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The Well Doc mobile app allows patients to manage their health from their cell phones by providing behavioral support, such as medication reminders, and a place to journal their activities. Doctors can monitor these journals and provide appropriate recommendations.
25 Mar 2010
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Those with diabetes can step on this innovative foot pressure monitor from Montage. Together, doctors and their diabetes patients can monitor their feet to prevent serious problems.
26 Mar 2010
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*******www.cellfanatic**** Details on the Motorola Devour launching today on Verizon Wireless for $149.99 after $100 Mail in Rebate. Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Mar 2010
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Kyocera's back in the smartphone game with a high res Android smartphone, the Zio
26 Mar 2010
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It feels solid in hand and has a booming speakerphone: meet the Motorala i1, the first Android smartphone for Nextel subscibers!
26 Mar 2010
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Kent German shows you where on CNET you can check wireless coverage for your area. Also, you now can download an app from Root Wireless, CNET's partner, for select phones to gather data for yourself.
27 Mar 2010
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Rob Almanza from Into Tomorrow spoke to Erik Attkisson from case-mate about their “I Make My Case” service and iPad cases. Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Sep 2011
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The LG Cosmos makes a great choice for an affordable entry-level messaging phone for Verizon customers.
13 Apr 2010
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We take the HTC EVO 4G (Supersonic) 8-megapixel camera and HD camcorder for a spin. Notice the camera's lack of shutter lag and incredible variety of camera controls. The controls themselves have been refined with scroll-wheel interfaces for easy adjustment. The camcorder shoots butter-smooth video in 720p HD.
14 Apr 2010
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********www.brandmobile****/ar/signup Attention all iZigg Reps & non iZigg reps. How would you like to add a whole lot more services and products to your arsenal to offer your clients? Introducing Brandmobile.. Please use RAR# 1112 to Register Do you have a passion for mobile marketing? Do you desire to work with one of the most technologically advanced companies in the mobile industry? BrandMobile isn't simply a mobile marketing firm, we're a mobile technology powerhouse. We're proud to say, our engineering team consists of some of the most talented mobile and social media development experts in the world. - VP of Operations, Dan Ganas Recorded Authorized Reseller Information Call: 614 715 3900 Access: 451580# Brandmobile launches 1-1-2011 Text Marketing aka SMS Mobile Application Development Mobile Websites Facebook APP's & AD Consulting Video Production Outdoor Media Plus much more... For more information please contact Brandmobile Authorized Reseller #1112: Jeremy Green 323 393 3069 jeremycggmail**** Skype: *******www.facebook****/jeremycg Please use AR# 1112 to Register As of 11-13-2010 *******www.Brandmobile****/ is currently unavailable and under construction. If you wish to enquire about our Authorized Reseller program, please visit ********www.brandmobile****/ar/signup
15 Nov 2010
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********www.brandmobile****/ar/signup RAR# 112 Brand Mobile is hiring, become a Brand Mobile Authorized Reseller Partner today. Mobile has quickly become a powerful and effective channel of communication for businesses of all sizes. Start offering your client's an array of powerful marketing tools and mobile technologies to help increase their customer communications. As an Authorized Reseller Partner you gain access to sell all marketing and mobile technology products and services of BrandMobile?. Since SMS marketing isn't our only service product, we're able to offer one of the highest pay-outs for text marketing, in the industry. Text Marketing Compensation: Direct: 50% 2nd Tier: 20% All other services: (Mobile App's, Facebook Apps, Outdoor Media, Video Production, Mobile Websites) Direct: 50% of net profit 2nd Tier: 20% of net profit Authorized Reseller Fee: $99.95 per/year FAQ's Do you have a branded or easy to remember shortcode? Yes, we have several. However, keep in mind; we don't concentrate so much on the value of the shortcode. In fact, through a comprehensive study by Morgan Stanley, over 95% of all text marketing participant's text within the first 10 - 15 seconds of seeing the text ad. With that being said, the large majority of text marketing participants won't need to remember a shortcode. Furthermore, once a participant has opted-in, they are instantly databased, therefore, eliminating the need to remember a shortcode. Q. When will you be launching? A. We are in the process of getting our resellers in place and trained prior to launch, but our official launch date, is 1/11/2011, which falls on a Saturday. Q. You mentioned a training program. Is it made for anyone or do you have to have experience in mobile marketing? A. Yes, we do have a mandatory training program, but it was designed for those who have experience as well as and especially for those without experience. Mobile is very new to the US, so we don't expect anyone to have an expert level of experience; we actually prefer you don't have any experience, so we can more effectively get you trained properly. The training is designed so you can take your time and really absorb the info provided. You will listen to a recorded call on the topic (for instance mobile apps) and then you will be given a link to take a short quiz. Don't stress, we just want to ensure your customers are getting the correct info and see you as a helpful expert in mobile marketing. Q. How much does it cost to become a reseller? A. We charge an annual fee of $99.95. This covers your Authorized Reseller Licensing fee and training. We do offer a demo text marketing account for $49.95 per/month. Q. Do you offer stock? A. We are in the process of going public, when our IPO is announced all Authorized Resellers will receive shares in the company and are able to purchase additional shares as well. Anyone can at that point. Q. Can I start building a team? A. Yes, we encourage you to do so now. We can't launch without a sales force. Q. I'm new to mobile, can I still join as an Authorized Reseller of BrandMobile? A. Yes, we will take care of the education part to ensure you are properly acclimated with all of our services and products. Q. When can we start selling? A. Jan. 1st 2011. That's when our website will be unveiled, and from that day forward you can start selling. To sign up a client all they have to do is visit BrandMobile**** and at checkout, they simply enter your AR#. It is mandatory to enter this number. Q. Does BrandMobile sell its own products and services? A. No, all products and services are purchased through our Authorized Resellers. Q. Once I sign up a customer, do I get paid on everything that customer buys from BrandMobile in the future? A. Yes, once they are your customer, they are your customer until you decide not to be an Authorized Reseller of BrandMobile. Q. How do I get signed up as an AR? A. Simply visit *******www.brandmobile**** /ar/signup. You must have a referring AR to sign up, so make sure you get the AR# from the company or individual who referred you. Q. Do you offer mobile business cards? A. Yes we do. Q. Do you offer an unlimited text marketing package? A. All of our text marketing packages are unlimited. We do not charge per text message. Recorded Authorized Reseller Information Call: 1-800-773-5976 Access:451580# For more information please contact BrandMobile Authorized Reseller #1112: Jeremy Green 323 393 3069 jeremycggmail**** Skype: *******www.facebook****/jeremycg
22 Nov 2010
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*******vip.voicepoint**** 30 Day Free Trial Line2 VoicePoint Toktumi iphone support fast How to make and receive calls on your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. The application is free and has a 30 day trial, after those 30 days it does cost! I'm on my 30 day free trial & I'm loving all the services you get: •Auto Attendant •SoftPhone to use with your computer desktop... •Virtual Assistant •Mobile Apps •Conference Calls •Dial-in Access •Call Handling •Find Me, Follow Me •Custom Greetings •Visual Voicemail •Dedicated Business Line •Unlimited US/Canada Calls •Search Dialing •Low International Rate *******vip.voicepoint**** iPhone Support Fast website :****/iphonesupportfast Feel free to email us: iphonesupportfastme**** or iphonesupportfastgmail**** All the best, Jeremy Green 888 406 1036
4 Jan 2011
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The Samsung Galaxy S II looks like a wunderkind. Ridiculously thin and sporting a Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touch screen, an 8 MP camera and Samsung's own TouchWiz interface sitting atop (and in many cases, actually improving upon) Android 2.3, Gingerbread butterscotch****: *******
30 Mar 2011
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Cali Lewis shows us the new EcoATM that allows you to sell your old, unused, or out-dated cell phone for CASH!
18 Oct 2011
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Fresh off of his trip to CES 2013, Jon is ranting about trade shows. Will they still be around or are we seeing the steady decline of once popular shows like E3 and CES? *******gamehackerz****/cheat-for-chefville-cash-hack-download
17 Jan 2013
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Ashley tackles the most burning questions in the world of tech including what is going on with the new MacBook Pros, will the new Moto X smartphone be a "Google Edition" phone, and what her thoughts are on the MoDaCo Switch mod for Android!
23 Jul 2013
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