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open dialogue between iran and the united states of america nuclear program in iran, fcc increase broadband availability keep up with global demands for communication, kyoto solar cooking cardboard box won a $75,000 grant for green initiative cooking in the box bake works as an oven and stove where you can boil water only costs $5, world news, global news video, good news and views, good news video, - www.myinboxnews****
9 Apr 2009
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wall street up housing market opportunities in the united states stock markets rally rising news, solar powered city plans in florida a city planned out that will be completely solar powered export energy to neighboring cities, happiest states in the u.s. nebraska the happiest state in america, world news, national news, good news and views, good news video, - www.myinboxnews****
10 Apr 2009
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wind power texas leader in producing wind power for the united states, volcano monitoring funding ken salazar announcing that 15 million will be invested in monitoring volcanoes and developing an early warning system, cancer test monitors infection and treatments , world news, good news and views, - www.myinboxnews****
13 Apr 2009
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new possibilities with cuba and the united states opening up communication between the countries and allowing cubans to visit and return, obama visits summit of the americas and mexico to discuss global policies and issues, alzeimer's research in britain isolated the sap gene cause of alzeimer's, world news, good news, different views, good news and views, news video clips, short news, - www.myinboxnews****
15 Apr 2009
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The healthcare system is NOT the cause of our economic problems. Bottom line - healthcare miracles cost money.
1 Jul 2009
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BBFNews is an independent news resource produced by Bible Believers Fellowship to cover issues that Bible believing Christians ought to be informed about . In this report, we look at Biblical encouragement to be prepared for the inevitable natural disasters and political unrest that lie ahead.
1 Aug 2009
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The hosts of 10:23 are being held hostage.
14 Aug 2009
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Author Dr. Charlotte Laws and Ruth Waytz on NBC's "The Filter with Fred Roggin." Sept 22, 2009, Part 1. Topics:euthanasia and California governor's race (Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman, Steve Poizner and Gavin Newsom).
8 Oct 2009
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How can we really love? Rabbi Yosef Weizman
6 Nov 2009
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Author Dr. Charlotte Laws and Ruth Waytz discuss the issues on the NBC show The Filter with Fred Roggin. Hosted by Roggin. This is part 1, aired April 15, 2010. Topics: whether Los Angeles' Dodger stadium is dangerous and whether a neo-Nazi group should be permitted to protest at City Hall.
18 Apr 2010
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Author Dr. Charlotte Laws and Emmy Award winning journalist David Reese discuss the issues on NBC's The Filter with Fred Roggin. Hosted by Roggin. Part 1. Aired April 19, 2010. Topics: 1. a poll that shows 80% of people do not trust government, and 2. the 2nd Amendment. Excerpts from the show appear on the NBC 5 pm news and News Extra.
21 Apr 2010
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Author Dr. Charlotte Laws and blogger Megan Barth discuss the topics of the day on the NBC show "The Filter with Fred Roggin." Hosted by Roggin. This is part 1 of the show that aired on May 11, 2010. Topics: whether government should dictate where fast food restaurants are located (Pico Rivera motion before the City Council) and the budget gap, unions and layoffs in Los Angeles.
13 May 2010
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18 May 2010
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Very funny social commentary
3 Jun 2010
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Now on iTunes: *******www.iTunes****/TheOnion or *******www.iTunes****/TV/FutureNewsFromTheYear2137 While other media outlets bring you news as it happens, only the Onion News Network has the power to bring you the news before it happens. With our state-of-the-art wormhole satellites, we can now transmit Onion News Network broadcasts from the year 2137.
8 Jul 2010
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CSRminute: Kraft Cuts Waste 30% with Sustainability Programs; Winslow Management Reports on Green Investment
13 Jul 2010
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