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Eglise catholique : crimes pédophiles, complicités des évèques, culture du pardon et du silence, dissimulations et exfiltrations...
16 Apr 2017
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The Washington Post has confirmed the FBI and the Justice Department obtained a warrant through the FISA court system last summer to investigate Carter Page, a very insignificant figure to Donald Trump’s campaign. His role as advisor was extremely brief and the campaign claims he never even met Donald Trump in person. It appears his life was completely under surveillance for nothing other than political reasons... if anything nefarious was discovered there would have been leaks by now. Abusing the FISA court system is such a serious crime that even a former President wouldn’t be safe from prosecution. Once again, like a fucking sage Donald Trump has been proven correct. Welcome to WaterGate on steroids. Listen to MSNBC try to spin this as proof Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia. How many Syrians must President Trump bomb to make this false narrative go away? Hillary Clinton was an extremely flawed candidate and a failed leader… That is why she lost. Get over it. Also, was James Comey being honest when he said no FISA warrant had been obtained before congress last month?
12 Apr 2017
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Check this out...a fire ball from half court almost like beckham...pretty cool!!! must watch it.
23 May 2006
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Me hitting a full court shot after school on May 18th
20 Jun 2006
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a mock court case of 2 people being charged for downloading mp3 music illegal
16 Nov 2006
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Toyota and NBA Player Chris Paul Announce the Tundra Turnaround Basketball Court Refurbishment Program at NBA All-Star 2007 Story Summary: The Tundra Turnaround community outreach program will refurbish public basketball courts. Details of the program will be announced at the press conference. Toyota partner Chris Paul will help complete and dedicate certain court renewals with help from other NBA stars and legends at additional locations. Toyota will facilitate the renewals with the NBA and provide other resources including a fleet of Toyota Tundra's to help haul construction materials and deliver workers to the respective court sites. Additional aspects of the Tundra Turnaround will be documented and featured on NBA TV.
21 Feb 2007
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Alley oop from opposite end of the court.
29 Mar 2007
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Rip talks about his life as a street baller growing up. It's part of the NBA Street home court's series of trailers. To get more of this kinda stuff visit (from April 2007). For now visit my profile on metacafe for a tip of the iceberg.
26 Feb 2007
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At THE END I make a HALF COURT SHOT. very hard. its about at least a 50 footer. thanks for watching!
26 Feb 2007
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Funny People's Court case where a guy pisses off the judge and gets kicked out.
28 Feb 2007
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Check out the dude doing crazy eyes on The Peoples Court. I guess he got his 5 minutes in the spotlight and had to take advantage of it.
21 Mar 2007
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Court metrage organise par moi meme pour lutter contre le dopage, il ne fait que 3 minutes ! J'attends vos commentaires
27 Mar 2007
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A 30' X 30' Practice Court is being installed in a back yard which is a safer alternative to the Driveway Basketball court. Asphalt is commonly used as a surface material for all types of Playing Courts
31 Mar 2007
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Animation based on the fantasy novel The Court of the Air by author Stephen Hunt. A really cool animation about 2 orphans on the run from mystical warriors. It has a Samurai Jack Esq. feel to it. Definitely 1 to watch!!
11 Apr 2007
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NJ indie punk band Stolen Oregano closes at The Saint on March 4th with The Court Ruling
22 Apr 2007
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This video gives a timelapse view of the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield changing from an ice rink to a basketball court.
15 Jun 2007
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