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Crocket's theme cover played bij Snikhaas on korg PA-50
6 May 2010
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In the shadow of C & H Sugar Co. in Crockett CA is the notorious CLUB TAC where Jon Hammond Trio played twice weekly for 6 months in 1998 when Jon returned from living in Europe. On the band: Bob Scott drums of Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks & Willie Nelson Band, Barry Finnerty gtr. of Crusaders, Miles Davis, Brecker Brothers Band and Jon Hammond at the B3, Host of daily radio program HammondCast KYOURADIO special thanks Pete Fallico of Doodlin' Lounge for camera and Pat & Sand Moriarty for keeping the gig going ©2008 *******www.HammondCast**** 1336 Pomona Avenue, Crockett, CA 94525
9 Feb 2009
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homie scrap
7 Dec 2010
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MTV Wild ‘N Out asset, video. Affion Crocket grills Nick about his sales in this clip. Tune in to Wild ‘N Out with Nick Cannon, as he brings his improv-style television show back for another season. In every episode, Nick and his team battle it out against a celebrity contender. Wild ‘N Out airs every Thursday at 10pm, only on MTV. *******wildnout.mtv**** From Wiredset Digital Agency.
14 Jun 2007
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The Crocket Foundation, Teamwork Ent., Gerry Kelly and the MI-VI Family Presents: NFL Players Superbowl Party MI-VI Gulfstream Park & Casino Saturday February 6th, 2010 starting at 10pm Musical orchestration by Superstar DJ IRIE and DJ Vertigo Hosts and Guest include: Henri and Zach Crockett, Edgerin James, Nnamdi Asomugha, Randy Moss, Duane Starks, EJ Henderson, Antonio Dixon, Eddie Jones, Stephen Jackson, Lance Briggs, William Joseph, Renaldo Hill, Ty Law, OJ Mcduffie, Sebastian Janikowski, Clint Session and Tony Gonzalez. Pre-sale tickets www.wanttickets****, Info and table reservations 888-743-2281 or 954-457-6464 or send emails to nflplayerspartygmail**** or go to MI6ent****
18 Jan 2010
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'Crocket Can Chaser'; this saddle has everything you need in a racer, style, great design and lightweight. It has rough out border tooling on fenders and side jockeys ---hand tooled waffle and floral tooling. It has a suede seat and a rawhide wrapped horn with a silver laced natural rawhide cantle. Rough Out Shooter Saddle by American Saddlery in their Texas Best Line of Fine saddles. Get in the Shooter Sport with this Classic style 'Shooter' designed for this fast and exciting Wild West Action! *******saddledomain****/American-Saddlery.html
19 Oct 2011
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The Panasonic Lumix G5 mirrorless camera is coming. On this episdoe of GeekBeat Photo, Will Crocket gives the straight talk about this interesting little camera. The SMARTER Photographers want to know if the Panasonic Lumix G5 mirrorless camera is the right one for them. It's the replacement for the popular G3 and is loaded with creative photo and video filter presets designed to create quality images with a sense of style.
30 Aug 2012
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5 Jul 2013
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Warning, this may scare you. It scares me. But it also is amusing, so i'm posting it xD Keep an eye out for: XL Torque Zurg Hornets XR LGMs Grubs Ranger Rocket Crocket (?) Warp Darkmatter Booster Mira Sally Various diplomats and Space Rangers King Nova Grounder Commander Nebula Gravatina The Gargantuans Wirewolf NOS-4-A2 And other random characters (if you see any I missed, feel free to tell me) From the episode "War and Peace War"
23 Jul 2008
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Here are Nora Aunor, Victor "Cocoy" Laurel, and Don Johnson in the Filipino motion picture "Lollipops and Roses" (Premiere Productions Inc., 1971). Nora Aunor plays Nora, a young Filipina girl who comes to America to attend college; Cocoy Laurel plays Victor, a young Fil-Am who falls in Love with Nora; and Don Johnson plays Frankie, Victor's best friend and rival for Nora's affections. Also in the scene is Ruben Rustia as Mr. Enriquez. Nora Aunor, or "Ate Guy" (big sister Guy) as she's known to her fans, was one of the Philippines biggest dramatic stars until she went into semi-retirement and now lives in Los Angeles. Cocoy Laurel was a big teen idol in the Philippines in the 1970s and is the son of the late former Philippine Vice-President Salvador Laurel and the Uncle of popular Philippine teen star Denise Laurel. Cocoy spends most of his time nowadays doing musical theater, most notably playing the engineer in the London production of "Miss Saigon". Don Johnson, a struggling young Hollywood actor in 1971, would later shoot to worldwide superstardom playing Detective Sonny Crocket on the groundbreaking hit TV show "Miami Vice" for which he won the Golden Globe best actor award in 1985. In the 90s, he was in another hit TV show called "Nash Bridges" where he played a San Francisco police inspector, which ran for about seven seasons. Today, after the cancellation of his latest television series "Just Legal", Don spends most of his time raising a family with his new wife, San Francisco socialite and school teacher Kelly Phlegler.
24 Jul 2008
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Mr. Methane Farts Blue Danube - See Mr. Methane cutting a track from his best selling album mrmethane**** In the the famous Doghouse river side studio on the banks of the river Thames in Oxfordshire. Mr. Methane is just one of the many notable acts to uitilise this unique and very special facility. Other notable acts include. Annuals Babyshambles Bad Company Charlie Chuck Cobolt 60 Coldplay Cube Dr. John Dustin's Bar Mitzvah Echo and the Bunnymen Ed Hammill Foreigner Gene Loves Jezebel Henry Gray Hot Club de Paris Ian McCulloch It Bites Jalal Neurodin Jason Kelly (Kealer) John Power (Cast) Jim Capaldi Jon Lord Judas Priest Kate Nash Kava Kava Killing Joke Kiss of the Gypsy Legs Larry Smith Little Buddha Loves Young Nightmare Llama Farmers Marie Claire D'Baldo Mark Owen Martin Phillipps & The Chills Mary Hopkins Morning Runner Porcupine Tree Psyched up Janis Pure Reason Revolution Roddy Frame Rolf Harris Sam Brown Seafood Silver Starsailor Steve Marriot Stiff Little Fingers Supermodel Supersmile Tandoori Cassette The Alarm The Belltower The Crockets The Open The Subways This Funk Rick Wakeman Vitamin Z Producers like it's great sound qualities and creatively tranquil setting. Producers who've been there include. Ian Caple Alan Douglas The Eskimos / F.A.F (cap-com music) Mike Hurst Mick Jones - (The Clash) Mick Jones - (Foreigner) John Leckie Craig Leon Clive Martin Julian Mendelsohn Terry Thomas Cenzo Townsend Mark Van Hoen Adam Whittaker George Williams Youth Barrie Barlow AKA Barriemore Barlow No wonder it's popular with labels such as. Atlantic BBC Beggars Banquet Blue Dog Cooking Vinyl East West Edel EMI London Moody Fish Mushroom Parlophone Phonogram Polydor Rough Trade Sony Warners Zomba To find out more or make a booking visit www.thedoghousestudio******
3 Feb 2009
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Have A Nice Day.A Smash From 1972.The 70's Was A Unique Decade.It Was Like A Combination Of The 50's And 60's.But Real Liberal And Wacky.The Music Was The Same.Some Awful Bubblegum. The De Franco Family, The Osmonds.Some Of That Junk Was Terrible .But There Were Some Catchy Songs.This Was One Of Them.Daniel Boone? Where's Davey Crocket? This Thing From The Forgettable Or Unforgettable 70's Is Good. I Thought The 70's Was A Great Decade For Music.Better Than The 80's,90's and 0's.That's A Great Term For Music This Decade.Zero. I Know The Bands Can Make Great Music.There's A Lot Of Talent Out There.Anyway,I Love This Song And Where Is Davey Crocket?
24 Oct 2009
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I've taken nuclear blasts from the smallest sub-kiloton to the monstrous "Tsar Bomba" and put them in a nice montage to music. They are grouped by size, sub-kiloton, including the famous "Davy Crocket" launch witnessed by Robert Kennedy, low kiloton weapons, including the remarkable footage of a Soviet underwater test. Then we have the mid kiloton range, where I have put footage of Crossroads Able, Redwing Seminole, and several other hard to find videos into. Then, high leval kiloton weapons, including some beautiful footage of the Soviet "Sloika" test, and remarkable footage of a British test taken from the plane that dropped the bomb. In the low megaton section I have both the Soviet and British first thermonuclear tests, now that's some rare footage! High megatons consist of the American Ivy and Castle series, with some beautiful shots of Castle Bravo and Romeo. Then, all by it's lonesome, the Tsar! 57 Megatons of pure fury! Music may be a bit loud for some, but it just seemed appropriate.
9 Mar 2011
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So much butter you'll get a heart attack... Tricks in order of appearance: Ryan Sheckler - Gnarly Kickflip over a fence into a Costco parking lot Shane O'neill - nollie 360 double flip cian eades - Switch laser double flip Schuyler Ricketts - huge backside 180 Jimmy Carlin - 360 Hardflip Josiah Gatlyn - big kickflip Chris Haslam - Wall ride bs lip slide Sean Malto - Sick backside over crook Tyler Bledsoe - Big flip over carlsbad grass gap Chris Cole - nollie backside 360 heel flip over big 3 block RIP Shane Cross - insane fs crooked grind down El Toro Bryan Herman - giant hardflip Chris Cole - 360 kickflip to tail snap the Carlsbad gap PROD - Buttery backside kickflip nose blunt David Gravette - Long 5050 Jake Duncombe - 5050 board stall nose grind skate and create PJ Ladd - fakie halfcab heel to K grind nollie fs shove out PJ Ladd - Switch kick flip backside tailslide 360 shove out PJ Ladd Fakie half cab flip crooked grind bs 180 Jimmy Carlin - grande Varial Heel down 6 flat 6 gilbert crocket.- high kickflip big pop Cory Kennedy - Bigspin double flip Cory Kennedy - Nollie late front foot double flip Cory Kennedy - bs 360 double flip pyramid hip Cory Kennedy - Switch laser double flip killing it Ryan Sheckler - nice tre flip over stairwell Paul Rodriguez - butter backside noseblunt flat hubba in New York Cory Kennedy - Merlin Twist at the Berrics Andrew Rynolds - Epic and historical backside flip down the Wallenberg 4 vincent luevanos - Textbook hard flip for the homies Cory Kennedy - switch BIG flip Arto Saari - buttery backside lipslide Greg Lutzka - frontside 360 kickflip off a kicker Cory Kennedy - Merlin twist/ switch 360 impossible thing Andrew Reynolds - bs 360 Mike Mo Capaldi - fakie big flip manual backside flip out Leo Romero - far fs gap to kgrind Devin Appelo - 5050 roof to big drop danny cerezini - hard flip front side blunt red bench Josiah Gatlyn - killing it high tre bomb to fakie old berrics quarter pipe ryan decenzo - huge switch frontside 180 Torey Pudwill - crazy laser flip down the Santa Monica triple set Lewis Marnell - perfect fakie Hardflip Bastien Salabanzi - insane fakie full cab double flip bolts Felipe Gustavo - Switch Backside tail down a hubba ledge Tommy Sandoval - bs nose blunt skate and create Ray Maldonado - fs blunt loco big flip out Shane Oneill - Bigger flip/ 540 shoveit to fakie Paul Trep - nice switch double heel jordan hoffart - Far 360 flip over street gap P Rod - switch 360 flip Andrew Reynolds - Boss status kickflip Sick skaters not in this video that you should check out: Chaz Ortiz Rodney Mullen Dylan Rieder Daewon Song Danny way Bob Burnquist So many more
29 Jun 2011
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Love this scene from the Alamo. The song is called Deguello de Crocket. Note* - Folks please don't message me accusing to be some stupid Texan...yadayadayada. I put this music up solely for the song. There is understandably a lot of passionate feelings on both sides about the Alamo, about the Texas Revolution, etc. But it's been almost 200 years now...Personally I say get over it. Again, I put this scene up only because I love the scene.
18 Sep 2011
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SONG- Prince Negaafellaga - Introduction (Feat.Starcrimes,A-Million) Tricks listed of skaters who did it and what was done. Shane O'neill - Switch flip switch bs tail switch big flip out Riley Hawk - Front bluntslide bs 270 flip out Chris Cole - Bs 180 switch 50 switch big heel out Chris Cole - Fakie bs bluntslide fakie big flip out Paul Rodriguez - Bs tail big heel out Paul Rodriguez - Nollie late flip down 11 stairs Paul Rodriguez - Switch bs tail switch inward heel out Rodney Mullen - Tre flip fs darkslide suvit out Rodney Mullen - Treflip bs darkslide suvit out to fakie Rodney Mullen - Nose manual nollie 360 suvit to manual to ollie to nose manual to nollie flip out Ryan Sheckler - Fakie bs 270 to bs lip to fakie Shane O'neill - Nollie double tre flip Donovan Strain - Double Hard flip to manual Adlemo Jr - Switch inward heel rewind Cory Kennedy - Double big flip Cory Kennedy - Nollie late double flip Cory Kennedy - Double kickflip 360 Cory Kennedy - Switch double lazer flip Jason Dill - Switch fs 180 to manual bs 360 out Paul Rodriguez - Nollie late flip to bs crook Adlemo Jr - Nollie inward heel rewind Marc Johnson - Switch fs noseblunt to bs noseblunt to fakie Arto Saari - Bs lipslide Torey Pudwill - back tail bs 270 kick flip out Cory Kennedy - Merlin mic twist down Berrics 7 stair Paul Rodriguez - Nollie bs 180 late flip down 8 stair Paul Rodriguez - Nollie hard flip down 11 stairs David Gravette - Long 5050 Spencer Hamilton - Fakie fs flip down 15 stairs Andrew Reynolds - Varial heel down Hollywood High 16 stair Andrew Pott - Massive hard flip Greg Myers - Nollie bs flip down Rincon 4 block Robbie Brockel - Gazelle flip 10 stairs Devin Appelo - Bs 5050 to big drop Ryan Sheckler - Kick flip Cory Kennedy - Switch heel switch late suvit Andrew Reynolds - Bs flip down Wallenberg Derrick Wilson - Nollie heel down Hollywood High 16 stair Ryan Dezenzo - Nollie down El toro 20 stair Ryan Sheckler - 5050 kick flip out Andrew Reynolds - Fakie 360 down 15 stairs Jamie Tancowny - Kick flip Ryan Sheckler - Tre flip Andrew Reynolds - Fakie fs flip Carlsbad gap Sean Malto - Hardflip 16 stair ANDREW REYNOLDS - SWITCH BACKSIDE HEELFLIP DOWN CARLSBAD GAP Bryan Herman - Hard flip down Bercy 5 block Vincent Luevanos - Hard flip Andrew Reynolds - Bs 360 down Bercy 5 block Andrew Reynolds - Bs heel down Bercy 5 block Dave Bachinsky - Kick flip El toro 20 stair Andrew Reynolds - Kickflip down Roessler Hall Devin Apello - Tuck knee down Roessler Hall Ryan Dezenzo - Switch fs 180 down Roessler Hall Greg Myers -Kick flip huge gap Andrew Reynolds - Fs flip down 17 Bust or Bail stairs Ryan Sheckler - Bs flip down 17 Bust or Bail stairs Ryan Sheckler - Tre flip 17 Bust or Bail stairs Ryan Sheckler - Hard flip down 17 Bust or Bail stairs Andrew Reynolds - Varial heel down 17 Bust or Bail stairs Cian Eades - Switch double lazer down 4 blocks Jimmy Carlin - Fakie hard flip Jimmy Carlin - Fakie bs big heel Jimmy Carlin - 360 hard flip Jimmy Carlin - Varial heel down 6 flat 6 Gilbert crocket.- Kick flip down 6 flat 6 Sascha Daley - Bs Kick flip down 5 flat 5 flat 5 Ryan Sheckler - Kick flip down Marblehead gap Thank you to SasdiSkate, MatieuTV1, luke72801, BurntCatMedia, and any other people i used video clips from
4 Jan 2012
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