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Info from Licensor: "I had just entered the car-park of my work when I witnessed something I had never seen before. It was a line of over 150 worms crossing the road in single file. I grabbed my phone and started videoing the amazing sight. I had heard of these worms doing this but not to this scale. It was sort of a freak of nature."
31 Oct 2017
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BASIC INSTINCT - Sharon Stone Hot Leg Cross Scene
8 Nov 2017
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A small clip from the bike tour video of 4 friends which covered one of road located in India's Pangi valley. For full video check YouTube channel "BusyJanta"
26 Oct 2017
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Watch this dude ignoring completely the signals for not crossing the train track and crossing it on a bicycle. Unbelievably he was uninjured.
25 Oct 2017
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1 Nov 2017
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Black-cats are believed to bring bad luck to others if they cross your way. But looks like this kitty crossed its own way somehow!
24 Oct 2017
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Watch how he crosses the border-wall easily between Mexico and US. He even goes back to take a backpack. Do the walls need a bit changing?
26 Oct 2017
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An elderly person crossed his boundary and punched a man couple of times and even in the balls. The reply is more than what he asked for.
26 Oct 2017
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This guy nearly killed himself at a keg throwing contest by an unsuccessful cross which bounced back at his neck nearly breaking his head.
28 Oct 2017
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This group of four kittens is unstoppable and very agile and too adorable. There is no hurdle that they can’t cross together.
2 Nov 2017
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The Tesla autopilot system for cars is so smart that it can detect a crash and avoid it. It literally saved passengers in the car and wild animal crossing the roads as you can see in this video.
9 Nov 2017
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Dude got slammed into a car for crossing the road recklessly, now Bellevue Police Department has a case on him and searching for this pedestrian.
10 Nov 2017
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