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I believe in transparency. Unlike so many people who over-exaggerate their achievements and abilities in their bio, I won’t inflate myself or tell outright lies and I won’t follow the same formula. I’ll just tell you the truth. Once upon a time, I too was addicted to drugs. I did not always make wise decisions. In my youth, my friends and I would steal ice-creams and popsicles from the store to sell. I didn’t do very well in school and most of my lessons were learnt on the streets. One lesson that helped turn my life around was learning how to sell. From those stolen ice-creams, I developed a new addiction – business. Over time, I exchanged my bad addictions for my good ones and I focused on improving myself and my life. It paid off. I was one of the very first to open several ‘Curves For Women’ franchises in Canada and was the youngest franchisee in the business. I continued to build businesses. I wrote four books. I started motivational speaking. I sat on many boards. I loved every moment of it.
13 Jun 2018
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Ever wanted to learn the correct way to throw a curve ball? This FUGU**** show by Marc McDonnell, lead instructor from AllStar Dugout, shows how to do it. Find more expert training on a wealth of topics at FUGU****
6 Dec 2006
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My Curving My Ball To Hit on The 90% point
13 Nov 2006
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*******www.Luv2Help**** Presents: In this free video tutorial we will show you how to quickly and easily spice up your photos by creating a curved photo effect using Adobe Photoshop. Goto *******www.luv2help****/ for high resolution viewing and more free video tutorials.
4 Mar 2007
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Coca-Cola asks you to FEEL THE CURVES! But the Artist had his own opinion of what "curves" to feel...and how :) :) :)
11 Mar 2007
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Non lo nego, sono un vero latin lover! Che ci posso fare, le curve mi fanno letteralmente sbandare. Ma grazie all'ESP... mi do da fare per la salvaguardia della specie!
24 May 2007
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In this video we will teach you how to curve and strike/blast a ball
17 Jun 2007
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Per la nuova serata “vietato alle donne” del giovedì sera, Discovery Channel presenta, in prima visione assoluta, la nuova serie “Ultras nel mondo: curve infuocate” (Football Hooligans International), in onda dal 4 ottobre alle ore 22.00, con replica il martedì alle ore 23.00. E’ un dato di fatto che la violenza nel calcio rappresenti un problema serio ed incessante in tutto il globo. In un viaggio all’interno delle tifoserie Discovery Channel cerca di scoprire la verità su questo fenomeno, andando direttamente a contatto con il mondo degli ultras: i gruppi di hooligans che portano la violenza organizzata nel “gioco più bello del mondo”.
17 Oct 2007
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My Brother is hitting, and i'm pitching. I throw a sinking curve ball. Watch his hit!
23 Nov 2007
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How to use the 'Curves' tool in Adobe Photoshop.
1 Jan 2008
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CES 2008 - Alienware curve protype display
8 Jan 2008
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Curve ball by Eto'o on PES 2008
13 Jan 2008
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