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Technically speaking it is illegal to pay someone cash for a scrap vehicle, if you want to scrap a car, by scrap we mean get it crushed never to be on the road again you can legally be paid by cheque or an instant bank transfer. However if you want to sell your old car for cash that is accepted as long as it is not scrap, ideally it would need to drive at the very least, If the car is deemed scrap by us on arrival in no circumstances could we or would pay cash for your car.
27 Mar 2017
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Scenes fresh from the Streets of Amsterdam, looking at the Tulip Festival this spring/summer at Museumplein, Dam Square, Rijks Museum, Heineken Experience, Oosterdok, Flower Market, and Begijnhof. Join me for a short look at the Tulips around Amsterdam Centers greatest hits. Wonder why people put children in Tulip pots? Ducks raising chicks near local restaurants. Kermis on the Dam flinging tourists to their doom. Thousands of groups of Chinese tourists being bussed to every tick the box location on mass. People crushing at the flower market. Tourists who can not cycle take to the streets like an 80's computer game. Tourist season has only just begun. Join me to see more. Coming soon, Secrets of the Red Light District / Wallen, a new 7 part series investigating the real red light district and revealing hidden secrets, horrible history, and hidden places. Please like, subscribe for more.... Previous video’s reveal the Ghosts of Amsterdam, horrible history, festivals, and walking tours. Music in this video is by Annie Palmen (live recording 1957), along with a street organ and orchestra at the Rijks Museum recorded live this weekend.
18 Apr 2017
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This woman uses her HUGE breasts to.... crush cans? Wow!
23 Mar 2006
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Bodybuilder shows the world how he can crush an apple with his hand.
21 Jun 2006
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wide variety of background and styles to the table. The results have been compared to classics like the Beatles and Crowded House to current faves like Fuel and Weezer. Trends come and go, but great songs are forever. We all have certain songs that define the moments of our lives, highs and lows, loves won and lost. In the end, all of our stories need a soundtrack. Creating that music has become a passion for Scarlet Crush. That search has kept the band busy. Formed in Orange County, California in 1998, this 5-piece outfit has become a mainstay on the local O.C. and L.A. scenes. Filling clubs, appearing on local TV and radio, and winning fans at every turn, Scarlet Crush has become known as a powerful creative force. Excelling in writing, recording and performing a catalog of consistently irresistible pop/rock. The band is currently working on their 3rd CD, due out this Fall '06. Pop / Rock / Rock
30 Nov 2006
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Strong "Titania" crushed this Apple with one Hand
12 Dec 2006
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The Dutch Amazon crushed a Melon between her strong Legs
25 Dec 2006
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How to make Paper Crush Ball
29 Dec 2006
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Da Dao Shihai Stone Crush Technique
16 Jan 2007
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valentine's day crush
17 Jan 2007
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esma3eily team from egypt crushed asc (ahly) 3 0 in chrismas :))) and stoped its wining record... 3o2bal elzamalek :P
21 Jan 2007
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Oct. 2006. One of my first videos. You can see why. A clean paint thinner can is rinsed out and a little water is added. The can is heated until it is filled with steam. It is quickly turned upsidedown and placed into an ice water bath. A vacuum is created and the atmosphere crushed the can like a grape. NICE
27 Jan 2007
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most hard crushs
26 Apr 2007
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NO DQ MATCH between Crush and MVP
22 Apr 2007
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Trevor Makes a Can Crush Itself
21 Jun 2007
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2 slices of bread are getting slowly crushed.
24 Jun 2007
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