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UPDATE: Find out more about this slow loris here: More cute videos As cute as the slow loris is, it is considered an endangered species and not really suitable as a pet. Not only are they illegal to own, but they have sharp teeth and wild-like behaviors. For example, the loris marks its territory with urine... constantly... for the span of its entire life. This is not a habit that can be changed like house training a cat or dog....
29 Apr 2009
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100,000 views. thx :) Tickling of slow loris (not lemur). More on Song: Martin Gaye - Sexual Healing
11 May 2013
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More - What a creative title huh?
30 Jun 2011
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Nope. Finals are still not over. =( Here are the channels I mentioned in the video. Please do not spam them or send them hate messages. Thanx. [slow loris] [your girlfriend] [smoking guy]
20 Apr 2010
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28 Jan 2010
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More - Wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... Original from here:
7 Dec 2009
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