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3 Oct 2008
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See more at exercise-videos.megafitness**** Top Rated exercise videos with customer reviews. If you’re on a mission to flatten your belly, firm your thighs, lift your butt and get your body fighting fit then it’s time for Belly, Butt
13 Oct 2008
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18 Oct 2008
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Tanya Stroh, the creator of TanyaStroh****, talks about how to get the most from your abs workout
25 Nov 2008
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When these people get unemployed they will do anything, like selling their car and wife!
6 Feb 2009
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6 Feb 2009
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A video message from Gordon Brown to debt campaigners gathered in Birmingham to mark ten years of the campaign. Visit: for more.
1 Mar 2009
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22 Feb 2009
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Gordon Brown's famous save the world speech. If you've got debt problems, sort them out once and for all. Visit *******www.debtshifter**** for more info
18 Mar 2009
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Cameron vs PM Gordon Brown on debt Problems
5 Aug 2010
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Experts Say Credit is More Available Now Than In 2008 March 2009 - Most new car buyers need to borrow to pay for a new car, but the mortgage meltdown has tightened available credit, and has also led to dramatically lower new car sales. Despite challenging credit conditions in the auto industry over the past year, carmakers say financing availability has improved in 2009 as banks have received financial relief from the government. So credit-worthy buyers are getting approved. The good news, according to Edmunds****, is that now is a fantastic time to shop for a new car. Most manufacturers are offering great deals, making new cars better deals than many used cars. To ensure getting great financing options like zero percent offers, or bank or credit union loans, Edmunds advises checking your credit rating before you shop, and make as big a down payment as you can. Produced for General Motors
2 Nov 2009
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Nine out of ten teachers say the current economic climate would make it harder to arrange school trips in the future according to results of a new report. The Education Travel Group (www.educationtravelgroup****) learning outside the classroom report included views of more than 400 primary and secondary school teachers. As well as cost, the other major issues deterring teachers from arranging more school visits are that they involve too much organising (41%), too much paperwork (41%), concern about litigation (41%) concern they put a burden on school staff (36%), that there aren’t enough teachers to take children on trips (25%), not enough time to pre-visit sites (21%) or staff to help organise trips (20%), fear of disciplinary action (17%) and fear of accidents (15%). This video sees teachers and Paul Gilbert, chief executive officer of Education Travel Group, give their opinions on the results.
27 Mar 2009
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According to the American Pet Products Association Americans shelled out over 43 billion bucks on their pets last year.So why IS this multi-billion dollar biz booming when other industries are hitting the skids?Visit *******hartzcrunchnclean****/ for more information
7 Jul 2009
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Learn to exercise your abdominal muscles correctly with Fitness Training Expert Scott White. *******www.personalpowertraining**** join now *******www.myweightworld****
4 Dec 2009
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Workout Your Abs with a swiss ball with Scott White: *******www.personalpowertraining**** join now: *******www.myweightworld****
5 Dec 2009
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*******www.meetyourpersonaltrainer****.au/videos_listing.php For effective strong abs try this ab exercise
21 Apr 2010
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