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Bella & Edward tribute to the song She by Elvis Costello... I not it's not what you might have done, but listen to the song and you'll see it fits them perfectly! COMMENT! She May be the face I can't forget The trace of pleasure or regret May be my treasure or the price I have to pay She May be the song that summer sings May be the chill that autumn brings May be a hundred different things Within the measure of a day She May be the beauty or the beast May be the famine or the feast May turn each day into a heaven or a hell She may be the mirror of my dreams The smile reflected in a stream She may not be what she may seem Inside her shell She Who always seems so happy in a crowd Whose eyes can be so private and so proud No one's allowed to see them when they cry She May be the love that cannot hope to last May come to me from shadows of the past That I'll remember till the day I die She May be the reason I survive The why and wherefore I'm alive The one I'll care for through the rough in ready years Me I'll take her laughter and her tears And make them all my souvenirs For where she goes I've got to be The meaning of my life is She She, oh she
14 Apr 2009
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*******www.rubypaul**** - Singer Harpist & entertainer *******www.myspace****/rubypaulagain *******www.rubypaul.vox**** Ruby Paul acoustic cover of Elvis Costello/ Trijntje Oosterhuis I'll Never Fall In love again By Burt Beacharach. Available Now Worldwide on Itunes, Amazon, Napster, spotify, Play****, Tesco Digital, HMV
18 Jun 2009
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Benefit song from the season finale of 30 Rock. Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Mary J. Blige, Adam Levine, Rachael Yamagata, Rhett Miller, Moby, Norah Jones, Sarah Bareilles, Cindy Lauper and others.
26 Sep 2009
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*******www.sennheisersoundtour****/facebook) The girls & guys teams were at Summerfest in Milwaukee – 11 days, 11 stages, 700 bands!! Bon Jovi, Matthew Sweet, Kid Rock, The Veronicas, Jet, Elvis Costello, Kenny Chesney, The Roots and lots of others. *******www.sennheisersoundtour****/facebook)
1 Aug 2009
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QG Asking the Question Why Do You Do What You Do? Designer Michael Costello and his muse Model Suewana Perry both answer at FGILA Red Carpet-"Meet the Designer & the Muse"-March 17, 2010 Standard Downtown L.A.
20 Mar 2010
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Here's a sneak peek of our brand new Tom Thumb video, soon-to-be-released and enhanced with touchscreen technology in an animated story app! With the Tom Thumb app, you and your family will be able to read along, play along, and record your voice at home or on the road. Coming soon to ruckusmediagroup****. No bigger than his father's thumb, the tiny folk hero Tom Thumb is on a larger-than-life adventure as he seeks to become a Knight of the Round Table in the land of King Arthur. Illustrated by Tim Gabor Narration by John Cleese Music by Elvis Costello
24 Sep 2010
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Boris Potskov Sings "She" by Elvis Costello
26 Sep 2010
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Espressode 4: "Plus One" Vincenzo is the odd man out as no one's "plus one." Written by Michael Arturo. Featuring Manuel Bermudez and Michael Arturo. Assistant Director Mark Coger. Producer Norma Vega. Abbott & Costello courtesy of the Colgate Comedy Hour circa 1952 (public domain).
24 Mar 2011
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"Waking up is good in a coma of your creation". Directed by Gary Gannon.
20 Dec 2006
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Check out "A Tribute to Joni Mitchell," out now on Nonesuch.
13 May 2007
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Host Jessie Cantrell brings you the all the news that's fit for the web including Old Time Radiio archives, a world without humans, and perhaps the coolest new music website around. That and more on BLACK20 NEWS! To view more daily content, visit Black20****
7 Sep 2007
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12 Nov 2007
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13 Jan 2008
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4/3: NBC orders more Office; Sundance Channel announce new series
3 Apr 2008
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Wenn sich im Theater Rolle und Privates vermischen, kommt es meist zu Komplikationen. In Cole Porters »Kiss me, Kate« enden diese zwar nicht so tödlich wie in Leoncavallos Bajazzo, doch durchaus schmerzhaft: Immerhin kann Lilli, die Kate des Stücks im Stück, ihre Rolle wegen der Blessuren, die sie sich in einer mit privatem Eifer angereicherten Bühnenprügelei zugezogen hat, nicht so spielen wie geplant. Diese und ähnliche Katastrophen gilt es zu meistern. Dazu kommen einige der schönsten Theaterklischees: Vom promisken Ensemble über Spiel- und Trunksucht bis hin zur Verwicklung in Ganovengeschäfte ist alles dabei. In der Musik des 20. Jahrhunderts, das sich auch im Bereich der Kultur durchaus als »amerikanisches Jahrhundert« bezeichnen lässt, finden sich zwei originäre amerikanische Neuerungen: der »popular song« und – mit ihm verwandt – das Genre Musical. Keine andere Form des Musiktheaters hat sich in vergleichbarer Weise in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten durchgesetzt und auch, oder: vor allem, ökonomische Erfolge gefeiert. Cole Porters 1948 uraufgeführtes Musical »Kiss me, Kate« geriet nicht nur zu einem der größten Broadway-Erfolge aller Zeiten, sondern auch zu einem der grundlegenden Stücke des Genres – und es enthält mit Wunderbar oder Too darn hot einige der bekanntesten Porter-Songs überhaupt. Dass es unter der vermeintlich glatten Oberfläche des Unterhaltsamen durchaus verborgene Tiefen und Fährnisse gibt, wird Barrie Kosky beweisen – nicht ohne die temporeichen Seiten der Backstage Comedy voll auszukosten.
4 Jun 2008
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1:03 god
3 Oct 2008
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