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30 Dec 2009
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Black theo poeta da periferia.... Novo clipe.... Add tbm no orkut... Fale com ele em: Black.theoyahoo****.br
7 May 2010
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Twenty episodes in one video, check it out! ***********/watch?v=iQot97dC-HA omg i havent watched this its good Check out this channel for more oggy! ************/user/MegaCartoonUploads?feature=mhee
19 Apr 2013
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A joint convoy from a NAZA Scooter Bikerz Jay Bee & MALACCA. ... LOST GTR johor Malacca Convoy 09 naza cpi gtr 150X 150S 150R 150 NAZA Scooter Bikerz Jay Bee
15 May 2009
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6 Sep 2009
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Stunt Day,peugeot speedifght 2 cpi hussar maver keeway stoopie wheelie burnout speed
28 Oct 2009
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I condemn the Israeli government for their continued War Crimes on the Palestinian People! I urge EVERY person on our planet to stand up and put an end to Israels brutal attacks on the Palestinian people. Boycott Israel, call your leaders and tell them to put a stop to these evil bastards. Let them know you have had enough of these Israeli war crimes, and if your leaders do not listen, then let them know that they will be held responsible and accountable! It is time that the entire World puts a stop to Israels evil aggression. Unite Against Israeli War Criminals End the Israeli Genocide of the Palestinian People! ISRAEL IS COMMITTING War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. Send a letter to The International Criminal Court of Justice and call for A War Crimes trial against the Israeli government and ANYONE THAT IS SUPPORTING THEM. The International Criminal Court of Justice. ******* "The Office of the Prosecutor" at the International Criminal Court of Justice. Below you will find my letter to the Office of The Prosecutor. Please feel free to copy it or write one of your own. The Children of Gaza need our help right now! Letter dated: January 11th, 2009 Your Honor, Please, I beg of you to hear my sincere plea for help. Israel is committing War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity in Gaza on the Palestinian people and must be stopped immediately. Remembering the words of Chief Justice Jackson during the first War Crimes trial held in Nuremberg Germany in 1946. The privilege of opening the first trial in history for crimes against the peace of the world imposes a grave responsibility. The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated. Chief Justice Jackson If humanity is to survive and progress, we must take swift and legal action on Governments that employ Crimes on Civilian Populations such as the crimes being committed in Gaza by the Israeli Government. It is not acceptable to wait until these Israeli crimes are played out because many of the men, woman, and children in Gaza will not survive this brutal genocide. Let us not get caught up in words, because action is required immediately. Aggressive War is a Crime, and targeting a civilian population in War aggression is a Crime Against Humanity. The integrity and embodiment of the United Nations has come under attack by the absolute refusal of Israel to cease its War agenda by continuing to attack the Palestinian general population, UN convoys, civilian shelters, hospitals, schools, and all Palestinian Infrastructure. The very survival of the United Nations body will come into question if it is powerless to put a stop to a genocide that is taking place. If the I.C.C.J. does not inform and take action against Israel for the atrocities they are committing on the Palestinian people then the United Nations will have failed Humanity and we will descend in to very dark times. The International Criminal Court of Justice is the one beacon of light that remains in our War torn World, and granted, there are many cases before the Court, but you MUST speak out NOW! As a Human being, I demand that the International Criminal Court of Justice stand up for the innocent people in the Gaza Strip! If need be, ask a neutral power of the Security Council such as Russia, to send a peace keeping force into Gaza. Do something before it is too late for the thousands of innocent men, women, and children. Urgently waiting, Stewart Brennan Montreal, Quebec, Canada
15 Jan 2010
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speedfight 1 looxor x8rs cpi van blik op de weg met veel blikschade
10 Feb 2010
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Learn more about the growing sport of off-road Go Karts and Buggies with the MBRA. MRP is one of the few national level sponsors of the Off road Mini Buggy Association. We make parts for all the Karts Carter, Kinroad, High Rev, Sahara 150, and many more. Visit us at www.mrp-speed**** parts from the leading brands Polini, Malossi, Scooter Ninja, Bando, Dr. Pulley, Innova, and our in house brand MRP. Parts for Vespa, Aprilia, Malaguti, Benelli, Italjet, SYM, Honda, Yahama, Kymco, Suzuki, Eton, TGB, PGO, Genuine, Peirspeed, CF Moto, Qlink, Zongsheng, Daelim, Hyosung, JCL, Diamo, Zhennong, Flyscooters, CPI, Dinli, Apex, DDR, Jonway, Joyner, Roketa, Dazon, Tank, engines including the GY6, QMB139, Chinese 4strokes, 2 strokes, Minarelli, JOG, and much much more. GIVE US A CALL 305-599-8993
30 Sep 2010
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ATTENTION: Please don't say "YOU COPIED THIS FROM THUGZ FOR REAL!" I didnt, however i cpied and pasted his tags to my video because i didnt know what to put. I even told him about this!!!!!! DISCLAIMER: There is a halo movie in the making and it will be released sometime in 2009. This is a PROTOTYPE with arms race footage put together to make an entertaining "first 8 minutes" IF U LIKED IT PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! ---------------------------------------- --------- RELEASE DATE: 2009 DIRECTOR: Neill Blomkamp MPAA RATING: USA:R WRITER: Alex Garland (original screenplay) STATUS: In production (no its not cancelled) PLOT: After they crash-land on an artificial ring-world called "Halo", a navy captain, his surviving marines, and a chemically-and-surgically-enhanced supersoldier named John-117 "Master Chief" must find out what the Covenant, the genocidal alien race they are at war with, are looking for on the ring. However, Halo holds more secrets than either side imagined. TRIVIA: 'Alex Garland' was paid $1 million by Microsoft to write an adaptation of the popular game. Microsoft then sold the script to Universal for $10 million. A rumor was started that Alex Garland's script had been dropped, and that D.B. Weiss had replaced him as the screenwriter, but Weiss confirmed in an interview on Gamesetwatch**** that he was only revising Garland's script. Producer Peter Jackson asked Guillermo del Toro to helm the movie, but del Toro turned the offer down so he could direct Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008). MORE INFORMATION: ***********/title/tt0464037/ *******www.halothemovie****/
5 Oct 2010
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GRAVACAO PERIGOSA-REPASSANDO Veja um filme, gravado por João Salles, que retrata uma reuniao entre Jose Dirceu (Cassado pela CPI do Mensalão), Bruno Maranhao (que invadiu o Congresso), Lula, Luiz Gushiken - Ministro Chefe da Casa Civil (acusado de participaço em desvio de Verbas), Gilberto Carvalho (acusado de proteger Sombra, um dos provaveis envolvidos na morte de CELSO DANIEL) e Guido Mantega. Reparem como o filme parece retratar uma "reuniao" para atos obscuros e a preocupacao de Jose Dirceu em nao ser gravado, LULA PARTICIPA, OU SEJA, ELE SABIA DE TUDO: Percebam O LULA FUGINDO, para nao ser filmado... ate o Dirceu fala " oh Lula desculpa " para ele sair e nao ser filmado, mas ja era tarde demais !!!
27 Oct 2010
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chistosos videos,videos chistosos,funny ,funny videos, español colombia ,los mejores 8 a qui los mejores videos recolectados!!!! O&C Records videos chistosos los mejores videos recolectados Blooper de futbol cosmicos , HEY mi gente a qui les traigo un video con mucha diversion ya saben estos son los mejores OC Records papi!!!! tha best boy , miren mi canal tengo muchos videos chistosos son los mejores ok, you know don´t cpy my lyric is original ok. hey espero que les guste comente y puntuen .
23 Jun 2011
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Vlogbrothers shirts: *******dftba****/vlogbros In which John Green discusses his virulent hatred for pennies and nickels, two utterly irrelevant coins that inexplicably remain money in the United States of America. It costs more than 1.7 cents to make a 1 cent penny coin in the US; nickels are even more ridiculous, costing more than nine cents to produce. UPDATE: Those statistics are out of date. In 2009, it cost 1.6 cents to make a penny and 6.1 cents to make a nickel; the US Mint lost 22 million on penny and nickel production, not the 70 million they lost in 2008. (This is because the recession has made zinc and nickel cheaper.) Thank to youtuber ***********/sivartis for the correction. My inflation calculations came from the CPI inflation calculator: ******* Information about the opportunity cost implications of pennies and the calculations of lost productivity can be found here: *******www.washingtonpost****/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/09/24/AR2006092400946.html and here: *******www***nsumeraffairs****/news04/2006/07/penny_sense.html
5 Nov 2011
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Miami, FL - Here's a timeline of the 'key' moments of the crazed zombie cannibal man eating another man's face. Saturday, May 26, Miami Herald security video of the flesh-eating attack on the MacArthur Causeway. The video is from a rooftop camera on the southwest corner of the six-story Herald building. On the right center of the screen is a Herald parking garage. Above it, right to left across the screen, is North Bayshore Drive, running between the Herald parking lot and the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Diagonally across the bottom of the frame is the Metromover track. The roadway on the left is the MacArthur Causeway offramp heading west, toward the top of the screen, in the direction of the Arsht Center. The scene of the attack, at the left bottom edge of the frame, is separated from the roadway by a concrete barrier. The view of the attack and the aftermath is blocked at times by palm trees and the Metromover track. ****ALL CREDIT AND COPYRIGHTS BELONGS TO "THE MIAMI HERALD" NEWS CORP. THANKS TO THEM WE HAVE THIS AMAZING VIDEO! Please visit *******www.miamiherald****/ for more awesome news! ***** Read more here: *******www.miamiherald****/2012/05/30/2824430/timeline-here-are-the-key-moments.html#storylink=cpy
6 Jun 2012
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Here are the 10 countries perceived to be the most corrupt in the world. if you wondering about the numbering, there are a lot of joint places.. Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is the best known of our tools. First launched in 1995, it has been widely credited with putting the issue of corruption on the international policy agenda. The CPI ranks almost 200 countries by their perceived levels of corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys. Where else to find All Time 10s... Facebook: ******* Twitter: ******* Check out a selection of video's highlighting some Alltime10's favourite and interesting people.. ***********/view_play_list?p=365DD325201BCB58
31 Jan 2013
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*******www.miamiherald****/2013/01/21/3193887/dont-mind-the-helicopters-its.html#storylink=cpy "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
7 Feb 2013
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