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Fresh off its national theatrical release, writer/director Adam Green’s Hatchet – the independent horror film championed by internet fans and critics the world over – will be released by Anchor Bay Entertainment on DVD December 18th. The Unrated DVD of the acclaimed horror film, which Pit of Horror dubbed “the best slasher film in twenty years,” comes packed with ninety minutes of in-depth bonus features detailing the joys and pains of creating the next great horror icon – Victor Crowley! SRP for the unrated and theatrical version DVDs is a tame $26.97, with pre-book on November 15.
18 Dec 2007
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We take you out to the ball game for fresh seafood, steaks and of course, baseball! At NYY Steak located inside Gate 6 at Yankee Stadium, Chef Scott Morosky hits a home run with delicious upscale cuisine. Forget peanuts and crackerjack, these plump and juicy crab cakes will make you root for the home team and the executive chef.
15 Oct 2009
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Cheryl Pierce - CrackerJack Consulting - Using Social Media for Business
6 Dec 2010
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Website Optimization is a must if you want top search engine page rankings. The other day the employee of a new client told me that optimizing a website has absolutely nothing to do with page rankings on Google. I think his actual words were, If you are talking about adding keywords and meta descriptions, etc, Google doesn't use that stuff any longer. So, you don't need to do anything with our website. *******www.crackerjack-consulting****
1 Oct 2011
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*******www.justonebadcentury**** | This audio found in the trash of Harry Caray recalling a not so enjoyable moment where he did not get a crackerJack Prize.
17 Dec 2008
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Lingcod fishing in Seward Alaska with Andy Mezirow of Crackerjack Charters - *******www.crackerjackcharters****
7 Sep 2009
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My Dad (& Uncles) with his (their) band Rosetta Stone on Jim'll Fix It during the 70's I think
14 Jun 2010
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Steeleye Span appearing on the BBC children's programme 'Crackerjack' on 9th January 1976
26 Oct 2013
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FBI / Crackerjack /1961 /
29 Jan 2014
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26 Aug 2008
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'Cracker Jack' commercial & theme song.
14 Dec 2008
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Edit: I made this a long time ago when i thought i was hot s*** and by my standards today, this is just s***. Nowadays, the only reason that stops me from deleting this video is so i can look back and see how much i used to suck. Watch my Micromix for some of my better mixing. UPDATE: This mix on MP3 now up for download!!! *******www.speedyshare****/398677672.html UPDATE2!! I have a Myspace! *******www.myspace****/ravinedj I'm sick and tired of these 12 year olds ripping music from mixes and putting them together with a sound recorder then uploading them as this major spectacular mix without beatmatching or anything. Get some decks kids. Disclaimer: Mix was done really quick. So yes i know it's not very tight nor is the scratching tight but hey, pwns you. Tracklist: No left turn & crackerjack - Listen up Leah Cim - Shine Forever (Mikk Remix) Frisky & Hujib - The One (Re-Con Remix) Darren Styles - Save Me (Squad-E Remix) NOTE: I am using a program called Scratch Live (*******www.scratchlive****/) in order to play audio files from my PC straight onto my Vinyl. I move over to the side to change tracks while i mix normally on the Turntables and the mixer as i would do so with regular vinyl. I'm totally nex-gen.
28 Nov 2008
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Saint James Infirmary Blues *******www.dixielandcrackerjacks**** To order all your funerals call : ++31 511 522 168 or Email : dixieorkesthotmail**** The classic Saint James Infirmary blues is in fact a traditional, but business man, part time singer, manager, booking agent Irving Mills was shrewd enough to claim the composers rights. He didn't dare to put his own name on it, so he used the pseudonym : Primrose. Dixieland Crackerjacks recorded in Haren, November 28. 2007 Lielian Tan - drums (Sticks this time) Koos Greven - banjo Gerrit Baas - sousaphone Michel Muller - trumpet Bert Brandsma - alto saxophone
18 Sep 2010
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Teenage Rampage from Crackerjack
26 Sep 2010
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***********/watch?v=8IdNewC2Pyw On The Good Ship LollipopFrom the movie Bright Eyes *Shirley Temple Attempted to be preformed by a 3 year old who doesn't quite know the song too well. She puts her heart into it though while adding a guitar- something else she doesn't know very well. "On the good ship lollipop. 
Its a sweet trip to a candy shop 
Where bon-bons play 
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay. Lemonade stands everywhere. 
Crackerjack bands fill the air. 
And there you are 
Happy landing on a chocolate bar. Its a night trip to a candy shop If you All aboard for a Candy Land!!!!!" She's 3. Comments welcome, but please, please, please, be gentle. She was just having a good time and I wanted to share it! UPDATE: I honestly don't know how this video got so popular but it is definitely exciting for my daughter who is now 5 (as of Dec. 2008). Thanks for all the love YouTubers!
14 Nov 2011
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The clip peanuts and popcorn from The Naughty Nineties (1945) Take me out to the ball game Take me out with the crowds Buy me some peanuts... Peanuts! Popcorn! Peanuts! Popcorn! CrackerJacks! CrackerJacks! Get your packages of CrackerJacks here! CrackerJacks! Will you keep quiet, Sebastian! Excuse me, please. Sebastian, please, don't interrupt my act. Sebastian! I didn't see the lights. I forgot about 'em. What are you doing? Why interrupt my act? Look, Mr. Broadhurst, if you're in a ball park, they always sell peanuts and popcorn. I know that, but not in front of... I beg your pardon, please. Ladies and gentlemen, will you excuse me for a minute, please? What do you wanna do? Look, Mr. Broadhurst...
30 Nov 2011
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