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Is Couch Surfing A Good Way To Save Money While On A Road Trip?!?! on travelwishtv****
1 Jul 2008
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toys and couch surfing bails and more
29 Sep 2009
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*******CouchSurfingOri**** In 1 year, by following Couch Surfing Ori's marketing advice, and using his graphics, Xyayx Multimedia & Recording doubled their capacity, and doubled their profits.
13 Oct 2009
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Dont Try This At Home!
27 Apr 2008
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San Diego Couch Surfer demonstrating his skate boarding skills.
28 Apr 2008
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William learns how to surf in Lennox Head, Australia.
5 Apr 2009
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Three Jackasses surf a couch in the Nevada desert.
13 May 2009
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*******CouchSurfingOri**** Craig & Suzanne spent 6 weeks traveling with me- from Austin to New Mexico, to Burning Man, to Yosemite. Worked on their relationship, business, and adventure.
25 Oct 2009
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Nerd Stalker interview with the founder of travel startup Napstay. With more space, amenities, privacy & savings up to 50% compared to hotels - Napstay is a better way to travel. Distributed by Tubemogul.
3 Apr 2010
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Olive is at it again, and this time she's annoying Kevin and Ashley. I wish they'd just let her be. -Doug
22 Apr 2010
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*******mix.jetsetshow**** - MIX - the jetset community!, veronica belmont, mahalo, kung fu challenge MIX discussion, kung fu moves by youtubers goofygirl7rockz, dreamer23245, tactical360, thanks again to our sponsor war starring jet li and jason statham, dance with vader, megabus, the couch surfing project, tripup, couchswap facebook app, peel, nike mcfly commercial, mcfly 2015 petition, flash game challenge: mario world - post your high scores on MIX, don't stop (thanks, steve!)
28 Aug 2007
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There was so much noise on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue Bridge I didn’t notice Reggie was asleep. I felt bad. I should have remembered when I was homeless. Sleep came when I felt safe, or when I was so exhausted I collapsed. Rarely did sleep happen at night. Rarely did I rest away from people where I would be alone and vulnerable. The night before Reggie slept on a friends couch. More and more people including families are ‘couch surfing’ as an alternative to literally being on the streets. Just like the growing number in weekly rate hotels our government does not count this as being ‘homeless’. Reggie is lucky his friend is only charging $5 a night. As the economy gets worse I’m hearing more stories of people taking advantage of even their own relatives. // more stories ******* // follow *******twitter****/hardlynormal
19 Jan 2010
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Adventures of Za Street Busking European Tour Day 1 Trip I’ve always been a dreamer, but in 2010 at the age of 40, I found myself still not having followed my dreams. Long have I wanted to travel the world and go on tour, and one obstacle after another has seemed to arise along the way, always foiling me at the perfect moment. Finally, I decided that I wasn’t going to let anything stop me anymore, and I began plotting. I started by venturing into the streets with my acoustic guitar and amplifier. After good response, it became clear I should have an album that represented the music I was making, and so I went into the studio and recorded “cusp”. After releasing the album, it was time to get it out there. When I discovered Couch Surfing org, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place, and I declared my intentions for a summer of playing music across Europe! I had already planned to record myself to release an album when I got back, but then the idea for making a movie arose and the theme of Dreams emerged. I’m excited to see what roads this quest will lead to and to share my journey with other dreamers. When not following my musical or film dreams, I am also an artist and a budding writer. You can find out more about me at my personal website…
3 Aug 2011
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I WON'T HAVE TO COUCH-SURF ANYMORE, DUE TO THE DILIGENCE OF THIS COMPANY!!! 5 Star Review for Rapid Realty Riverdale, Bronx: Worked FAST (Rapidly, ha-ha) to find me an apartment by jenntile at Citysearch Last week, my world almost stopped spinning when my neighbor - my direct neighbor - had a fire in his apartment. Nobody knew how it happened, but my apartment became basically unlivable pretty much overnight. All of my stuff was ruined, too, which is beside the point, but I will say this: People, GET RENTER'S INSURANCE. BEST DEAL IN TOWN!!! 5 Star Review for Rapid Realty Riverdale, Bronx: Best Deal in town by icito at Citysearch
26 Nov 2011
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In this video, I review the wireless keypad for the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) console. This wireless keypad attaches to the PS3 Six Axis controller and is available for sale today for $49.99 USD. The device has a USB connector at the top which is used to charge it. It has its own battery which isn't replaceable much like the Six Axis controller. Thankfully, it has it's own power switch to turn the keypad on and off manually. It has buttons for the Select, Start, and Playstations buttons which work with your existing controller. Along the top of the device are two meta buttons, one blue, and one orange. To type the orange and blue keys on the keypad, one would have to use the each respective meta key. Shift is not used for these characters and is only used for capitalization. As for comfort, I couldn't type very well until I figured out that I needed to slide my thumbs up from the normal position. Once I did that, I was able to type fairly easily. A great feature of the wireless pad which I have not seen before, is that the entire keypad acts as a trackpad! To turn this on, there's a toggle button along the bottom which looks like a finger. The sensitivity of the trackpad is not great (given it's design, it's understandable), but it is usable for couch surfing and basic tasks. Also along the bottom are two more keys: A message box button and a friends list shortcut. If you have a PS3, and send messages to your friends, this is a good investment. It's also good for Playstation Home usage and also if you use the web browser on the PS3. The touchpad feature is new and innovative and I applaud Sony for doing something this cool. Again, this keypad is $49.99 USD at your local store or online. Take care!
31 Jul 2009
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This is one of the videos from today's couch surfing episode on TheStation. To see today's full episode, with all three videos, go to: ***********/watch?v=sp0IxI_Ct4o SUBSCRIBE for more videos from "The Station". TheStation ***********/TheStation CONNECT WITH US: TWITTER *******www.twitter****/tweetthestation FACEBOOK *******www.facebook****/pages/The-Station/236878540353?ref=ts MYSPACE *******www.myspace****/officialstation Music: Kevin MacLeod *******www.incompetech**** The Cast RYAN HIGA ***********/nigahiga SHANEDAWSONTV ***********/shanedawsontv The Crew MICHAEL GALLAGHER (Director) *******www.totallysketch**** ***********/totallysketch fred shane youtube dawson shakira
22 Nov 2011
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