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Eyal Hertzog, Metacafe's CTO, talking about viral internet content on channel 10 daily news talkshow.
16 Apr 2006
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At the Intel Developer Forum, CTO Justin Rattner showed this video and invited a guest on stage to talk about the latest in virtual facial reconstruction surgery. For more on Intel IDF: ***********/idf/us
28 Sep 2007
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******* An Adobe official has confirmed that Adobe is working on Flash technology for the iPhone, and that the player will be available in a very short time if Apple gives it the OK, according to a report by iPhone Atlas. Adobe already has Flash running on an iPhone emulator. Andy interviewed Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch about the evolution of Flash at the MIT Technology Review EmTech08 conference last week. Flash is the most broadly deployed technology on the web today and the Flash Player is responsible for drastically improving the online video viewing experience, according to Lynch. Flash would improve the viewing of web video and rich media pages on the iPhone, so we hope Apple says yes to the technology sooner rather than later. Adobe will continue working on online video innovations, like text search within video, indexing video with search engines at different time points, and interactivity, Lynch says. This is the second of our interview with Lynch. Last week we posted an interview about Adobe and mobile devices. He does not address Flash and iPhone in this interview. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
1 Oct 2008
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The Chief Geeks of Nasdaq and HP give the 30-second answer. There's been a lot of buzz about Cloud Computing the last few weeks. For those of us with our feet still on the ground, a panel of top CIOs and CTOs gave the executive overview at last week's Summit at Stanford. Anna Ewing invites us to think "distribution": Take high-powered enterprise technology and make it available to the masses via the internet. Russ Daniels of HP talks about the more practical aspect of cloud computing. He believes the essential ingredient is virtualization--getting someone else's computer to do your work for you. This brings down your company's operational costs, freeing up capital while making your company overall more efficient. But it's not all about the bottom line, says Salesforce****'s Polly Sumner. Cloud computing also makes enterprise software more human -- SaaS providers are driven to deliver superior customer service, since clients can leave at any time. Imagine that -- technology forcing us to be more human. Check out the video for more.
4 Aug 2008
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By modeling incisions, surgeons can operate on people with more presicion, minimizing damage and helping speed the healing process. This was demonstrated on stage with Intel CTO Justin Rattner at the Intel Developer Forum on September 20, 2007. For more on Intel IDF: ***********/idf/us
28 Sep 2007
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A distinguished panel of industry experts discuss who is using nanotechnology and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) to create viable solar energy, cheaper and cleaner water treatment, better batteries, and what other green innovations are being furthered by nanotech and MEMS? Including moderator David Scott Lewis, SVP, Zytech Solar, Pankaj Dhingra, CEO, Nanostellar, Inc, Deepak Srivastava, CTO, Nanoexa, Inc and Vince Caprio, VP and Event Director, Nano Business Alliance. Watch the conference in it's entirety at: www.alwayson.goingon**** --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
15 Sep 2007
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A distinguished panel of industry experts discuss the next generation of electrical storage systems. Including moderator: Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media, David Vieau, CEO, A123 Systems, Saroj Sahu, CTO
13 Sep 2007
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The ideas. The inspiration. The agony. See what really goes into making a Microsoft webcast at Webcast Magic. Visit www.webcastmagic**** to learn more and to play the "Be A Star" game and enter the "Take 3!" sweepstakes.
19 Dec 2006
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Happy Friday! On today's (not) live show, we talk about the upcoming compendium of Zelda games, the new Android console rumored to be in development by Amazon, the free-to-play Dead Island MOBA recently announced by Deep Silver, and the restrictions in place for the Xbox One's and PS4's Game DVR features. Also, John Carmack is now officially the CTO of Oculus VR, and he's got some fellow id employees joining him!
10 Aug 2013
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******* как сделать хорошее изображение дракона? Паскаль Quidault показывает нам step-by-step как создать конструкцию starting from crayonné грубое, после этого все больше и больше разработанн к окончательному ключу света. Высокое определение и the great number of пикселов сделали эту работу длинне для того чтобы осуществить. Сказовыми изображениями паскаля будут всегда большие моменты искусствоа фантазии. В свою очередь добавлены звукового эффекта, ядровая конструкция, тогда окружающие среды и нот TAK, CTO иллюзион будет полный. Этот чертеж расположен в главе 4 тональнозвуковой фантазии книги Helena и оркестр мира fogs. Оно разбивать к входу частей сказового черного ферзя последованного за своим наемной армией.
30 May 2009
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******* SL Video News Broadcast SLVN #001 Friday 31 July 2009 Space Frontier Saturn V Moon Rocket Ride (Full Story) - *******15timez.blogspot****/2009/07/s... X Search for the Black Pearls (SL URL) - *******slurl****/secondlife/Salutaris... White House Deputy CTO Held Mixed Reality Event in Second Life (Full Story) - ********blogs.secondlife****/communit... How to use the Support Portal Tutorial (Video) - ********blogs.secondlife****/communit... Treasure hunt for cash at the village (SL URL) - *******slurl****/secondlife/Dolphin%2... Next SLVN broadcast Monday 3 August 2009
2 Aug 2009
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Bohdan Zabawskyj, CTO for RedKnee, elaborates on their business of detecting & monetizing real time events for mobile customers.
28 Apr 2008
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