boasts the level of privacy, scenery, and accommodations. Nestled snugly along the shoreline jungle of Dominical, Costa Rica, Punta Gabriela is a lavish resort with 3 luxury villas and 1 Penthouse suite with private hot tub, Villa 1 also has a private infinity pool and Jacuzzi. We also feature a main pool and Jacuzzi, a recreation room with a full bar, as well as a wine cellar and commercial kitchen for cooking or catering. These and many more features make Punta Gabriela a unique and ideal getaway destination that offers zero risks of overcrowding. Payment Method: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Cash, Check Hours Open: 24/7
27 Aug 2017
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Straight from the source! One of our students shares his experience studying Spanish in CRLA. Get in touch with us and discover how many students learned Spanish in Costa Rica through our custom-made Spanish immersion programs. You can find many reviews and testimonials from our satisfied customers where they explain their joyful experience, fun activities and cultural interact while learning a beautiful language such as Spanish.
8 Sep 2017
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Recetas de postres fáciles de preparar y rápidos de hacer. Postres de frutas, Queques de cumpleaños, galletas, cupcakes, trufas y brownies hechos con Numar.
11 Sep 2017
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7 Sep 2017
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JC Tile Costa Mesa, CA, 92627 (949) 554-5018 Whether you're rehabbing a whole house or just remodeling a single room, choosing the right type and style of flooring is imperative. JC Tile has every type of flooring that you need to help create interior spaces that you'll love. From ceramic, porcelain, marble, and stone to tile and wood, we'll work with you to find the best type of flooring for your project Tile Service, Tile Repair, Flooring Contractor, Floor Tile, Tile Expert, Tile Specialist, Costa Mesa, CA;Westside Costa Mesa Costa Mesa, CA;East Side Costa Mesa Costa Mesa, CA;Mesa Del Mar Costa Mesa, CA;Halecrest Costa Mesa, CA; Tile Contractor, Tile Installation Contractor, Residential Tile Repair, Tile Floor Installation, Tile Installation
8 Sep 2017
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Un metodo classico che non tramonta mai! Vincere alla roulette online con minimo impegno e con costanza. Questa sessione di gioco è stata fatta sul casinò William Hill l'11/08/2017 ed in soli 15 minuti ci ha consentito di portare la cassa di partenza di 150 euro a 200 con un guadagno netto di 50 euro. Il metodo costa solo 20 euro ed è costituito da un fascicolo in PDf che contiene le indicazioni per il gioco, i trucchi ed una montante per le puntate. Gli interessati possono richiedere il metodo un commento con il loro recapito. Tutti i contenuti di questo video sono liberi da royalties. Musica di Nathan O. Wills. A classic method that never fails! Win at online roulette with minimal effort and consistency. This session was made on William Hill Casino on August 11, 2017 and in just 15 minutes allowed us to bring the starting cashbox of 150 euros to 200 with a net gain of 50 euros. The method costs only 20 euros and consists of a PDf file that contains directions for the game, tricks, and a stack stand. Interested parties may request the method writing a comment leaving their contact. All contents in this video are royalties free. Free royalties music by Nathan O. Wills.
15 Sep 2017
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Charter in Costa Rica of First mate going rounds withs one tough fish.
25 May 2006
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Video promocional del servidor de NWN, LA COSTA DE LA ESPADA
28 Nov 2006
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Solid promo film of a Liquid Skills trip in Costa Rica. From awsome whitewater kayaking, sailing and surfing to canopy tours, animals and beautiful sights, this film is full of cool stuff.
24 Dec 2006
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Barbaraâs Costa Rican co-host, Janine â the founder of the âKids Saving the Rainforestâ (KSTR) foundation âneeds help with a reforestation project and issues Barbara a challenge: to plant a target number of trees in one hour. Barb accepts, but wants to learn more about the rainforest first. Janine is just the one to teach her: KSTR raises money to help protect the forest and its endangered animals. She takes Barb canopying through the trees, for a âheightenedâ knowledge of the forest. Back at the KSTR offices, Janine and Barb tour the Artisan/Gallery Shop, where all the proceeds from the sale of local artwork go toward saving the rainforest. In the KSTR garden, Janine teaches Barb how to plant young saplings, to get a feel for what she will be doing after lunch. The girls head to town, where they meet a group of surfers on the beach and check out the local scene. They eat in a traditional Costa Rican restaurant, have gelato for dessert and talk over cold drinks with some of Janineâs friends. Before they start tree planting, Janine and Barbara go canyoning and explore one of Costa Ricaâs incredible active volcanoes, Arenal. The two girls then gear up and begin their challenge. After one hour, Barbara has reached her quota! The girls celebrate at a wild Costa Rican party, complete with dancing, costumes, food and music. Barb is having the time of her life in the tropics!
28 Jan 2007
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