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Kiss love gun bass cover video New York quartet of rock music formed in 1972 by the Americans Peter Criss (Peter Crisscoula, 1947), Gene Simmons (Gene Klein, 1949), Ace Frehley (Paul Frehley, 1951) and Paul Stanley Kiss love gun bass cover video (Paul Eisen, 1951). Undoubtedly one of the most respected hard rock bands in the history of this genre, throughout their long career they obtained seventeen gold albums and the idolatry of a legion of admirers; their immense popularity led them to be even protagonists of a comic. Kiss love gun bass cover video Kiss Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley contacted drummer Peter Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley through an advertisement in the newspaper in the early seventies. Under the influence of the avalanche of glam-rock, they adopted a mise-en-scène with big platform shoes, glam dress and lots of makeup, which also allowed them to remain anonymous. Kiss love gun bass cover video They released their first album in 1974 (Kiss), and by 1975 they had already introduced a single in the top fifteen of the charts. Rock 'n' roll all night entered the number twelve, as well as the LP they recorded live, Alive !, which reached the ninth position in the North American charts, and which constituted their first great hits at national level. Kiss love gun bass cover video In the year 1976 its live presentation took place in the United Kingdom, and Destroyer, a classic album in its discography, was quickly introduced in the lists of this country. That same year, Frehley suffered an electric shock during a concert in California, although fortunately he suffered no serious injuries. Kiss love gun bass cover video A year later, in 1977, came out the comic b
25 Jan 2019
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Kiss deuce bass cover video With Simmons and Stanley as survivors, they released their sixteenth LP, Asylum, in 1985, which was placed in the top twenty on both sides of the Atlantic. Crazy Nights was the biggest success of Kiss in the UK: both the single and the album of the same title reached the fourth position in the British charts. Kiss deuce bass cover video It was the year 1987; from then on his sales began to decline as the decade ended, although his record business did not cease completely; clear example of it is Revenge, published in the year 1992, or Alive III, live album released in the year 1993. Kiss deuce bass cover video Kiss in his always spectacular performances Kiss deuce bass cover video Recently the original line-up of Kiss (Simmons, Stanley, Criss and Frehley) released an album (Kiss unplugged) recorded in the studio, but with an audience, in which the classic songs of the band Kiss deuce bass cover video recorded with acoustic sound appear. After this experience, the four members dedicated the years 1996 and 1997 to a gigantic world tour in which they acted with the glam image that characterized them before (makeup included) and that was a resounding success in the already long career of the band. Kiss deuce bass cover video Transvestism, ambiguity and equivocation have occupied a position of great relevance in the world of rock. Kiss deuce bass cover video The term glam rock (glam is the abbreviation of glamor, which means fascination, charm) defines precisely a genre that made the image of its flag, Kiss are one of the essential names of this trend, if not for its quality yes for the popularity that they reached. Kiss deuce bass cover video Formed in
25 Jan 2019
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Mobile: 0950-817-3720 Photo: Criss Video: Romar Wedding Location: Malachi Hotel & Resort Infanta Quezon Reception: Malachi Hotel & Resort Infanta Quezon
12 Feb 2019
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This is Criss doing his Deja Vu trick.
23 Mar 2006
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Watch one of Criss Angel's amazing tricks!
2 Apr 2006
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Watch a few of Criss Angel's amazing tricks! World's #1 Magician!
27 Mar 2006
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The cat does not want to drink the milk created by the great Criss
27 Mar 2006
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Watch one of Criss Angel's amazing tricks!
28 Mar 2006
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Cool compilation of all the strange things that criss just love to show us.
10 Sep 2006
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Levitation trick revealed! Always wanted to know how the 'magic powers' of Criss Angel and other magicians work? Check this out!
8 Oct 2007
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Criss Angel puts his arm through a passerby in a Vegas nightclub. Like him or not, you have to admit this guy is a great performer.
8 Aug 2006
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This is the Criss Angel Mindfreak tv show intro.
11 Jul 2006
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