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Have you ever wondered how crop circles were made? Well maybe this is it.
4 Apr 2006
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Some amazing UK crop circles found on Google Earth. To view these yourself, check out
8 Dec 2006
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Former, 4 star General reveals hidden coordinates:[53 31'54.12N, 1 21'24.84W] Crop Circles in the United Kingdom. Status: unknown, possible hoax, see flight records for region.
26 Dec 2006
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a unique crop circle viewed with Google Earth in a corn field in Oregon.
21 Jan 2007
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an impromptu live creation at the new crop circle in wexcombe, wiltshire warning: full of amp hiss & sun sizzle ox is a term for earth ford is a synonym for fraud the rest as they say is history (his-story) sounds ~ prashant trivedi sights ~ asha
10 Jun 2007
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from Brian Brushwood's lecture, "Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural." Some interesting history about the guys who started the current crop circle craze
28 Jun 2007
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My favorites Crop Circles on Google Earth. Are they extraterrestrial signs? maybe..or maybe not. Without doubt they are interesting and artistic land formations. As you can see there are all the coordinates for your benefit. Enjoy this video, and please share it if you like it.
1 Nov 2007
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nice crop circles
6 Nov 2007
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This is a short video teaser for the feature film "The Wake Up Call Anybody Listening?" Tour the Crop Circles of England and learn about Megalithic Stone Formations. This is the best film about Crop Circles ever..
13 Dec 2007
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This is a 'teaser' for the best film ever made about Crop Circles.
15 Dec 2007
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A new crop circle in South Korea features two figure-8 patterns which are said to correlate with lunar cycles. Lim Chang Rok sent the image in to Crop Circle Connector, where you can learn more about this intriguing formation. Circles - What is behind all this? Solar Grand Plan - Scientific American Magazine
24 Jun 2008
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Areal view of a Madrid crop circle.
9 Feb 2009
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People discover a crop circle in spain. wikipedia says that "crop circles is a term used to describe patterns created by the flattening of crops such as wheat, barley, rapeseed (also called "canola"), rye, corn, linseed and soy. The term was first used by researcher Colin Andrews to describe simple circles he was researching. Since 1990 the circles evolved into complex geometries..."
4 Jul 2008
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2:31 Appearing in Wiltshire on the 8/8/8 does this huge crop circle show the arrival of Planet X. Could this be at the Galactic Plane in 2012? The last image is the mile wide craft we witnessed in 1998
28 Aug 2008
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These are the crop circles that don't have explanations for how did they occur or when do they occur.
10 Nov 2008
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Recent crop circles in the U.K. seem to be about a giant solar flare occurring soon. And a prophecy of the Bible Book of Revelation and also Isaiah in the Old Testament on the possibility of a giant solar flare scorching the earth with great heat. The sun seems to not be following its normal cycle, where there are very few sunspots over the last year, so an unusual solar flare is possible.Copyright 2009 by T. Chase. From the web site, for more on this see (Revelation 13: Prophecies of the Future, Astrology, Nostradamus, Bible Prophecy, the King James version English Bible Code).
6 Jul 2009
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