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We will buy your debt for £1!* We are the leading specialist company that purchases debt directly from consumers and commercial companies. We have helped thousands of sellers just like you, to clear their outstanding debt in just Two Weeks! We accept: personal or business credit card agreements, unsecured personal loans, catalogue debt secured car finance and overdrafts taken out before 1st January 2008 under consumer credit agreement or Commercial agreement. We will pay you £1.00 for each credit agreement you choose to sell. Benefits Terminating your contract sets you free Transfer takes about two weeks All Liabilities and rights/benefits will pass to us Lenders are legally required to chase us not you We take care of your balance and its data Agreements are subject to acceptance. Our standard fees are: An Admin Fee of £450 for the first debt and £350 for each subsequent debt; A Transfer Fee of 10% of the value of each debt purchased. Example: if we purchase a credit card agreement with a balance of £3,000 we will charge you: £450 + £300 = £750 (admin fee) (transfer fee) Debts we Purchase Consumer debt between £750 - 75,000: Credit Card Agreements Unsecured Personal Loans Overdrafts Catalogue Secured Car Finance Commercial debt between £5,000 - £75,000 How to Make a Sale: To make a sale you will need to complete sales forms in order for us to assess your agreements. If we decide your agreement does not qualify, you will receive a full refund. To apply:- Please contact our Business Development Team on: 0845 224 5019 for further information Or Process your Application Online, through our newly developed website CreditCardKiller (CCK) is a trading name of Momentum Network Limited. All rights reserved. CCK is not a Claims Management Company; therefore we are not regulated by the Ministry of Justice. *Subject to Terms and Conditions, we will buy your debt for £1. It is not common knowledge that the lenders wanted to settle the Rankines claims before the trial in order to sweep the issues regarding their agreements under the carpet, going to trial opened the debate on why the lenders are allowed to breach consumer laws with immunity. We could of walked away from the trial debt free if we had dropped or claims and settled and no one would have been the known that the claims we even started. The trial was a success because you are reading about how some courts and some lenders treat debtors (they are not all the same), consumers know that you can fight lenders and not loses your home or your sanity to them. We stepped up to the mark and put our necks on the line, so that many thousands of families do not have to be ashamed about their financial difficulties and can seek legal help and support to use their full legal rights. One thing is clear everyone has an opinion on this subject. When we searched on the internet for help to challenge our agreements back in November 2004, no one was there to help us, that is why we had to do it ourselves, it was not out of choice but out of necessity. We are happy that has now changed and we helped bring that about. Those in society who can have a duty to help those who can not, the strong should protect those who are weaker, if you are not part of the solution and criticise those who are; then you are part of the problem. We did not have a voice, debtors never have, debtors now have a voice and we are in the process of setting up a website where debtors can share their experiences good and bad. All the debtors’ prisons are now closed but debtors are still treated like criminals, unless you are a Bank in debt then you are given the help you need. According to Newton's 3rd law, for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. Credit Card Killer is that equal and opposite force to lenders.
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6 Jul 2019
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1-888-684-8150 Bad Credit Consolidation Loan 1-888-684-8150 Bad Credit Consolidation Loan 1-888-684-8150 Bad Credit Consolidation Loan 1-888-684-8150 Bad Credit Consolidation Loan for really bad credit. Need money to cut living expenses even if you are working full and part times jobs or looking for apartments and homes for rent or need deposit or down payment money. Turned down by other loan companies or check cashing places or auto title loan companies near me? Credit Cards consolidation loans Nationwide in in downtown Charleston WV 25301 Charleston WV 25302 Seattle WA 98101 Seattle WA 98102 Seattle WA 98103 Seattle WA 98104 Burlington VT 05401 Burlington VT 05402 Burlington VT 05405 Burlington VT 05406 Burlington VT 05408 Rutland VT 05701 Rutland VT 05702 East Montpelier VT 05651 Graniteville VT 05654 Marshfield VT 05658 Moretown VT 05660 Philadelphia, PA 19102 Philadelphia, PA 19103 Philadelphia, PA 19104 Doylestown Boroughs Bristol Chalfont Doylestown Dublin Hulmeville Pittsburgh PA 15106 Pittsburgh PA 15120 Charlotte NC 28105 Charlotte NC 28126 Charlotte NC 28130 Jersey City, NJ 07030 Jersey City, NJ 07032 Journal Square Concord NH 03301 Concord NH 03302 Concord NH 03303 Concord NH 03305 Manchester NH 03101 Manchester NH 03102 Manchester NH 03103 Manchester NH 03104 Manchester NH 03105 Manchester NH 03107 Manchester NH 03108 Manchester NH 03109 Manchester NH 03111 Nashua NH 03060 Nashua NH 03061 Nashua NH 03062 Nashua NH 03063 Nashua NH 03064 Derry NH 03038 Derry NH 03041 Lincoln NE 68516 Lincoln NE 68520 Omaha NE 68130 Omaha NE 68131 Helena Boston Louisvile Dubuque Chicago 60602 Honolulu Washington DC Georgetown Kalorama Bridgeport Denver Phoenix Glendale Juneau Anchorage Fairbanks South Boston North End Back Bay Fenway-Kenmore Downtown Boston Beacon Hill Dorchester Chinatown Boston MA 02141 Boston MA 02149 Boston MA 02150 Minneapolis MN 55111 Minneapolis MN 55401
13 Jul 2019
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27 Jul 2011
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Those people who are trying to get out of credit card debts they have to follow the Credit Card Consolidation concept. *******yourfinanciallife****.au/blog
4 Dec 2012
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1-888-684-8150 Credit Card Consolidation Loan and Debt Relief M-Sat how loan consolidation works how does loan consolidation work how does loan consolidation affect my credit how does loan consolidation affect credit how to loan consolidation how does student loan consolidation work how does payday loan consolidation work how to student loan consolidation how to get loan consolidation how to get loan consolidation with bad credit how does debt consolidation loan affect credit a consolidation loan
8 Mar 2019
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DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOANS Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Bills and debts getting a little out of hand? Lower your monthly payments by consolidating them into one low payment. You can consolidate anything. Credit cards, car loans, personal loans, second mortgages anything and everything! We have saved people Thousands of Dollars with this loan program. We will show you how to get out of debt faster, save money and get a possible tax deduction! Complete our online application. EDUCATIONAL LOANS Education Loans provide additional funding to undergraduate, graduate, MBA, law and health professions students. These loan programs are the smart way for students to round out educational financing needs by making up the difference that isn't covered by any other financial aid or loans a student may have. Students can borrow up to the full cost of their education, minus other financial aid. Supreme Advances offers competitive interest rates, combined billing, deferment options and flexible repayment plans. Apply today! Su
25 Oct 2009
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*******baddebtconsolidation.weebly****/1/post/2009/06/how-to-get-unsecured-loans-with-poor-credit.html - This is how you can start to control your credit card debt
8 Aug 2009
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*******greatmortgagesolutions**** debt assist australia
11 Jun 2011
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Debt Consolidation Loans, a thing of the Past! Stop paying your life away to your creditors... Take control of your finances and apply on line today! We offer credit card consolidation services to help you find your debt relief solution and get out of debt without... -*******debtquotes****/
21 May 2009
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*******www.debtfree-world**** Avoiding your bills is not the answer, neither is debt consolidation, neither is bankruptcy and neither is consumer proposal. There is only 1 way to eliminate your debt and that is by using a highly trained debt management expert and our highly sophisticated debt software to pay down your debt and save for retirement faster than you ever thought possible. credit card refinance attorneys bad credit bankruptcy credit cards consolidation judgement loan consolidation personal loans bankrupt personal loan credit counseling unsecured bankruptcy attorneys credit repair consolidate chapter 13 consolidation loans credit consolidation collection agency consumer credit counseling bankrupcy bankruptcy attorney bankruptcy law credit card consolidation creditors creditor bankruptcy chapter 13 credit bankruptcy personal bankruptcy consolidate credit consumer credit counseling service credit settlement filing for bankruptcy bill collector credit card bankruptcy consumer credit counseling services avoid bankruptcy bankruptcy services debit consolidation credit repair lawyer legal credit repair center debt-free
2 Jun 2009
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Credit Card Consolidation allows you to emerge from this cycle of multiple debts by clubbing all your bills into one affordable monthly payment. *******yourfinanciallife****.au/blog/
8 Feb 2013
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Debt settlement from Power Tax Relief. *******www.Power-Tax**** offers IRS debt settlement and resolution, wage garnishment relief and bank levy help services. Reduce your IRS Tax Debt: Debt settlement. Visit *******www.Power-Tax**** today or call 800-700-6948 for more information about Debt settlement. IRS tax debt relief, IRS offer in compromise, tax offer in compromise, tax late fees, IRS late fees, IRS wage garnishment, back taxes, IRS tax lien, income tax attorney, federal tax relief, tax debt relief, IRS debt settlement
12 Dec 2008
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