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Creationists always drag up the old 'Half an eye is useless and part of an eye is useless' ... 'as only a fully formed, fully functional eye could be of any benefit to any organism, then it "must' have been created in the formed state...' - er ... by a creator right? They seem to think it could not have evolved. All I hear with that argument is the same old circular logic but so many are blind to it. The thought that, if creationists can just come upon one thing, one particular organ or part ...
12 Apr 2009
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For my longtime subscribers, you will recognize this video as a repost, now reformatted without the apparently offending images of the holocaust, and with a voice over. Science routinely debates errors on the order of a few percent, not 6 orders of magnitude like the error of young earth creationists. Their level of inaccuracy is absurd. To download this video go to: *******www.mediafire****/?mrzituj If you want to see the original (offensive) video go to: *******www.mediafire****/?39nkgwd5vwt I'm pretty sure it was the image of the holocaust victims. Maybe someone should bring this to someone's attention, that YouTube is pulling videos that show victims of the holocaust.
6 Sep 2009
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