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Some alarms don't let you sleep, and they compel you to come out of bed immediately. Enjoy the funny moments in the morning when you try to sleep a little bit more and your alarm does not let you do so. 4 alarm apps that will actually wake you up If you don't struggle to rouse yourself first thing in the morning, then consider yourself lucky—or at least very well-rested. For the rest of us, technology can help overcome that bleary-eyed and dreamy-headed feeling to get us out of bed at the right time. The following apps for Android and iOS can prevent you from endlessly hitting the snooze button, or wake you up gently at a time that suits your body. Some even give you statistics on how well you slept as well. Choose the best option for your needs, and wake up the right way. Snooze no more In an ideal world, you'd wake up when your alarm rings, turn it off immediately, and get out of bed like a responsible adult. All too often, though, you grope for the snooze button and drift off again. That's not necessarily a problem—until you hit the button again, and again, and again, and all of a sudden it's time to leave. Or worse, you accidentally turn the alarm off entirely and sleep through the start of the workday. Instead of giving you such easy alarm-silencing options, the following apps force you to jump through hoops in order to quiet the blaring. By the time you've solved a puzzle, played a game, or even snapped a selfie, you'll have shaken off the fog of sleep and resisted the siren song of your cozy bed. 1. For photographers If you really need a jolt to get out of bed, then Alarmy provides one: By default, the app's alarm only stops ringing once you've taken a photo that matches one you've already registered. It could be the bathroom mirror, for example, or the coffee machine downstairs if you really have trouble staying awake in the morning. By the time you've located the designated object and framed it properly, you'll be awake and ready to face the day.
1 Feb 2018
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If you love the boho look and want to add to your current wardrobe or create a whole new style for yourself of apparel that has flair and sophistication as well as cozy comfort, you need to take a look at the unusual boutiques in Utah from Böhme. Names as one of the top women-owned businesses by such business and financial experts as Forbes and TWSJ, Böhme brings you fashion that is as easy to wear as it is great-looking on, and you can find all the accessories you'd like to go with, as well.
13 Feb 2018
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For some, Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic Boise Idaho - Chiropractor will take them back to a place that is cozy and familiar, offering a rediscovery of health and wellness that had been previously known but long lost. For others, the journey may offer a new center, one never before experienced. Call at 208-957-6170 for more information about chiropractor Boise Idaho or visit our website. Address:- 2031 E. Hospitality Lane #150, Boise, ID 83716 Phone:- 208-957-6170
16 Feb 2018
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16 Mar 2008
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Cozy Kittens, a professional Doll Face Persian Kitten breeder who focuses on health, beauty & wonderful temperaments.
12 Sep 2008
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Sew a Tea Cozy or Tea Cozies with Jini Pinto of www.step-by-step-sewing**** Easy and Fun. Get free sewing tips on our website for Sew a Sash, Sew a Hairband, Sew a jewelry pouch.
12 Dec 2008
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American Folk Art & Craft Supply presents Crafting with Michele. During this episode Michele will show you step-by-step how to create Clay Pot Cozies.
1 Jul 2009
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Oyster House Restaurant/Glades Haven Cozy Cabin Everglades City Florida
23 Apr 2010
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Fred Vanore Producer Blue Moon Studios The latest commercial for Pet Cozy! ________________________ This video has not been posted as a commercial for the product featured. It was posted by Blue Moon Studios, the company that produced the commercial. This is not an advertisement.
26 Aug 2010
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** –A Cute, Cozy Christmas with Little Mongolian Angels (In Mongolian). Episode: 1562, Air Date: 24 December 2010
12 Feb 2011
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The two young stars of "Dolphin Tale," Cozi Zuehlsdorff and Nathan Gamble, talk to HitFix's Katie Hasty about Morgan Freeman and dancing with dolphins
6 Apr 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Cozy Fire from DTP Young Entertainment, a downloadable game for the Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately, some of you may not greet the idea of purchasing a fireplace application for Wii with an open mind, but that's because you don't know any better. This may be called Cozy Fire, but if the folks at DTP Young Entertainment wanted to really go with a self-explanatory title, they would've called it Instant Class. This video review features video gameplay footage of Cozy Fire for the Nintendo Wii and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
17 Oct 2012
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