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All pesticides have some level of toxicity, and pose some risk to infants and children. The risk depends on the toxicity of the pesticide ingredients and how much of the pesticide a child is exposed to. Infants and children are more sensitive to the toxic effects of pesticides than adults. An infant's brain, nervous system, and organs are still developing after birth. When exposed, a baby's immature liver and kidneys cannot remove pesticides from the body as well as an adult's liver and kidneys. Infants may also be exposed to more pesticide than adults because they take more breaths per minute and have more skin surface relative to their body weight. Children often spend more time closer to the ground, touching baseboards and lawns where pesticides may have been applied. Children often eat and drink more relative to their body weight than adults, which can lead to a higher dose of pesticide residue per pound of body weight. Babies that crawl on treated carpeting may have a greater potential to dislodge pesticide residue onto their skin or breathe in pesticide-laden dust. Young children are also more likely to put their fingers, toys, and other objects into their mouths. Because of this, it is important to minimize your child's exposure to pesticides. One way to minimize exposure to pesticides is to take an approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a pest control strategy that uses a combination of methods to prevent and eliminate pests in the most effective and least hazardous manner.
9 Sep 2017
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Our Kyiv Tours are as unique as you are! Book private city sightseeing tours and Kiev Bar Crawls on
15 Sep 2017
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Who Is Who & What Is What Since I’ve been born I started to crawl When I got older I started to fall Now I’m an adult who’s still falling down Crying out for daddy but he’s not around [Chorus] I’m a one way street A narrow minded boy Wondering Who is who and What is what I’m a one way street A narrow minded boy Wondering Who is who and What is what Walking along through the night Somebody please pick up the fight I need a love shot straight in to the hart Plenty around it aiming the target [Chorus] I’m a one way street A narrow minded boy Wondering Who is who and What is what I’m a one way street A narrow minded boy Wondering Who is who and What is what I’m a one way street A narrow minded lover Na-na-na-na-na…. (I’m a one way street) Na-na-na-na-na…. (A narrow minded lover) Na-na-na-na…. I’m a one way street Na-na-na-na…. Copyrights Auteur: marc morlock Componist: marc morlock (P) 1990
18 Sep 2017
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Amazing dog crawl! The form of the dog is phenomenal while it crawls. This could be the next dog for hit movies like Eight Below! You can teach your dog to crawl in 5 min just like this guy did!
14 Aug 2006
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Jeep buggy crawling out of a creek in Virginia
26 Feb 2007
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1951 Ford 4x4 rock crawling in Crozet Virginia
5 Mar 2007
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This is a short video of my youngest daughter first learning to crawl.
11 Apr 2007
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Kaitlyn begins crawling, still on her elbows though...
16 Apr 2007
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Crawl space designs are causing major problems. The Crawls space should not be vented the exterior. The crawl space should have a proper vapor barrier. The crawl space should be properly conditioned and de-humidified. If you smell musty odors or mold odors in home that have a crawl space, you have moisture, leakage, condensation and mold problems. For more information on this topic go to wwwhouseinvestigationscom---- good stuff. Marko Vovk
28 Aug 2007
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This tale of trepidation is a sight to behold. In the remote foothills of a Swiss mountain resort, unsuspecting mountain climbers encounter a horror from another world. Aliens have decended upon the Earth in a cloud of radioactive fog. From the fog the relentless Crawling Eyes emerge with a penchant for decapitating their victims.
4 Sep 2007
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Baby crawling
27 Dec 2007
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Baby Crawling
27 Dec 2007
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My 1st crawl Part 1
30 Dec 2007
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my 1st crawl part 2
30 Dec 2007
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baby crawling toward his ball
23 Sep 2008
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