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So, I've never told this story publicly. First – you've gotta understand, being a latin pop musician is often like being a member of the rat pack, but in spanish. Although I'd love to fancy myself as Dean Martin, let's face it – I'm prob Sammy. You could be going about your business innocently, but crazy shit happens. This is true for musicians stateside too, part of the biz – but as a Hindu I'm usually the only one without a gun. Not even sure I'd know what to do with one! On one of these crazy days, I was in Colombia and was tagging along with a friend who was creating a map of old school Escobar style mansions. Upon approaching one, he decided to ring the bell to ask if we could see the inside. An old lady answered the door and OK'd our entrance. It is important to note that my friend is american-white, although he'd lived in latin america for a while he was still very noticeably not hispanic. Within minutes of us looking around the amazing house it became quite clear that this was an active cartel house (embarrassingly not my first either, just like Sammy, I end up stumbling into these places more often than I admit) . Soon, a local guy showed up with two tourists (a retired Texan and a young Irish party-goer). Both had obviously been drinking. Did I mention it was only 2 in the afternoon? Well, the two sat down and demanded drugs and hookers -as if they were ordering sleaze from a restaurant menu. The local guy saw my friend and me, and I overheard him tell the lady of the house in spanish that we “belonged to him” and that We were paying the bill for his two gringo goons and that he should get a commission. Again, did I mention it was only 2 in the afternoon? This is when I turned to my friend and let him know that we needed to get out of there QUICKLY. However, upon trying to leave, we noticed that the front door was chained and locked shut with a giant padlock! We were trapped i
6 Oct 2017
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idiot trying to walk goalie post nd falls nd almost snapes neck
22 Oct 2007
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Big Will shows us how to skate on ice with a normal skateboard deck! He calls his sport "Iceboarding" which is now a national sport! For more Big Will videos, check out the official website of Big Will! *******www.HellaFuckedUp**** Add Big Will on Myspace! *******www.myspace****/FuckBigWill
15 Jan 2008
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Two half naked crazy guys wearing snorkeling glasses can’t get enough of PopGasm in the Carwash. Only problem: the people in the cue want this pleasure as well ;-) Praise Sunrise Avenue for the new Viagra for your Ears ;-) … www.sunriseavenue**** PS: Thanks 2 the Producer of this Video!
29 Oct 2011
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the most horrible Air crash in the world in germany
15 Aug 2007
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Karlson likes to drink russian vodka, but vodka is not very tasty. But Karlson is very clever man and he drinks Hooch with fresh taste and biautiful style.
24 Jul 2008
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Zorbing basically consists of rolling downhill inside of a huge transparent inflatable sphere. Inside there are several straps that can harness two people in place during the roll. This is a video of Laura and I testing it out.
10 Sep 2008
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2 Dec 2010
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4 May 2011
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Me doing some crazy shit
9 Jan 2007
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guy shows how to do crazy shit similar to what the drumer from all that remains does, but on your knees!
7 Mar 2007
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Saw this guy street Performing in Montreal, crazy Shit!
25 Mar 2007
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This is doing some crazy shit lol ill have a full video soon with more tricks and stuff
9 Apr 2007
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crazy shit
25 Jul 2007
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Crazy Shit !
28 Sep 2007
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