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e's rude. He's crass. He's unbelievably obnoxious and he likes showing his $$. He's Shin, and he's the star of this train wreck. From superhero sell-outs, hotties and half-tards to bunny abuse and dirty old men, Shin chan gives unwholesome family fun a whole new spin... Silicone enhanced! Learn the fate of Whitey, poke fun at Mitzi's chest or follow along on Ench-Man's quests - it's your choice! Wanna play a game of hide and drink? Falling off the wagon is always better with company! Shin chan: The show with very little adventure but plenty of action?!
26 Sep 2008
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Brandi is annoyed about the crass over-commercialization of Christmas! To vent her frustration, she CRUSHES Christmas ornaments with her sexy high heels!
28 Jun 2009
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In this short comedy, a disillusioned teenager decides to expose the shallowness of his classmates by interviewing the most popular girl in his small-town high school. But she's not as crass as she first seems, and he's not the bundle of sensitivity he thinks he is. And when chemistry kicks in it's a surprise to them both so they do what any normal teenager would: fight it. Starring Bryant Sands and Ellie Gerber. Written and Directed by Emmett Loverde.
13 Aug 2008
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Your favorite crass, over-the-top, stripper-loving hero is finally back in Duke Nukem Forever.
2 Jun 2011
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Watch the high quality clip or buy the complete 65 minute documentary 'Crass: There's No Authority But Yourself' online at: you don't know Crass, you don't know punk. The Sex Pistols and The Clash sold their souls to big record labels, but Crass always stayed true to their anti-corporate ideals. And guess what, Crass is still around. They live in a commune just outside of London named 'Dial House'- a safe haven for those individuals of principle who still live by the old punk slogan 'Do it yourself'. Filmmaker Alexander Oey made a filmic portrait about this last Punk stronghold called 'Crass: There's No Authority About Yourself'. This film is a Minimovie. With the MiniMovies project, SubmarineChannel explores a new narrative and visual style of documentary filmmaking.
10 Aug 2009
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Nothing like having a bunch of horny, crass friends messing up the field when all you're trying to do is get a date.
14 Oct 2007
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Here be a low budget promo i recently completed for Rough Trade, anti-folk songster Jeffrey Lewis. Its the single release from his recent album 12 Crass Songs, 12 reworkings of salient songs by 80s punk legends Crass. It was made using a cacophony of techniques from stop-mo to composited puppetry, trying to capture the darker subject of the original song whist in keeping with the more optimistic tone of Jeffreys cover.
3 Sep 2009
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MY WOMEN: A crass, crude but at times poignant Craigslist ode to love and ex's. DICTIONARY FOR DECODING: Based on a Craigslist rant: Harry the puppet teaches you how to read between the lines of an online personals ad.
6 Feb 2010
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England's long-standing racist infrastructure is revealed in this shocking documentary. Featuring Penny Rimbaud of Crass.
15 May 2007
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In this short comedy, a disillusioned teenager decides to expose the shallowness of his classmates by interviewing the most popular girl in his small-town high school. But she's not as crass as she first seems, and he's not the bundle of sensitivity he thinks he is. And when chemistry kicks in it's a surprise to them both so they do what any normal teenager would: fight it. Starring Ellie Gerber and Bryant Sands. Written and Directed by Emmett Loverde.
17 Nov 2008
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video accompanied with music from Catanic Panic music composition by Kevin Macleod mixed and produced by Alexis Pena (Goco) co-Produced by Dak Eyece directed by "DAQ E. FROST" assumed and written by Alexis Pena (Goco) American Genocide is the shipping of *"x-veterans" or the "offspring of veterans" to the Middle Eastern parts of the World for examination in environments like the U.S. Armed Forces or diligent roles like foreign exchange services. This means that you and "I" have something in common, If the people we know and care about serve the Army (serve me) or any of the other armed forces, and in common - which is the aborting of freedom - by contriving the lives of (the) menial people that subject their concerns about the condition of the World as opposed to conforming (conform) to the structure of liability living in the homeland; needless to say these "menial people" are direct products of our relevant ancestors that prove to be above suspician and legitimately opposed to the crass notions of their offsprings as it was in the 1950's when the children were subjecting their peers to black-mail and akin idle-threats to fullfill personal values as valid. "x-veterans" - returning member from any of the U.S. Armed Forces who may have been killed or have been affiliated with a former Veteran either by family relation or allied with a former Veteran by friendship or long-term relations that is now indited and serving a U.S Armed Force. Definition assumed by Alexis Pena (Goco) and adapted with and annotated by Clinton-Bush-Obama in mind.
30 Dec 2011
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Co-Author Penny Rimbaud (of Crass) provides a scathing view into England's oppressive class system.
20 May 2007
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Crass, Word Of The Day, English
9 Aug 2007
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In which I talk about why graduate school is awesome, being michael scott, getting attacked by bears, determined sperm, killing spiders, and a crass best buy employee. SUBSCRIBE! Please. Thanks. Blog! *******phdlight.blogspot****/ Movember: *******mobro***/allhailskippy GTA V Trailer: *******tinyurl****/3we29x3 Like what you see, but have ideas of how to make it better? Leave a comment or send me a message! Follow on twitter: *******twitter****/#!/jtrousd Today's Uncyclopedia: How to snowboard your way to awesomeness! Peeking through your window, you observe the snowflakes gently drifting in the fresh air and landing smoothly on the ground. It reminds you of dandruff landing on your shirt. You are witnessing the splendid spectacle of Winter, as it extends its claim over the natural realm. You think: "This winter, I want to do stuff just like the cool kids. I'll learn how to snowboard". There's nothing you'd rather do than descend the slopes gracefully on your board, nail a 360 here and there, and maybe even perform a backflip over a snow machine or a pack of polar bears, all in front of a mesmerized audience. Armed with your newly bought gear, a lot of courage and some light painkillers, you head for the slopes with a single goal firmly instilled in your psyche: learning to Snowboard your way to awesomeness! As you fall back into the chairlift, getting closer and closer to your first descent, you feverishly try to remember the fundamentals of boarding and turning (both left and right) from that snowboarding leaflet you read (or was it a water skiing manual?) As you disembark from your seat you miserably fail the turning maneuver and miss the bunny slope situated on the South side of the mountain.
4 Nov 2011
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BY NICOLE THOMPSON ANCHOR JIM FLINK You're watching multisource poltiics video news analysis from Newsy. President Barack Obama’s jobs bill got the ax in the Senate on Tuesday, but it’s not quite dead yet. So what’s next? CNN has more. “President Obama says he’s not giving up on his $447 billion jobs plan after it failed the Senate vote. The president says he’ll try to pass the plan by breaking the measure into several smaller parts.” So now, the plan is to break the American Jobs Act into pieces. Vice President Joe Biden hit the morning show circuit Wednesday to explain why. Here he is on ABC’s Good Morning America. “What we're going to do is we’re going to take that bill, in conjunction with leadership in the United States Senate, and break it out piece by piece and have the Republicans united say why they’re against giving tax breaks to small businesses, which they’ve always been for. Why they’re against giving a $1500 tax break to everybody who gets a pay stub.” The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent suggests the bill’s defeat might not be all bad for team Obama. He argues -- the plan Biden outlined could put the administration in a good strategic position. “While this was a defeat for Obama, it also gave the White House the positioning it wants for the next phase of this fight...Obama will pressure Congress to reveal whether it’s willing to take any action at all at a time of nine percent unemployment and mass economic suffering and anxiety.” So, do any of these prospective pieces have a shot at passing? The Christian Science Monitor speculates what will fly, and what won’t. “Parts that deal with tax cuts and transportation projects stand a better chance of getting enough GOP support to pass. Tax-the-rich elements and extra aid to local governments? Probably not.” Republicans aren’t taking kindly to this strategy. Republican Senator Orrin Hatch tells Fox News, this is all a game to Democrats. “Well, when are they going to quit playing crass politics? Because everybody knew the Democrats themselves were not going to support the president’s bill as written ... It would just wreck our country and make us even more in debt and more into a recession than we are right now. I wish they would quit playing politics and start talking about doing what’s right for our country.” And some analysts are fed up as well -- with MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle and Newsweek’s Tina Brown wondering -- can the government get anything done these days? “I just hate though, this whole listless, passive presidency approach. This... it feels like now the Obama administration is just running on like, 'Let’s just do things to fail and then everybody will see how bad the other side is,' you know? I mean, it’s depressing, and I want to see some seizing back of an agenda in some way.” “We’re going to delay the vote to a future date, we’re going to break it up into its component parts, vote on them one at a time. We’re sorry about your car payment you’re going to miss, and your mortgage payment you’re going to miss, but we’ll get to it in December.” According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, 52 percent of those polled say they approve of the president’s jobs plan-- 36 percent say they oppose it. Transcript by Newsy.
15 Oct 2011
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MadWorld review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of MadWorld from Platinum Games and SEGA for the Nintendo Wii. MadWorld provided a violent counterpoint to the other high profile Wii games released in 2009, and it's a shame some let the violence overshadow the game's beauty. MadWorld's argument is not for the crassness, but for the potential artistry of video games. You play as Jack, a man with a mysterious background and a chainsaw built into his arm. The gameplay is a spectacular take on a tired genre, revitalizing the 3D beat 'em up with clever gameplay mechanics. But what stole the show for us is the game's stunning look. Inspired by neo noir films and media (most notably Frank Miller's Sin City) MadWorld runs entirely in black and white, with the only respite coming in the form of thick red blood. This video review features video gameplay footage of the MadWorld for the Nintendo Wii and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
21 Oct 2012
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