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This video provides a great network marketing tip that could really give you some big growth in your MLM business --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
12 Sep 2007
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learn this useful survival trick that one day could save your life!
25 Sep 2007
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Learn the 5 deadly sins that could destroy your accident claim. Gerry Oginski, an experienced Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Lawyer practicing law in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, New York, Staten Island, Nassau & Suffolk explains.
1 Nov 2007
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testing a 45gallon oil drum with some explosive material. definately could decapitate a person.
19 Nov 2007
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Using Bible Code software in the King James Bible, we look at whether a giant magnitude 8 earthquake could soon shake Northern or Southern California on the San Andreas Fault, causing damage to Los Angeles or San Francisco. From Revelation13****.
4 Dec 2007
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5 Dec 2007
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My Mother said I could!!!
13 Dec 2007
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How it could be truth? 4 the same pieces, 2 the same triangles, but what about the small square hole?
10 Jan 2008
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This could save your life and the money of your hardwork. Please pass on this information to others too. We should help each other. Unfortunately we dont know about this method so tell them. This is my first video so i am open to positive critisism/ constructive critisism. Please don't post useless comments. Please rate and share this information
25 Jan 2008
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Entertainment Hi everyone, I'm Andrea Rene and welcome to get the daily****. I've got your entertainment update. Good news is on the horizons for dozens of productions on hiatus due to the writer's strike. The Writer's Guild of America met with the Alliance of producers yesterday to fine tune a possible resolution that could end the 3 month strike. Hooray! I desperate to find out what is happening on Grey's Anatomy. Membership meetings will be conducted tomorrow in L.A. and New York to decide if the strike should be ended. The new tentative contract finally guarantees writers a share digital media sales and compensation for internet releases. According to WGA West Presdient Patric Verrone, it isn't what they hoped for or what they deserve, but it is more than what they had. Writers could be back at work on shows like Lost, Grey's Antamony, and The Office as soon as Wednesday with new episodes airing in April and May. I'll keep you updated on the strike deal as it develops. And lots of news happened to Britney Spears over the weekend. Not only did her cousin Alli Simms and former BFF Sam LutFI show up at Paris Hilton's birthday bash after Brit was released from the UCLA Medical Center, early, a court gave approval for her father, James Spears to fire her business manager Howard Grossman. Her mom Lynne seems to think Grossman is in LutFI's back pocket and doesn't want anyone robbing their mulitmillonaire daughter. Also, Brit's custody case attorney, Sorrell Trope filed paperwork asking to be removed from the case, because let's face it, that is just one big mess. But on a positive note, Britney was spotted again at the Millenium Dance Complex in North Hollywood doing some more rehearsals for what we all hope will be a comeback. You just heard the entertainment update. For get the daily****, I'm Andrea Rene.
13 Feb 2008
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This clip shows you how to disarm an attacker with a handgun from a close range. This tip could save your life
18 Apr 2008
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Music News From getthedaily**** - Your Online Source For News. On the music scene: how Madonna's going to kick your ass, plus why the Black Crowes are mad at Maxim and Neverland Ranch could be yours! Hi everyone I'm Andrea Rene and you are watching the music news from get the daily**** It was announced yesterday that the Material girl has finally picked a title and released date for her highly anticipated forthcoming album. Her last studio album for Warner Music Group is called "Hard Candy." Not only does Madonna love candy, but as she says "its going to kick your ass, but make you feel good." It features superhot producers Timbaland and Danja, plus Justin Timberlake appears on mulitple tracks. JT also just happens to be the one who'll induct Madge into the rock and roll hall of fame. Look for her new album to hit stores on April 29th with her first single 'Four Minutes" out at the end of March. Rockers the Black Crowes have a new album coming out next week, and they hope that no one will read the Maxim magazine review panning it, because, well, Maxim didn't even listen to the ablum! In the March issues of Maxim, a reviewer says the groups latest disc called "Warpaint" is worth 2 and half stars out of five, but, turns out the reviewer never got an advanced copy and based the review off their only single released "Goodbye daughters of the revolution." The crowes rightly thought this was unfair and managed to get an apology from the publication. But let's be honest, does anyone read reviews from Maxim anyway? Michael Jackson's re-release of his worldwide smash album "Thriller" is doing great on the charts, so he probably shouldn't have any problems coming up with the $24 million dollars he needs to save Neverland Ranch from going up for auction. Yes, the infamous property near Santa Barabara, CA is once again on the chopping block if Jackson doesn't pay up by March 19th. I think it would be interesting to see who would by that gigantic playground! But considering Michael is still worth hundreds of millions, I don't think he should have any problems paying up. I'm Andrea Rene and you just heard the music news, right here at get the daily****. madonna, micheal jackson, neverland ranch, for sale, hard candy, justin timberlake, warner brothers, warner bros., the black crowes, maxim magazine, reviews, warpaint, thriller, movie, santa barabra, 24 million, million, debt, timbaland, danja, four minutes, new release, cd, album, rock and roll, hall of fame
28 Oct 2009
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John needs a best friend! Could Paris be the one?
17 Mar 2008
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Could our most powerful medicine be as close as your plate. In this weeks UltraWellness blog, Dr. Mark Hyman explains how food is medicine and shares exciting news about a groundbreaking course on the subject.
29 Mar 2008
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Could You Turn Your eBay Hobby into a Business?
3 Apr 2008
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coffee a day could protect against Alzheimer’s disease, drinking water for hydration lacks scientific support, S. villosum Berries cold eliminate dengue, insomnia may cause depression, green tea helps fight micro organisms
3 Apr 2008
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