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Top 10 Animal Oscars 2010 Countdown from Ultra Kawaii!Ultra Kawaii is counting down the best animal actors from this years Oscar-nominated movies. See who takes home the awards for Best Comedic Actor, Best Ensemble Cast, Best dramatic Role and more!The Ultra Kawaii network features the cutest pets on the Internet every week. Animal Idol is on Tuesdays and Ultra Fur is on Thursdays! Cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, and more are the stars on Ultra Kawaii! Website: *******www.ultrakawaii****Submit Your Pet!: *******www.ultrakwaii****/submitTwitter: *******twitter****/ultrakawaiiSubscribe!
9 Mar 2010
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Cuse Countdown talks with Albany Head Coach Scott Marr to get his thoughts on the game and how his team has played so far this season. Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Apr 2010
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******* - Watch DCI 2010: The Countdown Full Movie Online
20 Apr 2010
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CitrusTV Lacrosse Beat Reporter Amy Hayden joins Cuse Countdown to give an inside perspective into this week's top topics surrounding the Orange. Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Apr 2010
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******* - Watch Countdown To Zero Full Movie Online
6 May 2010
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Promotional video for Countdown Los Angeles, a new show featuring exciting destinations in Los Angeles and Southern California.
20 May 2010
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Courtesy of *******www.top10amazing**** -A countdown of the top 10 SEXIEST WOMEN around the globe.
15 Jun 2010
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*******countdown.onlineclock**** is a popular Countdown Timer that everyone can use for free online. After receiving many requests for a version of their Countdown Clock that anyone can place on their own website, OnlineClock**** has created a new Countdown Generator. To use the Countdown Generator, you simply choose your target date and time and then copy the JavaScript code that it generates for you. You have to then insert this Countdown Code into your own website or blog. It's easy and fun to create your own Online Countdown Timer using the Countdown Generator tool from OnlineClock****! Use it to create Countdowns to upcoming events, holidays, birthday parties, anniversaries, or even just a Countdown until the next weekend!
12 Jul 2010
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My style of play: Final Countdown by Europa
14 Aug 2010
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Deluxe Digital studios release the all time favourite and longest running TV Gameshow to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Students, housewives, brain-boxes and Gameshow lovers - the iconic Countdown TV show is now available to play whenever and wherever you want. Featuring the original and much loved Countdown set in 3D, the same addictive gameplay as the TV show, the iconic theme music and the famous Countdown Clock. Put yourself into your very own Countdown game, by choosing a consonant or a vowel, by showing off your maths skills and then crowning yourself a champion by completing the famous Countdown Conundrum… Features: LETTERS ROUND – Choose 9 consonant/vowels and make the longest word possible before the Countdown clock finishes. NUMBERS ROUND – Put your maths skills to the test against the Countdown clock. COUNTDOWN CONUNDRUM – Finish with a flourish and crack the famous Countdown Conundrum. GAME MODES: - Add your own play name - Short or Long Games
- 1 Player
- 2 Player - Pass & Play
- Bluetooth
- Gamecentre

* Settle down it's time to play Countdown! Let’s start the clock… Downloadable now from the App Store on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Countdown iPhone App - ***********/gb/app/countdown-official-tv-show/id402722792?mt=8 Countdown iPad App –***********/gb/app/countdown-hd-official-tv-show/id402725290?mt=8
2 Dec 2010
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2011 is on its way, but before we start the new year, let's take a look back at the old one. On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you where to find YouTube's countdown of the best videos of the year.
28 Dec 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY CHRISTINE SLUSSER You're watching multisource political video news analysis from Newsy. OLBERMANN: “Again, all of my greatest thanks. Widen the shot out just a little bit so we can do one of these last time. Thank you, Brian. Goodnight, and good luck.” THROWS PAPERS AT CAMERA. (MSNBC) Popular and controversial talk show host Keith Olbermann has permanently left the building...and no one really knows why. Everyone has their theories, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports the split was mutual. COOPER: “He still had at least two years left on a four-year contract worth an estimated 30-million dollars. Sources telling us the parting came from fallout from Comcast purchase of NBC Universal.” ...but HBO’s Bill Maher doesn’t think it’s quite so black and white. He interviewed Olbermann’s MSNBC coworker, Rachel Maddow, who seemed rather confused at the breaking news. MADDOW: “Yeah, it’s been a big day at least it’s been a big fifteen minutes.” MAHER: “Why? What happened?” MADDOW: “Keith announced at the end of the show tonight that he and the company made a mutual decision that Countdown is done...” MAHER: “Well that's always bullshit.” However, The Stir isn’t shocked at the news - and doesn’t think you should be, either. “You have to have been living in a cave to think this would have ended any differently than it did ...Why the big surprise?...All I want to know ... as I watched Anderson last night ... was when is he going to announce he's headed to CNN?” ...but other news sources are scrambling to point the finger at MSNBC for firing the host --saying it was not mutual. (Video: MSNBC) The Hollywood Gossip was one of them. “Sources said network brass basically paid the pundit to scram by working out an agreement in which he would get lost and continue to be paid. He will have to stay off the air at least until fall as a result.” MSNBC says “Last Word” host Lawrence O’Donnell will fill in Olbermann’s slot on Monday. But what do you think? Was Olbermann canned or was it a mutual breakup? Get more multisource political video news analysis from Newsy.
25 Jan 2011
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Feted earlier this year at Sundance before its international premiere at Cannes, where it screened in Official Selection, let the Countdown begin. Countdown to Zero reveals the truth behind an issue on which human survival itself hangs – the very real possibility of nuclear disaster. From the producers of An Inconvenient Truth, Countdown is a chilling wakeup call about the urgency of the nuclear threat. The film looks at the nuclear arms race and exposes a slew of present day threats with insights from political figures Jimmy Carter, Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev and Valerie Plame Wilson, former CIA operations officer. Gary Oldman narrates.
24 Jun 2011
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I do not own any of "The Trailer Park Boys" this is just a clip the DVD "Trailer Park Boys Countdown To Liquor Day"
28 Jul 2011
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Visit *******countdown.onlineclock****/generator/ - Now you can create a countdown timer or a countdown clock for your own website using Online Clock's new countdown generator! Just choose your target date and time and then click the button marked GENERATE. Copy the code that has been created onto your own website or blog (this works well on Tumblr!). Then, if you're really smart, you can change the appearance, size and colors of the countdown timer using CSS (that stands for cascading style sheets). This is a useful site for bloggers!!!
4 Aug 2011
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Countdown with Keith Olbermann 09-02-2011 1a - Obama Speech, with Brian Beutler
5 Sep 2011
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