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This video is a tribute to all those brave men and women that serve this great country. Song by Casting Crowns - "Praise you in this storm".
11 Nov 2008
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"Gone Country" is the title of a song by American country music artist Alan Jackson. Released in late 1994, it was the third single from his fourth studio album, Who I Am. As with that album's first two singles ("Summertime Blues" and "Livin' on Love"), "Gone Country" reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts, a position that it held for one week. "Gone Country" served as a commentary on the country music scene, illustrating three examples of other singers (a lounge singer in Las Vegas, a folk rocker, and a "serious composer schooled in voice and composition"), all of whom find that their respective careers are failing, and as a result, they decide to begin performing country music instead. Enjoy!
4 Jan 2009
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lyrics- I recognized your number, It's burned into my brain, Felt my heart beating faster, Every time it rang. Some things never change, That's why I didn't answer. I bet you're in a bar, Listening to a country song. Glass of Johnny Walker Red, With no one to take you home. They're probably closing down, Saying, "No more alcohol." I bet you're in a bar 'Cause I'm always your last call. I don't need to check that message. I know what it says. "Baby, I still love you," Don't mean nothing when there's whiskey on your breath. That's the only love I get. So if you're calling... I bet you're in a bar Listening to a cheatin' song Glass of Johnny Walker Red With no one to take you home They're probably closing down Saying, "No more alcohol" I bet you're in bar, 'Cause I'm always your last- Call me crazy but I think maybe We've had our last call. I bet you're in a bar. It's always the same old song. That Johnny Walker Red, By now it's almost gone. But baby, I won't be there To catch you when you fall. I bet you're in bar 'Cause I'm always your last call
13 Jan 2009
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Trace Adkins new song "You're Gonna Miss This" it hit numero uno (#1) on Billboard Hot Country songs for this week. Hope you like it and please subscribe if you'd like. *update* If you're looking for the official music video... I actually didn't realize it at first but there is a music video for this song...check it out on CMT (link below) *******www.cmt****/videos/trace-adkins/217378/youre-gonna-miss-this.jhtml
24 May 2009
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Elvis Presley Old Shep Written by Red Foley and Willis Arthur about Foleys 19-year-old German Shepherd dog, Hoover, who had been poisoned. Old Shep was the song Elvis sang to win second prize at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show in 1945, when he was 10 years old, his first public singing appearance. In 1953, Elvis sang it at the Humes High School Minstrel Show. Elvis recorded it on September 2, 1956 at Radio Recorders, and he plays piano on all the takes of the song. It was the A-side to Youll Never Walk Alone. It is available on Separate Ways, The King of Rock n Roll-The Complete 50s Masters, Great Country Songs, and 50 Greatest Love Songs, which is where this version is from. When I was a lad And old Shep was a pup Over hills and meadows we'd stray Just a boy and his dog We were both full of fun We grew up together that way I remember the time at the old swimmin' hole When I would have drowned beyond doubt But old Shep was right there To the rescue he came He jumped in and helped pull me out As the years fast did roll Old Shep he grew old His eyes were fast growing dim And one day the doctor looked at me and said I can do no more for him Jim With hands that were trembling I picked up my gun And aimed it at Shep's faithful head I just couldn't do it I wanted to run I wish they would shoot me instead He came to my side And he looked up at me And laid his old head on my knee I had struck the best friend that a man ever had I cried so I scarcely could see Old Shep he has gone Where the good doggies go And no more with old Shep will I roam But if dogs have a heaven There's one thing I know Old Shep has a wonderful home
4 Feb 2009
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hi ppl! this vid is dedicated 2 me frend sharon. she LUVS horses. i chose a country song cuz she likes the type. hope ya al enjoy! ;)
25 May 2009
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3 Mar 2009
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hey this is my country song....enjoy!!!(n comment,subscribe and rate!)
16 Mar 2009
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This is an OLD Country song. Kitty Wells, But no one good belt it out like my mom!
8 Apr 2009
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a popular country song. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. ... goremy go remy habib she thinks my camel sexy arab tractor country parody rap kenny chesney
24 Apr 2009
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Sesame Street Season: 28 Episode: 148 A country song about making your own paper.
26 May 2009
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The great country song on my keyboard!
26 Jun 2009
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awesome song, if you need any country songs just send me a message. Owners of the song = www.thealabamaband****/
24 Jul 2009
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Good country song by JJ
15 Aug 2009
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Great country song from 1978.
25 Aug 2009
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Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Charley Pride. Written by Fred Rose (Country Music Hall of Fame Member) Charley Pride From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charley Frank Pride (born March 18, 1938) is a country music artist. During his career, he has had thirty-six number-one hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. He was one of the few African-American country musicians to have considerable success in the largely white country music industry. While he was still trying to make it in baseball, Pride had heard much encouragement to join the music business from country stars such as Red Sovine and Red Foley. Soon, he was working towards this career. In 1958, in Memphis, Tennessee, Pride visited Sun Studios and recorded some songs.[4] One song has survived on tape, and has been released in the United Kingdom as part of an LP-box. The song is a slow stroll in walking tempo called "Walkin' (the Stroll)." [5] After struggling to get a contract with a record company, he finally caught the ear of record producer Chet Atkins. Atkins was the longtime producer of RCA Records, and made stars out of country singers like Jim Reeves, Skeeter Davis and others. Pride was signed to RCA in 1966. In 1966, he released his first single with RCA, "Snakes Crawl at Night". When the song was promoted to radio stations, the label called Pride "Country Charley Pride". At this time, country music was a white medium. Soon after the release of "Snakes Crawl at Night", Pride released another single called "Before I Met You". Soon after, Pride's third single, "Just Between You and Me", was released. This song was what finally brought Pride success on the Country charts. The song reached #9.
31 Aug 2009
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