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Killing Floor review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Killing Floor for PC developed by Tripwire Interactive and published by Tripwire Interactive. Killing Floor was created and published by Tripwire Interactive in 2009. However it was initially a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 that was released in 2005. The game itself is a class-based first person wave shooter with survival horror elements. There are always giant hordes of enemies one must fight, and they can all do a great amount of damage. There are numerous classes to choose from and each have different buffs and effects on certain weapon types. As you complete more and more waves, more and more enemies spawn,and they get harder and harder as you continue playing. The game has a very strong modding community with numerous gameplay tweaks and custom levels being made on a regular basis. This video review features video gameplay footage of Killing Floor for PC and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Jon.
21 May 2013
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Subscribe: *******  Official iPhone App Review Web Site: *******www.crazymikesapps**** iPhone App Download: ******* Cost: $0.99 Category: Games  Developer: Mountain Sheep  Size: 37.4 MB  Rating: 5 out of 5 "CrazyMikesapps Heads" Store: iTunes App Store.  iPhone App Review, by CrazyMike, *******www.crazymikesapps****. For more awesome iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac video app reviews check out our YouTube channels:  ***********/crazymikesapps - iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac ***********/mikevallez     - Android  Bike Baron IPhone App Details Title:  Bike Baron Price: $0.99 Size: 37.4 MB Category: Games Developer: Mountain Sheep Store: iTunes App Store *******www.crazymikesapps****  ******* Follow Us on Twitter ******* Like Us on Facebook ******* Watch Us on YouTube ******* Download Us on iTunes ******* Get our app here   Bike Baron iPhone App Developers Description iOS Universal Bike Baron, the Ultimate Bike Game for iPhone and iPad, is now featured by Apple as GAME OF THE WEEK! What happens when you put the developers of Minigore, Death Rally and Aqua Globs together with the composer of Angry Birds and Trine? PURE MAGIC. Bike Baron is a ride you will never forget! - MASTER over 40 different tracks, beat more than 100 unbelievable challenges and learn the secrets of the Joker card - CREATE custom levels* and share them with everyone! - TRIUMPH over your friends, then speed your way to the top of the global leaderboard! - PLAY this universal build with fantastic real-time shadows on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 * Bike Baron comes with a full-featured level editor that we used to create all the levels in the game.  Remember, your 5-star ratings keep the updates coming! ***IMPORTANT***  Compatible Devices: Bike Baron is ONLY compatible with iPod touch 3rd generation (32GB and 64GB models only!), iPod touch 4th generation, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad and iPad 2.  (iPod touch 3rd generation 8GB model is not a real 3rd generation device, and Bike Baron is NOT compatible with it.) Follow us twitter****/thebikebaron Join us www.thebikebaron****
16 Nov 2011
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A Gears of War I level made with Unreal Engine for my portfolio.
26 Sep 2011
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Lol, the shoe was strapped to my hair
12 Mar 2010
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CronosWoW Funserver for version 3.2.2a! CronosWoW is the fastest growing community a man every seen! Including: A cutom mall, Custom Items and gear, A fully customized leveling road! And much more! Please take a visit at Www.cronosgaming****! If you wish to know more about us, please take a visit at our open forums at: *******cronosgaming.hy-web****/forums/
8 Nov 2009
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This level was made using Reggie level editor! Feedback is welcome! Music used in this level: (Bowser) -- World 8 Castle, First Bowser Battle (MegaBowser) -- World 8 Castle, Final Fight with Mega Bowser Download link: *******www.mediafire****/?uige819ehgguzbg My new level: ***********/watch?v=HMyBzErM8qQ Same level, two players: ***********/watch?v=Zej-CVDgMcU
2 Nov 2013
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Hey guys, I'm Yoshiller! I'm a big time Nintendo fan who grew up with Nintendo and plans to stick with them! What you see here is a custom level that I made for New Super Mario Bros. Wii using the 'Reggie!' level editor. You've seen custom race tracks in Mario Kart and you've seen custom galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Now it's time for you all to see a custom level in New Super Mario Bros. Wii! This level is called 'FrostBlaze Domain' and consists largely of ice, lava, and warp pipes! It's a maze level that has 3 star coins and two exits, and it certainly took a lot of effort and patience to put the whole level together. As you may notice, the level has a lot of small details and a lot of confusing pathways. And just so you guys know, I'm not exactly the world's best video game player. I think I'm decent at some games, and absolutely terrible at others. But I guess that provides more to the entertainment, right? Anyway, enjoy the puzzling level and enjoy my failure! If you'd like to try this level out for yourself, the level can be downloaded here: *******rvlution****/nsmbw/index.php?showitem=653 If you'd like to know how to make and load your own levels, I have a tutorial on how to do so on my own channel. Thank you and enjoy ;)" Yoshiller's Channel - ***********/user/Yoshiller2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter - *******twitter****/NinBuzz Website - *******www.nintendobuzz**** "FrostBlaze Domain" - A Custom New Super Mario Bros. Wii level! "FrostBlaze Domain" - A Custom New Super Mario Bros. Wii level!
27 Jun 2013
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Here's another stage I made using Reggie, the theme here being to run as fast as possible without being crushed by the several King Bills coming from every direction. Two King Bills are always following you while the others come in to destroy the landscape leaving you with little room to maneuver. It's a fun, quick, and somewhat difficult stage, and it was fun making it. The program used is called Reggie! and can be downloaded here: *******rvlution****/reggie/ The level itself can be downloaded here: *******rvlution****/nsmbw/index.php?showitem=436 You need to patch the game utilizing Riivolution in order to play this stage. You can look for information about it here: *******wiibrew****/wiki/Riivolution
8 Jun 2013
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This level is now available for download: ***********/watch?v=rIi98P3T2cg I wanted to take a rest from SMG2 hacking, so I made a new NSMBW custom level. It´s called ´´Desert Ruins Returns´´ because one of the levels from my NSMB hack was called ´´Desert Ruins´´ and this stage is really similar to that one in terms of music and tilesets. This level..: * Is really, really long * Has 4 custom musics * Features a bunch of interesting mechanisms and puzzles * It also includes a few custom graphics, but nothing special I won´t give a download link because the level is really glitchy. I had to record it in two parts because a glitch ruined a whole room. That´s why there´s a cut at 9:41
4 Jun 2013
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This level is where I wanted to combine fire and ice. Thus, the level is born. I put Ice and Fire flowers everywhere to fit the level. It's a bit of a challenge, took a few tries to record it without dying :P Note: That Bowser is FAKE! He can't hurt you, he's just there plotting against Mario.
30 May 2013
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A New Super Mario Bros Wii custom level made with Reggie level editor, can you find the hidden door and get to the secret goal. If you want to play it yourself and you know how to use Riivolution, the download link can be found here: *******www.rvlution****/nsmbw/index.php?showitem=525 See also my other NSMBW - Boo's Haunted Rollercoaster videos: ***********/watch?v=6DyfodFpzOs ***********/watch?v=FgyJn2-DEYc Watch all NSMBW custom levels videos in order through the NSMBW Custom Levels playlist! Click the link below: ***********/view_play_list?p=A211460AAB38CDDB Feedback appreciated! Subscribe for more.
14 May 2013
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The voice of a game hero can make or break a character. That's why developers are always looking for exceptional voice talent to make their creations even more awesome. In this Top 5 we take a look at the five best female voice actors. 5. Grey DeLisle - Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Grey DeLisle is a seasoned voice actress who landed a gig in Diablo 3 as the Female Wizard.... She also played the brash Dalish elven mage Velanna in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Her role in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is our favourite however. The way she voices Therese and Jeanette is one of the most memorable parts of the game. 4. Tara Strong - Batman: Arkham City Tara Strong has done voice-work for a lot of different games. Ranging from Rikku in Final Fantasy X ... to Paz Ortega in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.... But we love her most as Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham City.... and who can forget her role as the cute airhead Juliet Starling in Lollipop Chainsaw.... The woman is a voice acting veteran. 3. Jen Taylor - Halo series We all love the voice of Master Chief in Halo but let's not forget his female sidekick Cortana. Jen Taylor has been the voice of Master Chief's A.I. since the first game. Every conversation between the Chief and Cortana has been music to our ears. Taylor plays an especially big role in Halo 4 as Cortana slowly descends into madness.... Great stuff. 2. Ellen McLain - Portal & Portal 2 The Portal series wouldn't be the same without the steely-voiced supercomputer GLaDOS. The rogue A.I. is voiced by opera singer and voice actress Ellen McLain. She does an amazing job with her deadpan delivery of some really funny lines... And who can forget the credit song? McLain even helped a gamer who build a custom level to propose to his girlfriend... She said yes by the way. 1. Jennifer Hale - Mass Effect 2 & 3 With over a hundred roles in games so far Jennifer Hale is easily the most recognizable female voice actor out there. Hale has voiced characters like Bastila Shan in Knights of the Old Republic ... and Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear.... We love the work she did in the Mass Effect series the most however. She made playing a Femshep extremely awesome with her low, commanding and sultry voice... We love it! Follow us on Twitter - *******www.twitter****/zoomingames Or like us on Facebook - ********www.facebook****/zoomingames Have a look at our channel - ***********/zoomingames Zoomin.TV Games is your number one source for tips, top 5 videos, funny videos, reviews, interviews and more about your favorite video games! On Zoomin.TV Games we love the latest and biggest games, like Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 3 and The Walking Dead, but also hot upcoming titles like Bioshock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto 5, Dead Space 3, The Last of Us and many more. You like what you see? Subscribe for more videos about your favorite Playstation 3, Xbox 360, WiiU, 3DS, Vita and pc games!
21 Apr 2013
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***********/playlist?list=PLD348F6D54371C8D2 Game: New Super Mario Bros Wii System: Wii Developer: Nintendo Level Designer: Dr_Luigi_Tm ***********/user/DrxLuigi Download: *******rvlution****/nsmbw/index.php?showitem=485
31 Jan 2013
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A New Super Mario Bros Wii custom level made with Reggie level editor. After Morton last defeat, he comes back with his gigantic doomship to take revenge on Mario. If you want to play it yourself and you know how to use Riivolution, the download link can be found here: *******www.rvlution****/nsmbw/index.php?showitem=726 Watch all NSMBW custom levels videos in order through the NSMBW Custom Levels playlist! Click the link below: ***********/view_play_list?p=A211460AAB38CDDB Feedback appreciated! Subscribe for more.
22 Jan 2013
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Update Flash Player: *******www.adobe****/go/EN_US-H-GET-FLASH To Enable Javascript: -Click Tools -Click Internet Options -Click the Security Tab -Click the Custom Level Button -Scroll down until you reach the Active Scripting Option -Click the Circle Next to Enable -Click OK -Click Yes if prompted -Click OK For more great article, tips, tricks, tutorials, and computer how-to's go to *******flashcreations-faq.blogspot****
16 Jan 2013
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A New Super Mario Bros Wii custom level made with Reggie level editor, a toxic lake with a rollercoaster, take a ride on the dragon rollercoaster or are you to scared to take a ride. If you want to play it yourself and you know how to use Riivolution, the download link can be found here: *******rvlution****/nsmbw/index.php?showitem=1385 Watch all NSMBW custom levels videos in order through the NSMBW Custom Levels playlist! Click the link below: ***********/view_play_list?p=29741515DDC9FF5D Feedback appreciated! Subscribe for more.
20 Dec 2012
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