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Micheal Jackson's Smooth Criminal song from the title album "Moon Walker" turned into a parody video called "Smooth Little Dude" that takes place in the house from the movie "Home Alone" starring Macaulay Culkin.
8 Jan 2018
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Hiring a defense attorney will help in evading the long-term effect as well as make the process easier for individuals. In reality, the criminal attorney has the knowledge of the consequences so they can find the best way to defend their clients.
11 Jan 2018
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When choosing a criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City to help you with your claim, it is wise to review what they can do for you. At The Zabriskie Law Firm Salt Lake City, UT, we have decades of combined legal experience, having helped hundreds of people successfully win their cases. Address:- 299 S Main St, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Phone:- 801-955-9500
11 Jan 2018
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Toby Keith explains the details of his master plan.
20 Dec 2017
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An attorney has the knowledge and idea of how to deal their client's situation. In fact, you can contact the Hayes law firm in order to get the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. The professional at this law firm provides the guidance to their clients in every step of the way.
21 Dec 2017
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This parrot is so criminal it can kill you through hours of laughter. The sound of laughter it mimics matches totally laughter of a supervillain.
11 Jan 2018
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From: Daiva Balcikonyte To: bex dawkins; Stacey Etwareea Sent: 31 August 2017 07:39 Subject: Dear Bex and Stacey Dear Bex and Stacey, I would like to be compensated for the following matters that had happened yesterday, 30 August 2017: 1. For Leanda Augustin suspending me for no proper reason at all 2. For her making the need for me to go to poo so distressed and offended as if I went to the loo to waste the time on purpose and if went to do something grossly criminal 3. For her writing additional illegal deductions from my wages on the rota 4. For her stating twice the amount of time I was in the bathroom, on the rota 5. For her divesting my legal right to a a copy of the rota 6. For her assaulting me by grabbing the rota from my hands by force 7. For her accusing me and criminating me that I assaulted her 8. For her not apologising that she assaulted me 9. For her divesting my legal right to a written notice of suspending me, so I could leave the building during my shift 10. For her threatening me with security police in order to escort me from the building 11. For her making me feel like a criminal to be thrown out of the building 12. For her ignoring me when I spoke and explained reasons why I need those documents before I leave the building 13. For her ignoring me to such an extent that I had to repeat my requests to her a dozen times jet she kept ignoring me 14. For her shouting at me and causing me a headache and for raising my voice so she could hear me explaining to her 15. For her not stating any legal reasons why I was told to leave the building while my shift has not ended 16. For her ignoring the security’s confirmation that I am right 17. For her making such drastic decisions without making a meeting about it, without consulting any other manager about it
20 Dec 2017
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Sweden shows criminal and mischievous disdain for the concept of innocent until proven guilty.
20 Dec 2017
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Although shops may think they are saving money by ditching staff in favour of automated systems, in fact, the amount of money lost through theft rockets has increased after the introduction of self-checkouts. Criminologists warn that self-service checkouts has turned honest shoppers into thieves. Criminologists found that the cost of stolen items more than doubles after the introduction of self-scanning. However, it is not just criminals taking advantage of the lax security. The report found that people who are usually honest resort to theft simply because they can, and do not feel it is as wrong when there is no human interaction. The frustrations many people feel at the self-service till may also lead shoppers to feel justified in stealing while technology gives offenders ‘ready-made excuses’ for failing to scan items.
2 Jan 2018
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As every day passes, hacking is turning into a more automated process, enabling incompetent computer users to wind up plainly effective cyber criminals. The attempt required downloading hacking software and getting it up and running is worryingly low. A viable type of defense against these automated cyber attacks is regular vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. A cyber security penetration testing permits numerous attack vectors to be investigated against a similar target. Normally penetration testing is the combination of data or vulnerabilities crosswise over various frameworks that will prompt a successful compromise. Penetration testing methodology should be led relies on how appealing your business is to hackers, yet continuous security penetration testing is the best. Visit updates and fixes may address existing vulnerabilities; however, they additionally introduce new ones. TestOrigen successfully providing best penetration testing services using well planned open source as well as commercial penetration testing tools, So connect with us today
10 Jan 2018
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Woody Allen in a classic interview, explaining to the host why his dream when he was a child was to be a professional criminal. If nothing else, his hair is incredibly hilarious.
19 Jun 2006
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In this edition of The World's Dumbest Criminals, a guy was caught with a fake ID with Brad Pitt's picture on it. How stupid can you be?!
5 Jul 2006
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Criminal wars since the early childhood. There is no place to live and there is nothing to eat. For them to kill - easier than to use a new doze of drugs. No fear, No mercy! They are Criminals. But They are not guilty in the destiny, they are victims of a society.
3 Feb 2007
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You can't bug or eavesdrop these modern criminals
15 May 2007
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Clips from Final Fantasy 8,9,10,10-2,7 Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts with the song Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm
24 Jul 2007
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