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umbrella craft umbrella show people birds flowers
11 Jan 2010
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qing dynasty crafts ivory plum blossom exotic small decorative article
11 Jan 2010
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Geraldine from www.StepbyStepCrafts**** introduces their weekly craft course
19 Jan 2010
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The southernmost Province of the Kingdom is Narathiwat. A Muslim insurgency killed over 3.500 people since the Millennium by bombings, arson and gunfire. Tourism died out completely, but an ancient craft is preserved by few fishermen here. The former Kingdom of Pattani was once famous for skilled boat builders and the decoration of the wooden vessels is very colorful. Only few carpenters can build these today locally and the finishing touches of one in the making, we documented for you. Narathiwat remains our favorite province for their great beaches and the treasures of nature there. Some of this culture will vanish without a lot of traces, as Korlae boats have a shorter lifespan than industrially manufactured plastic, metal or glassfiber boats. Siampedia offers login-free photo reports, one has been produced to cover Narathiwat: *******blog.siampedia****/?p=232
19 Jan 2010
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Short intro to the online craft course from Step by Step Crafts. You'll soon be learning a craft with the mix of Craft Video and written craft instruction. *******www.stepbystepcrafts****
20 Jan 2010
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A ads that I created for Craft 2.0 (male voice) Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Jan 2010
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We feel at Aroma Thyme Bistro that American Craft Vodka is something to be proud of. We only offer American Vodka. If you know of a great American Vodka send the name over to us. Find us at www.aromathymebistro**** or on twitter at Aroma_Thyme.
26 Jan 2010
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Go behind the scenes at MAKE & CRAFT HQ in Sebastopol, CA!
5 Feb 2010
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13 Feb 2010
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Satin ribbon Roses are fabulously luxurious. They're not difficult if you get the right instructions. They are just one of the crafts in our weekly craft course. Check out the latest video.
5 Jul 2010
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#25 Episode Do you have embellishments and craft/sewing buttons all over the place? Do you even know what you have? Watch this helpful video to learn how to organize clutter in your sewing and craft drawers. #25 Lights On Organizing Web Show Episode
27 Feb 2010
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This short video introduces Tea Bag Folding and the art of Kusudama. They are just 2 of the 18 crafts featured in the weekly craft course from Step by Step Crafts.Take a look at just 2 of the crafts you could be making a few minutes from now!
23 Jan 2011
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Having taught hundreds of people over the years I’m amazed how easy it is for people to fall off track if they don’t have the right expert help to encourage them. Don’t let that be you! We’ve got the very best Craft Teaching, and tons of experience of finding the best way to help you learn crafts fast. *******www.stepbystepcrafts****
11 Mar 2010
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This short 30 second video shows you the 4 essentials to successful crafting. Check it out! *******www.the-craft-teacher****/craft-course-essentials-learn-a-craft/
14 Mar 2010
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Professional Organizer Marilyn gives a fun tip on how to use what you have around your home to control clutter and keep your crafts organized and in one place so you can find what you have. Marilyn's Lights On Organizing Web Show #28
19 Mar 2010
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These days we all want to learn things our way. To get access to things immediately and to have choices in how we do things. My Craft Course will have you learning fast. No need to bale out of anything I teach you, because you get clear non-nonsense how to, every time. Watch the video here: *******www.the-craft-teacher****/craft-course-options-learn-a-craft-your-way/
28 Mar 2010
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