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For those of you who don't know, they take families and send the mothers each to the other's home. After a certain amount of time (I think two weeks) they go back to their respective homes, but not before they talk to the other moms as well. This conversation didn't go as well as it could have...
7 May 2006
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If the first seven years at home did not teach you manners- forget it!
21 Aug 2006
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My First dub.No swears words expect q***r.If that is a cuss word.
14 Jan 2008
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Other than the fact that "Mr. Lama" has no idea who Bobby Brown is, just before he introduces himself he spits out a few interesting curse words. He's nuts.
26 Jun 2006
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23 Oct 2013
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under 2 min in length...part one clocks in at 1min59sec and has no cussing
27 Jun 2007
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18 Sep 2008
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This is my 3G iphone, 16GB black. I waited at a San Antonio AT&T store for about five and a half hours. I am soooo tired. AT&T STORY BELOW! The manager of the store wasn't telling us how may iPhones the had in stock, so everyone was pissed. Then he said they have twenty phones, ten 8GB ones, ten 16GB Black/White ones. So I counted the people in line, and I was number 15. At this point, I didn't care wether or not I would get a 16GB white one, I just wanted one. An hour passes, and the line hasn't moved an INCH. The GM and the store manager come out and tell us that the iTunes servers are down, and we all booed at the store manager(LOL). Several people ahead of me left the line because of this. The people that were locked in the store(they lock it for some reason) were sent home. Thirty minutes later, the manager tells us that there's only four phones left; three 16GB, one 8GB. I was like "SHIT PISS FUCK ASS!!!" and decided to wait it out to see if the manager was lying(he was, skip down for that). Few minutes pass...and a Monster energy drink truck showed up! Everyone in line received a Moca Loca(or whatever the fuck it's called), it was quite good :). THE FUCKING GM COMES OUT AND TELLS THE MONSTER TRUCK TO LEAVE! Fast Forward: there's only five people in line including me, it's blistering hot and we all want to go in the icy cool AT&T store and watch some uverse while we wait. NOPE, the manager was concerned about the security(all five of us were talking for a long enough time to get to know each-other, I don't think we would've jacked anything). We were waiting in line to sign a reserve iPhone paper! FUCK! Finally, when it's my turn to get locked in the store, I walk in and an AT&T guy comes up and says "Hi, what can I do for you!?" I was like "WHAT THE HECK(don't cuss in public) DO YOU THINK? I WAS IN THE LINE FOR THE IPHONE!!" He nods, and points to a spindle rack of iPhone cases, not IPHONE 3G cases, and asks me if I would like to buy one. I go "No, the iPhone 3G is thicker, tapered, and wider than the old iPhone, these aren't gonna fit!". I signed the paper for the preorder or reserve crap, and walked over to the iPhone 3G display, played with one of the three displays. One of the guys that was waiting in line was looking at the one next to me when a AT&T chick walks up to him and tells them there's iPhone's in stock. HOLD ON, WTF? I interrupt their conversation and go "I already reserved my iPhone, and you have some in stock!?". Skip forard a bit, they sorted it out, canceled my reserve and was setting up my 16GB iphone. The guy over at the displays got an iphone too, and we called each-other "lasties", laughed a bit. The AT&T guy(lol, like how I call them that?) says the activation servers are going extremely slow and puts it back in the box. He let me take it home. My other iPhone's service was cut off by then, there goes my ride. I used a RIZR to call for a ride. When I got home, I had ordered a bunch of apps on the app store, and when I plugged in my iPhone 3G it acquired service immediately. Sorry if my gramm0r or spewing sucked, I'm REALLY tired. In the video I'm just showing off Enigmo and Super Monkey Ball, 3G speed, GPS, and my About info...
5 Nov 2008
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oh so funny, knock knock jokes
1 Oct 2008
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"THE BEST THIS IS SPARTA VIDEO EVER!!!" has everything a Sparta or 300 video should: Star Wars, Saw, Chuck Norris, 300 clips, Meet The Spartans clips, Rave Music, Psychos, Terrorists, Plank, blood, humor, random phrases using the "This is Sparta!" line, This Is Sparta Techno Remic, spanning 2 years, new years eve and day in one clip, a shot gun, 2007, 2008, deer running in the darkness, darkness, a car, a cat, legos, a stereo, demonic voices, Chuck Norris jokes, a gangster, an emo, swords, Overseer, Zombie Nation, a fat guy, a skinny kid, a golf club, a zombie, a crip, a drunk, a snow man, teachers, students, gangstas, people messing up, older videos, maps of Sparta, maps, maps again, global warming, Myth Busters,trash cans getting knocked over, slow-mo, repeating films, Santa Clause, mild cussing, the real "This Is Sparta" scene from 300, and the phrase "This is Sparta" or similar phrases about 78 times!!! Enjoy or try to make one better!
6 Mar 2009
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This guy likes to mess up ....a lot!!!!
5 Oct 2006
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Gold Watch [Intro: x2] Let's peruse the essential of cool A brief study of the things so instrumental to you That make me feel flyer than lobbys at bellevues An exclaimer just aramore no credentials from a school Now [Lupe Fiasco:] In my Falloron jeans, my head caught a wallet My neighbor hood shirt and my Eddie Chen CLOT s*** My not go to college but my street smart polished Like the black finger nails of that punk rock logic Do the knowlage, man you can't be punk from projects Firm disbeliever in your punch clock promise Was trading off my comics I was taking them to school One of Jay-z's boys now I'm skating in your pools Not to be rude I'm just hating on your rules Like a young fifty I'm on my world tour Good morning singapore I'm bringing the sun with me From the Robert Taylor homes to African slum cities I am American mentally with Japanese tendencies Norwegian sensibilities so stay out the vicinity of [Bridge:] Yea, yea she loves it over here It's just, yea, yea now look at what I wear [Chorus:] Got my gold watch And my gold chain With my fancy car And my diamond ring With my fancy broad And she full grain So it's no words And it's no slang And I'm no trick And I'm no lame It's just so sick That she soak game [x4] It's just yea, yea she loves it over here [Lupe Fiasco:] I like zip-t, candles and my Horishi sandles And Vita sunglasses and purple murdersouses samples I like false t-shirts though the street is off the handle Such a good disgner Junior Wontanabi got genu I like Go Tiama Moto and I might roll solo Leather Gucci belts and Guilty Brotherhood polos I like Mont Blanc pens and most gloomy paper I like go-yard bags and green Now-n-Laters Monical magazines and japanese manga Futuring asperaticks and HTM trainers I like street fighter 2 I just really hate zanga If only Ken and Ryu I find it hard to beat Blanca I keep a weak ninja hanging and a uncle while I'm banging If you negativin energy stay of the vicinity of... [Chorus:] Got my gold watch And my gold chain With my fancy car And my diamond ring With my ghetto broad And she so plain Gotta couple SCARS And one of those long names And she fight a n**** And cusses wit no shame And her ex-man had her baggin up cocaine But she.. [x4] It's just yea, yea she loves it over here And my most coveted thing is my high self-esteem And the low tolerance for them tellin me how to lean See the most important parts are the ones that are unseen See the wings don't make you fly and the crown don't make you king Now God don't like ugly, ain't too happy bout pretty I am ignorance's enemy so stay out of the vicinity of... Yea, Yea the n****s over there Yea, Yea now look at what I wear [repeat chorus]
6 Aug 2008
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This is a tutorial on how to hack a age of conan account. Age of Conan is one of the best mmorpg's nowadays! With all the online player going around in age of conan , I'd decide that you should all have a tutorial on how to hack an age of conan account. Basically when the aoc player logs in the fake login page , whatever they type in the username and password box will be emailed to you! Then log in age of conan and hacker all their gold and transfer it to you , THEN SELL IT FOR REAL LIFE MONEY! :d It's been more than three and a half years since Blizzard unleashed World of Warcraft, and since then no other MMORPG has even come close in terms of popularity and lasting appeal. Many games have come and gone, some of which were decent efforts that simply weren't enough to topple the king, some of which were so bad they weren't worth bothering to play - even if they were free. The MMO veterans at Funcom released the somewhat well-received Anarchy Online seven years ago, and after a false start on another project, have been working on Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures for the last five years. Conan promises a realistic look along with all the spells, healing, and bashing of most fantasy games, but an M rating - the first for an MMO - is also included. This means cussing is allowed in chat, topless character models are fine, and blood and gore are common occurrences.
11 Aug 2008
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RS Media Community - THE LOVE OF GOD, I DIDNT HAVE THE QUEEN VERSION! If that bugs you, you have issues, if anyone you should be cussing McFly out!! GET OVER IT. I made a typo in the beginning, I know : .
21 Apr 2008
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this is the second part its under 2 min long, no cussing... the videos length is 1minn53sec long
27 Jun 2007
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