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Rare Hybrids from around the world. Very Very Strange.
28 Oct 2006
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Opening with A dude who has a little dude badge of himself we go straight into some farrell edmonds moment in his crazy shirt
11 Jan 2007
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We can see a MALE PIG trying to hump a MALE DOG. At least I have never seen this COMBO before...Wish I had a cam recorder at that moment. The pig was making futile attempts for almost 10 minutes !
24 Jan 2007
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My husky trying a cross-breed with a Rottweiler
14 Dec 2006
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This may be nothing big to alot of you, but here is my dog. He goes CRAZY over an empty water bottle. I havent seen anything like it. I think he is german shepherd, but he is real short, and aint getting any bigger, so i think he may be a cross breed. Be sure to check out part 1 and 2
17 May 2007
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It is a cross-breed between Lion and Tiger
16 Dec 2007
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we are proud citizens of India.Based in Bangalore.My dog Chintu its a cross breed of saint bernald and lab.just 3 months when uploading this video.he likes to watch the pet show call Heavy petting in NDTV GOOD TIMES.Just watch him ,he is watching the dogs running in the TV.
30 Nov 2009
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Cross-breeding movie names to stump your friends - it's Media Mashup!
1 Dec 2011
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Lots of <b>funny</b> photoshopped cross breeding <b>animals</b>! Thay look so real, great photoshop. Some examples are bird-dog hybrid, snake-cat hybrid, frog-crocodile hybrid, panda-tiger hybrid, etc. Imajine if they are real. I didn't photoshop them myself, just put here for fun. So <b>funny</b>, just enjoy!
25 May 2009
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You will see many <b>animals hybrid</b> or cross-breeding pics. Some famous examples are liger (male lion-female tiger), geep (goat-sheep), zorse (zebra-horse), etc. Enjoy, just unbelievable. All of them are real! NO PHOTOSHOP.
10 Mar 2009
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this video contains very unique types of hybrid animals once in a lifetime chance seeing this video i'm sure it will blow your mind away... and I hope you enjoy... Comment Rate Subscribe!!!
7 Sep 2009
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SUBSCRIBE for more animal videos! Yes, ligers and tigons are real. While less common than the liger, tigons are also bred for lives of exploitation as money makers. Whiles there are differences between them, they share most of the same health problems due to the incomplete DNA and are bred for the same reasons: Money and Greed. Unfortunately, the people breeding ligers and tigons lie about their problems. This is because they use them as money makers and if people knew the truth, they would not pay to see them. One of the most famous exploiters has over 100 violations of the animal welfare act and works at an unaccredited facility. He lies to the public so he can gain public support. It is a shame when a person in power uses lies to con people into supporting him. You choose who you want to believe, accredited sanctuaries and zoos, or an animal abuser? (I cannot give his name out here, but if you like I can send it to you in a private message). Fortunately there are many organizations now speaking out about this horrible breeding, and leading the public to being educated about this issue. Many animal sanctuaries, and even some zoos are now taking steps to educate about the cruelties of this breeding. I care very much about this issue because I do not believe animals should be bred to suffer such health problems and live for exploitation purposes. Most do not live past the first 12 weeks. It saddens me to know that some people can take advantage of animals so easily. The tigons in this video were rescued from a circus by the National Zoo in Canberra. The National Zoo in Canberra is very much against this breeding for the reasons stated in the video. They, along with Steve J, provided the pictures for this video. Thanks for watching, Michele If you agree with this message, please consider sharing this video so others can learn of this horrible practice as well. WANT TO LEARN ABOUT LIGERS? ***********/watch?v=wKYILLEdy5s Music Provided By: NathanWillsMusic
10 Jan 2010
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Breeding good mules is a science, and Tom from the Cedar Hill Ranch is a leader when it comes to breeding quality mules. There is a wealth of MULE information from Tom who we plan to visit at Cedar Hill Ranch in Falkland to see the mules on the ranch and also Tom has a pet buffalo.
5 Feb 2010
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The SBT has been copping a bit of flack in the media, being targeted as dangerous and 'statisticaly' rating as one of the highest biters/attackers. The trouble is, how are these statistics gathered? Who decides the difference between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, An American Staffordshire Terrier, A Pit Bull, or any Cross Breeds for that matter? A recent article reported that an SBT was the offender, when in actual fact the picture they used for an example of the breed was an AmStaff... this highlights precisely that the media are pretty slap happy when preparing their articles and don't research these cases completely. They are looking for BIG headlines, and a quick blame solution.. Unfortunately it is ultimately the dogs that end up suffering. This video is not about shifting blame from one breed to the next, its about recognising that it is not the dog or the breed that are the problem, but the OWNERS. Afterall, who do the dogs learn from? We need to 're-educate' the public, our families, and even the media. Its about promoting "Responsible Ownership" - choosing the 'right' dog for your lifestyle, being dedicated to providing training and guidance, and learning how to be a strong leader. As you will see in the video, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most loving and kindest of breeds, they are a family dog, who need to be included, loved and treated with respect... give them this and they will be your friend for life... Thank you to all at Bull Breeds Online & Petbizzo who generously donated pictures for this video, even if we can reach just a few people with our message, it will have been worth it.
4 Jan 2009
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There have been reports that this thing dancing in the underground subway stations of New York City may actually be a shrinking Michael Jackson, broke and looking for crack dollars. There have been various reports that this may be Michael Jackson's son, after one too many drops on his head. As well, this may be a brother or sister that is a cross breed between Michael's father and a midget hooker. Michael Jackson is a legacy that lives on through little people broke, hungry, high on crack, and dancing wonderfully in subway stations around the world.
29 Apr 2009
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More info on the Reptilians! stereo ;) ! i forgot to add just after "they came from another universe and were dumped to Orion, Draco...." then "they claim this universe as theirs to rule, as this is what they are told in their ancient history." also, some Reptilians are benevolent or in a Spiritual path, a minority. --------------------------------------- tags: Alien Aliens Races race reptilians reptoids reptoid dracos draco prime atral reptilians 4th density dimension telepathy cloaking hybrids reptiles cross breeding space travel cool intriguing nasa universes scaled creatures chakras grid net shape-shifting planet X 2012 shadowy elite clones cloning leaders mars orion rigel draco
7 Sep 2009
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